MENOPAUSE January - March 2020

The magazine MENOPAUSE encourages women to enjoy their greatest change in life. Together with excellent experts, we give tips, recommendations and insights to accompany this time with numerous recipes for success. The menopause is a challenge, but also a gift to make the second half of life something very special.

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live the goddess in you!

True goddesses are rare! They care about intensity and vitality. They are not afraid of changes in life. Because they know that each change brings new and interesting experiences. The true goddesses have freed themselves from stereotypes and regained the meaning of their lives for a life of freedom, relaxation and lightness. Be wild and mysterious! Know the sources of your power! Love and keep your visions! Know your objectives! Break your strength! Good luck with the biggest change of your life!Hildegard Aman-Habacht…

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goddesses allow themselves everything

In menopause, we empower ourselves to step out of what is not doing us good. Only we can give ourselves permission for a fulfilled and satisfying life. Menopause is the time of reorientation, the time of courage for making changes. A goddess knows what she needs and knows what she wants to surround herself with. A life of freedom, joy, self-care and self-love is the golden standard. Out of love for ourselves, we allow ourselves, what is good for us! I cordially invite you to live a healthy selfishness - not to be confused with a lack of empathy. Because only then we are role models and carry along others with our positive attitude. I am happy to accompany you on your way through menopause, where permission for self-care and self-love have the…

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experts this issue

HILDEGARD AMAN-HABACHT Expert in menopause, Dipl. Body Vital & Spine Trainer, energetic, consultant for menopause retreats, accompanies women through their menopause. MARIANNE FÜLÖP Kinesiologist, energetic and producer of the Fülöp essences. Co-founder of the „thoroughbred women“. Energetic menopause consultation with kinesiological testing. GABRIELA HÖPER Trained and certified Pilates trainer, exercise therapist & back coach based on the Pilates 4 Life Method. Special location-independent guided online trainings. GABI MIHATS Blogger, columnist, Dipl. Burnout Prophylaxe Trainer, searching for sense of life. Ottakringer, collie fan, penchant for London and the british way of life ABBAS SCHIRMOHAMMADI Holistic practitioner for psychotherapy, high performance coach, mental trainer, author. Assistant to the management and lecturer of the Paracelsus Schools of Natural Remedies. MARITA ELBERTZHAGEN Expert and mentor for women in their second half of life. Arouses awareness of exciting years after menopause. ULRIKE GÜDEL Specialist in general…

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menopause abundance or drama?

Why am I asking this question? To motivate you to get the very, very best out of your menopause!!! I am deeply convinced, above all, because I felt it first hand, that the menopause is our chance as a woman to bring the best out of us, the most valuable, the most outstanding that is in us! I would also like to inspire you - but you have the choice. There are always 2 games in life: the abundance and the drama game! What does DRAMA mean? Envy, doubt, worry, pessimism, jealousy, failure, lack of selfconfidence, dissatisfaction, tension, density, narrowness, sorrow, darkness. What, on the other hand, does ABUNDANCE mean? Joy, optimism, gratitude, success, self-confidence, potential, appreciation, lightness, wideness, love, brightness. Now I ask you, “What do you want to live in your life?…

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hormonal changes or hashimoto

What menopausal women can do about it. Hashimoto‘s thyroiditis is among the top 3 autoimmune diseases in the world. Studies speak of a height of 10% of subjects (m / w) in population samples in which elevated antibody levels were detected. It is estimated that 30% of the world‘s population suffers from thyroid disease, and most are undiagnosed. Hashimoto, a female disease We are talking about a relationship women 5: men 1. Women are in particular affected in the 3rd-6th life decade. As the predisposition is inherited, there are family accumulations. Triggers are phases of hormonal conversion, e.g. puberty, childbirth, menopause and stress. The autoimmune disease leads to chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland. Due to misguided immune processes, thyroid tissue is destroyed and antibodies to thyroid-specific antigens are produced. Everything depends on the…

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gabi mihats cover girl

I once read that one third of women are plagued by severe menopausal symptoms, while the others are barely affected. “So, it also will not be so bad with me “I thought then, naive as I was. Looking back, I would have been able to perceive the minimal state changes around my fifties more consciously. Maybe that would have spared me the embarrassing trip to the emergency room on that memorable miserable evening, when I thought I had a heart attack. Instead, it was my first violent flush with everything that‘s part of it. Tachycardia, dizziness, hot and cold sweat, anxiety and immense fear of these conditions, which I did not know until now. Initially, I tried to ignore or at least repress unfamiliar sensations. I did not want to attract attention…