Metal Hammer UK November 2020

For over three decades, Metal Hammer has brought the biggest and the best in the world of metal each and every single month. From exclusive interviews with the biggest bands in our game to celebrating the rise of the new artists taking our genre into its next chapter, we represent heavy music in all its many forms, offering world class features, unbiased reviews and special looks inside the scenes no one else will talk about. Be it heavy metal, punk, hardcore, grunge, alternative, goth, industrial, djent or the stuff so bizarre it defies classification, you'll find it all here and backed by the best writers and photographers in our game. If you like heavy music on any level, welcome to your new favourite magazine.

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the most metal band there is

NO IFS. NO BUTS. No arguments. No band has so proudly and loudly embodied heavy metal as Judas Priest. They love it. They live it. And, for 50 stunning years, they’ve defined it. While their grand 50th birthday celebrations may have been slightly sent off-course by that whole pesky global pandemic thing, we couldn’t let up the chance to raise our glasses to the band that have seen and done it all, and are hell-bent on continuing to fly the flag for metal as proudly as ever.Here’s to you, lads. As it happens, metal continues to have an absolute blinder in 2020. Want proof? How about this very issue, which features interviews and insights into new albums courtesy of everyone from beardy riff icons (hello Mastodon!) to symphonic metal mainstays (alright,…

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meet the band

SCOTT ROWLEY CONTENT DIRECTOR A former Editor of our sister mag, Classic Rock, Scott now presides as Content Director for Future’s music division, overseeing the likes of Classic Rock, Prog, Louder, Guitarist, Total Guitar, Bass Player, Guitar World and MusicRadar. Oh, and us, of course. Which is nice. PARIS FAWCETT WRITER This month, Paris got the lowdown on the new band from Bullet For My Valentine’s ex-drummer, Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas. Kill The Lights also features members of Glamour Of The Kill and Still Remains, so if you like those bands, you should head over to p.31 pronto. JAKE OWENS PHOTOGRAPHER A man who loves deathcore so much that he once followed Thy Art Is Murder around Europe (OK, technically they employed him to, but still), Jake is also one helluva wedding photographer. If you want…

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the crobar calls last orders

LAST MONTH, LONDON’S most legendary rock bar announced that it was closing, bringing an end to an era. The Crobar, housed in the heart of Soho, had been an institution of the London metal scene for almost two decades, famously housing rock heavyweights like Dave Grohl, Lars Ulrich, Juliette Lewis, Scott Ian, Chad Smith, Robb Flynn and members of Slayer over the years, and even attracting patronage from pop superstars Lady Gaga, Pink and Justin Bieber. “Years and years of hard work by pub, bar and venue owners across the country have been destroyed in the blink of an eye, and all because of the greed of a few ‘land barons’,” said owner Richard Thomas when explaining the decision to close, adding that he aims to “open a new Crobar with…

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the fight for beirut

IT WAS THE explosion seen around the world. On August 4, 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate detonated in a warehouse in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, killing close to 200 people and leaving some 300,000 homeless. The blast, caught on camera from various angles around the city and going viral across social media, was so severe and awe-inspiring that many wondered if a nuclear bomb had been set off. For Anthony Kaoteon, founder of Lebanese extreme metallers and 2018 Golden God Global Metal Award winners, Kaoteon, it meant yet more heartbreak for a homeland that had already been through immense political turmoil, war and corruption. “The damage is severe,” he tells us from his adopted home in the Netherlands. “The Lebanese are still in shock. My dad keeps telling me, ‘Anthony,…

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10 things we learned this month

FESTIVALS ARE BACK! We may have to wait a while, but how good is it to see Download, Bloodstock, Arctangent et all with full line-ups for next year? We’re already dusting off our wellies in anticipation ROB HALFORD’S BOOK LOOKS GOOD The Judas Priest legend’s first autobiography is out now, and it looks stacked with great stories. Someone should put that lad and his band on a magazine cover... THERE’S A SNAKE NAMED AFTER JAMES HETFIELD Atheris hetfieldi is an African Bush Viper and is officially more metal than most snakes. Just don’t tread on it. See what we did there? HA HA HAAAAAA!!! OPETH ARE DOING A 30TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR NEXT YEAR And yes, you read that right – we’re all old now. NXTUK IS METAL The WWE’s UK developmental division even brought in UK punk-metallers Wargasm to…

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did you feel silly in that make-up?

WHILE THE REST of the music industry waits out a pandemic to discover its fate, Devildriver frontman and all-round metal mastermind Dez Fafara is busier than ever. While juggling work for his own label, Oracle Records, and preparing the world for the release of a double Devildriver record, he squeezed in a few moments to answer queries sent in by you guys, from bringing back Coal Chamber make-up to Devildriver’s plans for world domination. Step aside, coronavirus... Did you feel a bit silly having to slap on spooky make-up again for the Coal Chamber reunion? Brendan Smith (email) “No, I loved it to be honest with you! I’m a gothic punk rock kid that only found heavy metal because I found Motorhead. I love it violent and aggressive, and all those things that…