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Modern Fishing

Modern Fishing July 2018

For over 55 years Modern Fishing has been the cutting-edge voice of the Australian recreational fishermen. Packed full of informative feature articles, techniques, new gear reviews, species spotlights and inspiring travel destinations.

Express Publications Pty Ltd
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4 minutos
back door bandits

It seems like rec fishos are always up against it when it comes to politics. We just want to go fishing but instead we have to constantly worry about which fish species will be next on the hit list as various government bodies try to go through the back door with new legislation. The following is a statement from the NSW RFA, an organisation that does a fantastic job of representing rec fishing interests despite their limited resources and the uncooperative nature of the government and industry bodies they deal with. FISHERIES Minister Niall Blair has been bullied into allowing uncontrolled and damaging fish trawling in inshore coastal waters. He intends to surrender management of fish trawling inside 3 miles to the Commonwealth, who will allow massive trawlers from interstate to…

2 minutos
through   the lens

THE PRIZE We know that fishos around the country love a good fishy image and we want to showcase those epic shots of yours and give you the chance to WIN BIG! WINNER HOW TO ENTER It’s pretty simple. Each month, we’ll be posting the competition on the Modern Fishing Facebook page and all you need to do is drop your best pics in the comments section and tag a fishing buddy. It’s that easy so get snapping!!…

9 minutos
spinning for the king

The primary advantage with softies (particularly paddle tails) is that they will swim effectively at all retrieval speeds and importantly they continue to swim when paused Spinning the rocks for the magnificent yellowtailed kingfish is possibly the most challenging style of fishing available. Not only are you prospecting large open expanses of water with artificial presentations, but you are also fishing from the most volatile environment on earth – oceanic rock platforms. Add to that the brute force and power a big greenback can exert over a short distance and many folks may question your sanity in undertaking such perplexing pursuits. There is no doubt that standing on a flat comfy casting platform at the front of your boat flicking softies for bream and flathead would be a more rational method…

1 minutos
the evolution of land based spinning for kings

I started spinning for kings off the rocks in the early 1980s. Metal lures were the go back then with WK (Werner Kossman) Arrows, the 60gram Wonder Pilchard, and various Irons all the lures needed to connect with quality kings. These were cast off a custom built, one-piece, double handed spin rod which was matched with my ever reliable Abu Ambassador 6500. Loaded with pre-test 6kg mono and a short 40lb leader, this outfit provided me with hours of hassle free casting. These days quality threadline reels with beefed up drags are common place and loaded on super strong graphite rods. Don’t get too caught up in the fact that you need a $1,000 outfit to land a big king. My three biggest kings on spin gear have been landed…

1 minutos
line/leader set up

The leader and main line set up is relatively straightforward when spinning off the rocks. Pending the area you are fishing you can opt for either 30lb or 50lb braid as your main line. I only use 50 in shallow areas with numerous gnarly bommies and points, which a big king will hone in on and bury you in quick time. A rod and half-length of tough, abrasion resistant 60lb mono is a perfect match for either main line classes. I have used many connecting knots over the years from blood knots, double uni, and improved albrights but none come close to strength, durability, and usability of the FG knot. Tied correctly it is a fail safe knot that has a low profile which allows it to glide through your…

1 minutos
pre-rigged or modular

Pre-rigged soft plastics have come a long way over the past decade and the variety is now enormous. Quality has improved significantly and they are simply a matter of tying straight onto your leader and start fishing. There is no need for adjustments to the tow point or plastic body as any quality pre-rigged lures with swim straight and true from the packet. Shad, minnow, and fish style lures with a paddle tail are effective and simple to use. In many cases there is minimal rod work required as these lures have a high quality-swimming pattern inbuilt. The Modular System where you can mix and match bodies and jig heads, provides greater flexibility in presentations. Large grub tails can be worked deep over kelp beds and adjacent to sizeable bommies. Grubs…