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June/July 2019

MONEY helps you take charge of your finances, providing trusted advice to successfully earn, plan, invest, and spend. MONEY provides in-depth coverage of stocks, mutual funds, the markets, the economy, and the best things money can buy - from travel and technology to home and luxury goods. MONEY also gives you advice on college savings and retirement planning.

United States
Meredith Corporation
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editor’s note

FOR NEARLY 50 YEARS, MONEY has been committed to helping its readers lead richer lives—in every sense of the word. Whether it’s choosing a college or choosing a career, planning a wedding or planning a retirement, investing in index funds or investing in your passion project, we’ve always had your back. That’s not changing. But the way we deliver that information is. The issue you’re holding is our last monthly print installment, as we embrace a digital future at Money.com that enables us to cultivate a relationship with you that’s faster, smarter, and even more personalized. So, for example, while you’ll no longer receive a magazine with a Retire section curated by senior editor Elizabeth O’Brien, you are invited to join Retire With Money, our lively (and free!) Facebook group, where Elizabeth herself…

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MONEY EDITORIAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Adam Auriemma DEPUTY EDITOR Mike Ayers MANAGING EDITOR Tari Ayala SENIOR EDITORS Elizabeth O’Brien, Ian Salisbury AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT EDITOR Matt Bemer SENIOR WRITER Brad Tuttle REPORTER & SPECIAL PROJECTS EDITOR Kaitlin Mulhere FEATURES WRITER Kristen Bahler REPORTERS Prachi Bhardwaj, Jennifer Calfas, Julia Glum, Sergei Klebnikov, Alix Langone, Shaina Mishkin ASSOCIATE AUDIENCE EDITOR Masiel Torres DIGITAL PRODUCER Kenadi Silcox COPY EDITORS Michele Albright, Maria Carmicino, Barbara Collier, Lauren Goldstein EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Paul Martinez PHOTO DIRECTOR Sarina Finkelstein ART DIRECTOR Lixia Guo SENIOR VIDEO PRODUCER Mercedes Barba VIDEO PRODUCER Katie Meyer ASSOCIATE VIDEO PRODUCERS Jessica Lee, Viktoria Muench CONTRIBUTORS Laura Belgray, Rob Curran, Kara Cutruzzula, Ryan Derousseau, Jenn Haltman, Sarah Max, Paul Schrodt, Martha C. White PRODUCTION Rosemarie Iazzetta (DIRECTOR) Elizabeth Mata (MANAGER) MEREDITH NATIONAL MEDIA GROUP PRESIDENT Jon Werther PRESIDENT, MEREDITH MAGAZINES Doug Olson PRESIDENT, CONSUMER PRODUCTS Tom Witschi PRESIDENT, CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER Catherine Levene CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER Michael Brownstein CHIEF MARKETING & DATA…

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a scholarship guru shares his best tips

AS A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, Christopher Gray applied for hundreds of scholarships. As a homeless high school student, he did all that work—typing essays and searching for leads online—on his cell phone and the shared computers at a public library in his Alabama hometown. It was a seven-month hustle that earned him more than $1 million in scholarship winnings. And though he didn’t know it at the time, it was a journey that would also lead him to a career. Gray wanted to take a tedious process that makes it harder for students to afford college and simplify it. While still a student at Drexel University, he cofounded Scholly, a scholarship search engine that’s designed to run on a cell phone, though you can also use it on a desktop computer.…

2 minutos
spirit airlines is actually… good?

IF YOU’VE COUNTED Spirit out as a dependable airline, now might be the time to reconsider. The budget airline was the most improved carrier in MONEY’s Best in Travel ranking this year—thanks, in large part, to notable improvements in reliability between 2017 and 2018. Of the eight major domestic airlines MONEY ranked, Spirit saw the most improvement in performance compared with the previous year, according to flight data from the Department of Transportation. Between January 2018 and October 2018, 81% of Spirit’s flights arrived at their destinations on time, up from 76% through the same time period in 2017. Only 1.1% of Spirit’s flights were canceled—a big difference from its 3.8% cancellation rate the year prior. What accounts for this change? It’s not necessarily a fluke. In fact, the airline’s performance has been…

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the best sign-up bonus we’ve seen in years

IT MIGHT BE TIME for you to get a new travel rewards credit card. The Chase Sapphire Preferred card just increased its sign-up bonus, paying out $600 cash back or $750 in travel rewards once you meet spending thresholds. And while Chase Sapphire Preferred comes with an annual fee of $95, it’s significantly less than the $450 annual fee that must be paid for using cards with even bigger rewards, like Chase Sapphire Reserve. When it debuted in 2016, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card ushered in a sea change in the way Americans think about travel credit cards. Sure, there was a lot of talk about that $450 annual fee, but the sticker shock was offset by a sign-up bonus worth a whopping $1,500 if redeemed for travel through Chase’s rewards…

4 minutos
this 32-year-old sold all of his furniture to start a coffee business. now it pulls in $1 million a year

JORDAN KARCHER SAVES dogs and sells coffee at the same time. Not exactly an intuitive business plan, but the entrepreneur has built his niche company into millions of dollars in sales and has attracted top-level investors. And he owes much of it to his Craigslist couch-selling skills. Karcher found inspiration for his Grounds & Hounds coffee brand in an adorable pooch he’d spotted by the side of the road. While living in L.A. in his mid-twenties, and working in the wine and spirits world after an injury in college ended his baseball career, Karcher was headed to breakfast in Santa Monica. An animal adoption pop-up center caught his eye, and within minutes, “a little brown and white Dalmatian came up on my lap and tucked her nose in my jacket,” he…