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MotorTrend October 2018

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no sergio, no stelvio

@Lohdown The first time it happened, I was hovering curbside—illegally—in the LAX arrivals area waiting for my betrothed to land. A backpacker sidled up alongside my passenger side on the diagonal. Our eyes met and she looked away—to the front of the car as she walked around it. I could see her brow furrow at the four-leaf clover on the fender and again when she saw the nose. Curiosity apparently satisfied, she wandered away. It happened again minutes later, after I finished loading up the luggage. As the tailgate came down, I caught a guy on the curb staring before mouthing “Stelvio?” Yeah buddy, Quadrifoglio, in Misano blue with black 20-inch wheels. On the way home, we stopped at Trader Joe’s. As we loaded up our groceries, a gentleman came around to say,…

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2019 bmw 330i the ultimat3?

Our incessant bleating about BMW’s lamentable deviation from its “ultimate driving machine” ethos appears to have at long last spurred some action. The niche M5 drives pretty ultimately, and now the chassis development team for the crucial G20-generation 3 Series sedan seems equally determined to return the iconic Dreier to the top of its highly competitive heap. To shut us up once and for all, a select few of the loudest complainers were invited to the Nürburgring for an intense day of public road and closed ’Ring driving of early 2.0-liter turbo prototype cars equipped with the M Sport package while there’s still time to tune and tweak some of the final calibrations before the new 330i goes on sale early next year. Every major chassis component is significantly revised—geometry, elastokinematics (bushings…

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2019 chevrolet blazer

We knew it was coming. Chevrolet made the Equinox smaller, creating a midsize hole in the crossover lineup between it and the full-size Traverse. And talk of bringing back the Blazer name has been rampant for a while. General Motors finally gave us our first look at the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer at an event in Atlanta, but unlike the Blazers of the past, this one is not a body-on-frame SUV or a two-door, nor does it have a removable roof. Instead, it rides on the same C1 architecture as other car-based crossovers, including the Cadillac XT5 and GMC Acadia, but with a wider track to give it more character. The five-passenger crossover comes in three trim levels, including the sportier and blacked-out RS and the more upscale Premier, both with optional 21-inch…

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tesla model 3 dual motor performance

Ever the iconoclast, Tesla has never put a “Model 3” badge on the Model 3 (or even the word “Tesla”). You either know what this thing is or you don’t. But you’ll soon be able to spot its first high-performance variant by a simple underline beneath the two stark words “Dual Motor” on its rump. Similar to the Dual Motor Long Range version, there’s a permanent magnet motor in back, joined by an induction motor in the nose—but the Performance version generates 450 hp and 471 lb-ft of torque. Tesla’s acceleration claims (which we’ve repeatedly matched or beaten with other Tesla vehicles) state the Model 3 Dual Motor Performance scats to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Meaning it’ll also scat away from the traction-limited and rear-drive BMW M3 Competition pack and Alfa…

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mt confidential

FCA is doubling down on Alfa Romeo. Two sports cars and two SUVs will join the Giulia and Stelvio by 2022. The 8C will be a 700-plus-hp Acura NSX fighter with a mid-mounted twin-turbo engine driving the rear wheels and an electric motor driving the fronts. The GTV is a four-passenger coupe that will share its chassis structure and powertrains with the COTY-winning Giulia sedan. Top-spec QV versions will have all-wheel drive and more than 600 hp courtesy of a motor mounted between the engine and transmission. In terms of ensuring Alfa’s long-term future, however, the two new SUVs—one smaller than the Stelvio, the other larger—are more important. The smaller SUV will be the size of a Jeep Compass and is likely to share its platform architecture, which means transverse-mounted…

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in memoriam: sergio marchionne

Everyone has favorite CEOs. Sergio Marchionne, 66, was one of mine. His death due to complications following cancer surgery is a gut punch to me and many of the journalists who covered him for years. I felt a kinship with the Italian, born in Abruzzo, who moved to Toronto when he was 14 and continued to visit his mother there whenever he could. The lawyer, philosopher, and accountant also attended the University of Windsor, in the city where I now live. He was always happy visiting his alma mater. Before an event at the nearby minivan plant, he traveled to Windsor early, taking his entourage with him to have lunch at the dive bar near campus that he frequented as a student. Afterward he laughingly said the floors and furniture had yet…