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MOTHER EARTH NEWS August - September 2019

MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine is the Original Guide to Living Wisely. Launched in 1970, each bimonthly issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS features practical and money-saving information on cutting energy costs; using renewable energy; organic gardening; green home building and remodeling; fun do-it-yourself projects; and conscientious, self-sufficient lifestyles

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feral bees, take 2

Last year around this time, I wrote about trapping feral bee swarms in 5-frame mini-hives that I hung in trees. We received many letters asking for more information and updates on that project — in a nutshell, it worked really well for us. This approach to expanding or replenishing your bee stock will work fine with whichever beehive design you prefer (I prefer Layens and my wife prefers Langstroth), so long as you build the mini-hives to accommodate the frames that fit your hive body type. So, we set our seven traps up in sentinel trees, and all but one became occupied by bees. We had some problems with squirrels, or possibly packrats, gnawing into a couple of the traps, which caused the bees to move on. And as so often…

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mother earth news

THE ORIGINAL GUIDE TO LIVING WISELY ISSUE EDITORS Lead Editor ALLISON SARKESIAN Assistant Lead Editor HALEY CASEY EDITORIAL GROUP Editorial Director OSCAR H. Will III Group Editor, Rural Lifestyles REBECCA MARTIN Group Editor, Wellness & Gardening JEAN DENNEY Group Editor, Collectibles LANDON HALL Senior Managing Editor CAITLIN WILSON Managing Editor TRACI SMITH Senior Copy Editor AMANDA SORELL Associate Editors JESSICA MITCHELL • ARTHUR HUR Assistant Editors CASEY MARSHALL • JORDAN MOSLOWSKI RYAN CROWELL • BLAIR GORDON • KYLE HAYDEN Editorial Assistant ILENE REID Editorial Intern JORDAN CARLEY CONVERGENT MEDIA BRENDA ESCALANTE; ART DIRECTION AND PRE-PRESS Assistant Group Art Director MATTHEW T. STALLBAUMER Pre-Press KIRSTEN MARTINEZ WEB AND DIGITAL CONTENT Web Content Manager TONYA OLSON DISPLAY ADVERTISING 800-678-5779; CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 866-848-5416; NEWSSTAND MELISSA GEIKEN; 785-274-4344 CUSTOMER CARE 800-234-3368; Publisher Bill Uhler Editorial Director OSCAR H. WILL III Director of Circulation & Marketing CHERILYN OLMSTED Director of Newsstand & Production BOB CUCCINIELLO Director of Sales BOB LEGAULT Group Art Director CAROLYN LANG Director of Events & Business Development…

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mother as muse

We began our journey with MOTHER EARTH NEWS in the mid-1970s. MOTHER’s most significant impact came when we built our house in 1979. Through the magazine, we learned of the potential for energy savings and alternative energy generation systems before many options were commercially available. Accordingly, we built our home in a sunny location with roof pitches, directional orientation, and an architectural design suited to adapting to various technologies that weren’t yet affordable. Over the years, we’ve easily converted to passive solar heating, solar hot water, and electrical generation through solar panels, as those technologies became viable. In addition to these alterations, we’ve also tried to improve our home’s efficiency by upgrading our windows and insulation, as well as installing a geothermal heating and cooling system. Because of these changes,…

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dear mother

“If more people share what works for them in their areas, we’ll all be successful growers!” Cultivating Crops in Colorado I read Editorial Director Hank Will’s “Obvious Solutions” (August/September 2018), and I want to share some solutions I’ve discovered. I live in Black Forest, Colorado, up on the Palmer Divide in the forest. The soil here is sandy loam with pockets of clay and rock. Most people here have raised beds. I have them too because of the soil, and also because of my bad knees. But I’ve learned a lot in the years I’ve lived here. We’re in Zone 4, so our growing season isn’t long. We can’t put anything in the dirt until the last chance of frost has passed (generally the last week of May or first week of June).…

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a momentous move

You asked us to tell our stories of discovering Mother earth News (“50 Years and Counting,” April/May 2019). Back in the 1960s, our family gardened and raised rabbits in our St. Louis backyard. This was while we were raising three boys and I was working as the No. 2 administrator at Deaconess Hospital. Both gardening and rabbits were inherited loves from my childhood, and I intended to pass them on to our children. Subscribing to Mother earth News fit our life well. We subscribed early on in its history, and we’ve cherished and saved every issue, starting with the very first. A year or so after Mother earth News began, we decided, along with two other families, to acquire a farm 20 miles away in Illinois. We all went way back: The…

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food waste solutions

From growers to grocers, companies to consumers, food waste is an issue that plagues the entire supply chain. Up to 40 percent of the U.S. food supply finds its way to landfills — at great financial and environmental cost — while simultaneously, 40 million Americans are food-insecure. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we need multifaceted solutions to connect and correct those issues, with policymakers, businesses, and consumers all working to stem the flow of food waste from every angle. Some groups are addressing the root of the issue by minimizing surplus, and others are coming up with ways to make use of the waste. By establishing various programs, policies, and processes, the following organizations are all approaching the problem of wasted food. A Comprehensive Roadmap ReFED believes that data can drive…