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the band of the decade

ALRIGHT, SO GOJIRA have actually been smashing the metal scene to pieces for two decades now, but it’s undoubtedly in the last 10 years that they’ve graduated from being everyone’s favourite cult band to becoming one of the single most vital, influential and utterly unstoppable bands of their generation. You can barely move for bands influenced by Gojira in 2021, and as the boys themselves make a triumphant return to remind everyone exactly how it’s done, Deputy Editor Eleanor spent an afternoon with the Duplantier brothers for a fascinating conversation you won’t find anywhere else. Oh, and speaking of cult bands, this month we also put together a list of the 50 greatest cult bands ever. Metal has had its fair share of them, so we thought we’d look at the…

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meet the band

ELEANOR GOODMAN DEPUTY EDITOR El is Hammer’s Gojira mega-fan, so who better to catch up with Joe and Mario to find out what went into the making of the awesome Fortitude, and what goes into making a brotherly bond that lasts a lifetime? She also wrote this month’s lead New Noise on the ace Gyze! GABRIELLE DUPLANTIER PHOTOGRAPHER Think that Gojira’s Joe and Mario are the only mega-talented Duplantiers in the family? Their sister Gabrielle is a top photographer, and she took the photos adorning this very month’s cover feature. Some family gene pools get all the luck, it seems. DANNII LEIVERS WRITER While She Sleeps have put out an absolute cracker of a new album, so we thought we’d punish them accordingly by having frontman Loz Taylor answer your questions. Fortunately, our Dannii was…

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poppy stands and delivers

SHE REMAINS A divisive figure in our world, but there can be no doubting that Poppy knows how to put on a hell of a spectacle. At an event that also saw guitar maestro Nita Strauss play the US national anthem, the genre-mashing singer-songwriter offered up an explosive performance for NXT: Stand & Deliver, one of the biggest WWE shows of the year. Metal and wrestling have long been comfortable bedfellows, but there can’t have been many watching who were prepared for Say Cheese: a wild mix of bouncy pop punk, face-melting metal riffs, blastbeats and Poppy’s disarming mix of cutesy cleans and skin-flaying shrieks. Macho Man chomping on Slim Jims, this most definitely ain’t……

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from poison to venom

JAMES SHARROCK HAS lived a life every bit as interesting as the subjects he shoots, from his early dreams of becoming a Jackaroo (a kind of trainee Australian cowboy) to shooting drag queens in the 90s and eventually working alongside some of the hottest bands on the planet, with his photos popping up everywhere from Kerrang! to Classic Rock to this very magazine. But no other band has captured his imagination quite so much as Bullet For My Valentine, and his work with them gave him a front-row seat to watch the Welsh band become – as he puts it – “one of the biggest metal bands to come out of Britain since Iron Maiden”. “When I first met Bullet in 2005 they were just kids – you can see in…

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10 things we learned this month

OUR PODCAST HAS A NEW THEME TUNE! Cheers to the lads in Conjurer for recording it for us. Hear it now via all your usual Podcast platforms. NU METAL IS COOL AGAIN According to Mike Shinoda in a new interview, anyway. Although if you ask certain members of Team Hammer, it never went out of fashion. ALTERNATIVELY, NU METAL WAS NEVER COOL Or at least Hybrid Theory wasn’t, if you ask Burton C. Bell, who thinks it was just Fear Factory “for kids”. His words! MEGADETH ARE IN THE NFT GAME In related news, we still have no idea what NFT is, to be honest. OZZY IS A WWE HALL OF FAMER As if this year’s Wrestlemania wasn’t metal enough already. VREID MADE FOOTBALL METAL The Norwegian black metallers have sponsored their local team, Sogndal FC. TOOL’S LATERALUS TURNS 20 NEXT MONTH Those…

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who has the best nickname in metal?

TWO YEARS AFTER their last album, 2019’s experimental So What?, Sheffield’s finest While She Sleeps are back with the even more ambitious Sleeps Society. We challenged frontman Loz Taylor to answer all your curious, insightful, and, erm, sometimes just downright weird questions. When you look at how bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Architects have evolved and gone onto success, is it possible for heavy bands to break into the charts without softening their sound anymore? Lizzie Mayersbeth (email) “There’s nothing more boring to me than a one-dimensional band. Bring Me are the kids that got absolutely slated for being pretty boy death metallers, but they’ve opened the doors and opened people’s eyes to the fact you don’t have to have long hair and a beard to like metal. When I was…