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yup. ten years.

DON’T WORRY, THOUGH, you haven’t completely lost the plot; it was in 2014 that Babymetal first fully breached the UK’s consciousness with a certain video about getting some chocolate, so it’s not quite been a decade since we all first heard of them. But, when we found out that the band were celebrating 10 years of existence at a series of explosive shows at the iconic Budokan in Tokyo, we knew we couldn’t pass up the chance to celebrate too. After all, has there been any other artist in recent memory that has impacted metal in the way they have? Not just in terms of attention, but in the existential crisis they triggered in our community. Even now, a post about Babymetal on our social media will cause the most extreme…

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meet the band

STEPHEN HILL WRITER For his biggest cover feature to date, we thought we’d task Steve with sifting through 10 whole years of Babymetal lore and somehow turning it into a coherent piece of writing! Rumours abound that he’s now signed up to the Babymetal fan club… maybe. RYOSUKE ARAKANE WRITER Based in Japan, Ryosuke has been present for some of Babymetal’s most careerdefining shows, including their final appearance at the Budokan for their 10th anniversary celebrations. We got Ryo to give us an on-the-ground write up of what went down. ALI COOPER WRITER Forever fearless to throw the most ludicrous of fan questions at the most outlandish personalities, we got Ali to helm this month’s People Vs. Her opponent? The one and only Dave Wyndorf from Monster Magnet. Should be a quiet one……

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silver screams

TAKEN FROM THE Rock Photographers Collective, a website dedicated to merchandise featuring iconic shots from some of rock and metal’s greatest names, this photo of Motörhead chilling at a cinema almost 40 years ago recalls a simpler time, when you could pop to the pictures with your mates and not have to remember pesky things like social distancing and masks. Er, except in this case, it turns out Lemmy et al weren’t at the cinema at all. “I took that in Leicester, at the De Montfort Hall, April 8, 1982 on the Iron Fist Tour”, explains photographer Andy Phillips. “I asked them to imagine they were at the cinema, staring in awe at the big screen. I think Eddie got it, but let’s face it, it was a crap idea anyway…”…

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coronation street explores sophie lancaster-inspired storyline

THE HISTORY OF modern TV is littered with bad goth and metal characters. Shows sporadically roll out lazy caricatures and walking clichés for freak-of-the-week stories or wrong-headed comedy value. Which makes it all the more remarkable that venerable soap opera Coronation Street not only features a believable goth character, but has put her front and centre in a devastating hate crime storyline. In a recent episode of the Manchester-based drama, teenage goth Nina Lucas and her boyfriend Seb Franklin were attacked by a gang of drunken kids. The assault left Seb dead and Nina dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath – an incident directly inspired by the real-life murder of goth and metal fan Sophie Lancaster in 2007. “WE’RE TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY AS A HATE CRIME” “I…

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10 things we learned this month

What’s been blowing our tiny brains PEOPLE REALLY LOVE MUDVAYNE BEING BACK They’re evening headlining festivals in the States! Fair fucking play, lads. LEGO AREN’T MAKING THE RAMMSTEIN STAGE SET Booo! Spoilsports. Has anyone got Duplo’s number? WILLOW SMITH IS METAL AF Look, reuniting Wicked Wisdom and rocking a Mastodon t-shirt makes her alright with us. WE NEED TO CROWN METAL’S GREATEST HEADBANGER Corpsegrinder has thrown his name in the hat. Who’s gonna step up?! THE METAL SCENE IS IN DENIAL ABOUT RACISM If you haven’t read Herman Li, Freddy Lim and Mike Shinoda’s interviews with Heavy Consequence about their experiences, do yourself a favour and seek them out. COREY SAYS LARS WAS RIGHT About Napster at least. And to be fair, in many ways, they both have a very good point… A BABY WAS NAMED KORN OK, it was by accident, but still.…

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what drug would you legalise?

NO, YOU’RE NOT tripping – ahead of Monster Magnet’s impending covers album, A Better Dystopia, we really asked their chief wizard Dave Wyndorf to answer your questions on rock’n’roll hedonism, why the 1990s were the best years to be riding the waves of the music business, and exactly where he gets those lyrics from. If you were President, what drug would you legalise first? Toby Warren (email) “Well, they already legalised pot, that’s the obvious one. Heroin! Why not? Maybe LSD because I think most people are afraid of it anyway and it’s not an addictive drug, there’s only a couple of people jumping off buildings every once in a while but fuck ’em if they can’t have a good trip. Do they make a funny drug? A designer acid that makes you…