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they went even heavier

THAT, IN A nutshell, is what sums up why the Iowa era remains the most celebrated, most important and, quite frankly, most chaotic of Slipknot’s entire career. Coming off a whirlwind couple of years from the release of their incendiary debut, The Nine were under pressure to follow up with something that’d continue their momentum. Where many bands would respond with going softer, or producing a record full of Wait And Bleeds, Slipknot did something entirely different. They went even heavier. And not just musically – lyrically, emotionally and physically, the band went harder and darker that they ever had before. The result? A No.1 album (almost unthinkable for a record that included, amongst others, cuts like Disasterpiece, Skin Ticket and People = Shit), their biggest world tour to date, and…

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meet the band

LOUISE BROCK ART EDITOR As well as digging through the archives to find some classic ‘Knot shots from the lowa era, Louise also designed the exclusive goat patch UK readers get inside this very issue! Where else are you gonna get a patch with a goat on it?! DANNII LEIVERS WRITER As part of the generation who got to witness Iowa blow the roof off metal the first time around, who better than Dannii to pen this month’s cover feature? She talked to Corey, Clown and some of the people caught in the storm to get the full story behind a classic. BRIONY EDWARDS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, LOUDER Briony has been instrumental to some of the follow-up features to our November 2020 piece on Marilyn Manson, including this issue’s look at the women who helped to shine…

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rock wins eurovision

WHILE PLENTY OF heads were turned at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest by Finnish nu metallers Blind Channel – whose compatriots Lordi famously won the competition in 2006 – it was another heavy band that ultimately took the headlines at Europe’s beloved annual cheesefest last month. Italian rockers Måneskin ended up walking away with the top spot with their song, Zitti E Buoni, beating out strong competition via more typically pop-oriented entries from France and Switzerland. Singer Damiano David’s proclamation that the victory was proof that “rock’n'roll never dies” may have been a bit much, but the band’s success did, at least, show that heavy music still has the capacity to surprise us on the world stage. Fair play, fellas.…

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download pilot is go!

BACK IN MAY, things were looking bleak for festival season. It felt as though with every week that passed, yet another music festival was being cancelled or postponed. And then came the news that no one could believe: Download 2021 was go. On May 26, it was announced that Download Pilot, a 10,000-capacity camping-only festival, would take place on June 18-20 at Donington Park. The event was announced as part of the Government’s scientific Events Research Programme. Festival goers would need to consent to take part, and be over 16. All tickets were weekend-only: no day tickets, and ticket holders would need to stay on-site for the duration of the festival. But the best news? Moshing would be allowed. The 40 band, all UK-based line-up was revealed two days later, with Frank…

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10 things we learned this month

PEOPLE WILL MOAN ABOUT LINE-UPS AT ALL COSTS We get - literally - no festivals for a whole year, but people still want to whine about not liking certain bands announced for Download Pilot? Pain. WE’RE ENVIOUS OF THE US Speaking of line-ups, have you seen all the US festivals taking place this year? From Knotfest to Aftershock, it’s looking like quite the summer. IT’S BEEN A GREAT YEAR FOR METAL Yeah, we know we’re halfway through, but still. Immense albums everywhere! …AND IT’S GONNA GET BETTER We reckon there will be plenty more killer albums to get excited about before year’s end, too… CLOWN REMAINS A QUOTE MACHINE Honestly, the guy can’t go a minute without saying something brilliant. “Cobra in a basket?” Sure. JASON NEWSTED ISN’T JOINING MEGADETH Well, there goes the world’s funnest, 10-second rumour. WACKEN 2021 HAS BEEN…

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are those antlers real?

THE PAGAN FOLK sensations that took the metal world by storm are set to haul their elaborate stage show back to our shores for in December, two years after we last witnessed their “amplified history” performance and onstage ancient rituals. To keep us going until then, we asked you to interview their vocalist, Maria Franz, for us. As ever, you lot left no stone unturned, from the origins of Heilung’s stage gear and the inspirations behind their sound, to tips for getting swords and bones through airport security. Are those antlers real? @TheHeretic90210 (Twitter) “They’re real, from a Norwegian female reindeer! When we started this project and discussed how we wanted to visualise ourselves onstage, it was very clear to me from the first moment that I needed antlers on my head, so…