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For over three decades, Metal Hammer has brought the biggest and the best in the world of metal each and every single month. From exclusive interviews with the biggest bands in our game to celebrating the rise of the new artists taking our genre into its next chapter, we represent heavy music in all its many forms, offering world class features, unbiased reviews and special looks inside the scenes no one else will talk about. Be it heavy metal, punk, hardcore, grunge, alternative, goth, industrial, djent or the stuff so bizarre it defies classification, you'll find it all here and backed by the best writers and photographers in our game. If you like heavy music on any level, welcome to your new favourite magazine.

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what a perfect year!

ALRIGHT, LET’S CUT the bullshit: for the most part, 2020 sucked big ol’ donkey balls, didn’t it? You don’t need me to sit here and reel through all the turbulence Planet Earth has suffered through over the last 12 months, let alone the issues faced by a music industry still struggling to find a way out of all this madness. And yet, against all odds, this was still an amazing year for metal, with some bands taking their triumphant next steps to greatness (hello, Code Orange), while others put out career-best albums (’sup, Trivium?). We’ve also seen the scene absolutely flooded by exciting young artists changing the boundaries of heavy music, be it the wistful, emotional majesty of A.A. Williams, the genre-defying darkness of Backxwash or the stunning sounds of Oceans…

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meet the band

STEPHEN HILL WRITER Steve may have picked Code Orange for his album of the year (he gave it 10/10 in his review, so we’re not surprised), but we suspect he wouldn’t complain too much about the overall winners in our huge critics’ poll. See his interview with them on page 78. ASHLEY OKEN WRITER Joining the Hammer team this month is Ashley, a lifelong New Yorker who loves Timberlands almost as much as she loves rock music. You can mostly find her listening to the likes of Ice Nine Kills, Papa Roach and Evanescence – the latter of whom are in this very issue! DAVE LING WRITER Dave took some time out of writing about Crystal Palace on Facebook to spend five whole minutes (alright, maybe it was a bit longer) with Shinedown frontman Brent…

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don’t call it a comeback

IN A YEAR that just keeps on pulling the rug from under us, surely even the most chaotic optimist wouldn’t have called this? Fifteen years after they last released music together, System Of A Down stunned the world by releasing two brand new songs onto streaming platforms in the early hours of Friday November 6. “We as System Of A Down have just released new music for the first time in 15 years,” read a statement from the band. “The time to do this is now, as together, the four of us have something extremely important to say.” The two new tracks, Protect The Land and Genocidal Humanoidz, were released to raise awareness and money for the Armenia Fund, a charity organisation that provides assistance to those in need in Artsakh, a…

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10 things we learned this month

ORANGE GOBLIN’S BIG STREAM WENT BACK A MONTH Pesky lockdown! Make sure you tune in to celebrate the lads’ 25th anniversary on December 18 and 19. DAVE GROHL IS GONNA WRITE WITH NANDI BUSHELL Nandi’s the 10-year-old drumming prodigy you may have seen blowing up the internet all year long. What a hero. THERE’S A NEW AC/DC ALBUM IN THE WORLD How cool is that? Things are definitely looking up, pals. ROTTING CHRIST HAVE A FOSSIL Doctors at Luxembourg’s Natural History Museum decided to name a newly discovered species in honour of Sakis and Themis Tolis from the Greek black metallers. It’s called Brezinacantha Tolis Very cool! BLACK STALLION IS FINALLY HERE The remix of Deftones’ White Pony album comes with features from Squarepusher, Mike Shinoda, Robert Smith and more. SLIPKNOT HAVE BEEN BUSY WRITING AGAIN Will we get a new…

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ever think about singing barbershop?

THERE’S NO REST for the wicked, nor for rock’s hardest-working multi-project mastermind Myles Kennedy, who’s been busy churning out his second solo album while the touring industry has come to a grinding halt. In the spirit of giving him one more thing to add to his already hectic to-do list, we asked you to conjure up all the best questions you’ve always wanted to ask the voice behind Slash and Alter Bridge… and the results are in. With your amazing voice, ever think about singing gospel, soul, opera, extreme metal or barbershop? Stasch Rebenowitz (Facebook) “Strangely enough, I didn’t learn to sing by singing rock; I learned by listening to soul music and trying to emulate soul singers, so I’ve done plenty of singing in that particular genre. I was influenced for a…

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chris robertson

“RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE were one of my favourite bands in high school. I was in a marching band and I’d play along to Evil Empire on my bass drum. By the time Renegades came out they were at the top of their game; on How I Could Just Kill A Man Zack de la Rocha had this incredible approach that – once the fat beat drops – made the song sound like their own. After that, Rage hadn’t done anything in a while and Soundgarden – another of my favourite bands – also hadn’t done anything. Then all of a sudden there was this band, AUDIOSLAVE, that was the music of Rage Against The Machine with Chris Cornell singing. Their first album is the greatest modern rock ever made –…