National Geographic Traveller (UK) January - February 2021

Each issue is packed with authentic travel experiences and vivid photography, plus insights and tips to inspire would-be explorers to travel widely, ethically and safely. We are passionate about experiencing the world, championing sustainable travel and celebrating journeys from a local or cultural perspective.

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National Geographic Traveller (UK)
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Nora Wallaya You don’t need to look hard to uncover the indelible signatures of this archipelago’s 7,000-year human history, whether you’re hiking through flower-filled valleys in Gozo, gazing over Valletta’s fortified port, or joining a candlelit village procession. MALTA P.48 Adrian Phillips I went to the French Pyrenees for a taste of the pastoral life — walking with huskies, lunching with shepherds and contemplating hidden waterfalls. And I found, too, that in this region the past is ever-present. FRANCE P.88 Sarah Barrell Sailing into forever horizons; sleeping under a canopy of constellations; meeting sea nomads, free divers and shipbuilders — all part of life on an Indonesian expedition cruise: memories to sustain anyone through lockdown and beyond. INDONESIA P.100 Richard James Taylor Until Columbus revealed the truth, Portugal’s dramatic southwest coast marked the edge of the known…

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editor’s letter

Welcome to our 10th-anniversary issue! Somehow, despite all the challenges of recent months, we’ve managed to reach a decade in circulation — in no small part, down to you. Whether you’ve been with us since the very beginning or joined us along the way: thank you. The journey ahead may well continue to be bumpy, but we’re hoping to guide you through this patch of turbulence. And with that in mind, this issue we reveal our Best of the World list. We’ve collaborated with the 15 other global editions of National Geographic Traveller to bring you the places we think should be on your radar in 2021 and beyond. Each of the 35 destinations has a story to tell for the year ahead. From the exploration of ‘Africa’s last Eden’ in Gabon…

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snapshot karimkol, jalal-abad, kyrgyzstan

In the Jalal-Abad Region of southwestern Kyrgyzstan, Karimkol works the furrows of his farm. He’s a master farmer who knows the land and what he produces like the back of his hand. At his nursery, he grows apple, apricot, cherry and plum trees, as well as numerous other seedlings, before selling them on to other farmers. It’s no small undertaking, but when asked why he grows so many different types of plants, he replied simply, “Because it brings me joy!” In recent years, Karimkol has received support from the Aga Khan Foundation to expand his nursery and help other local farmers in this remote, mountainous region. @wiltonphoto…

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big picture reserva nacional de paracas, peru

Backed by the Pacific and pummelled by dust storms, the sandy emptiness of Peru’s Reserva Nacional de Paracas evokes a strong, ethereal sense of isolation. It’s home to archaeological remains of the ancient Paracas culture and, given the immense dunes and arid landscapes, it’s almost hard to believe it’s also the only marine reserve in the country. While on a trip through Peru, I set off from Lima at dawn and drove over 130 miles along the Pan-American Highway towards Nazca. After pulling over in the reserve, I set up the frame and waited patiently in the dry desert heat for the right subject to zoom into shot. @karolina_wiercigroch…

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washington, d.c. talk of the town

Regardless of your political persuasion, 2021 looks set to be a celebratory year for the Capital Region, with several major institutions marking milestone anniversaries. Chief among these is the Smithsonian Institution, the city’s multi-museum masterpiece, celebrating its 175th anniversary. The world’s largest museum, education and research complex comprises a whopping 19 museums, nine research facilities and the National Zoo. The forefather of this ‘family of museums’, the United States National Museum, now called the Arts and Industries Building, is gearing up for a new era with FUTURES, an exhibit showcasing prototypes, robots, speculative fiction and new worlds If that’s not enough erudition, the DC PUBLIC LIBRARY celebrates its 125th birthday with a roster of events focused around the newly renovated Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. Meanwhile, the nation’s first museum…

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friluftsliv step outside

When Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen coined the term ‘friluftsliv’ — loosely translatable as ‘outdoor living’ — in his 1859 epic On the Heights, he presumably didn’t know just how relevant his concept would be in 2020. But friluftsliv (pronounced ‘free-loofts-liv’) has turned out to be something of a pandemic saviour, bringing us the soul-nourishing, mind-cleansing benefits of nature and solitude that Ibsen waxed lyrical about over 150 years ago. The Nordics have always embraced friluftsliv in their lives and travels and they’re all the better for it. In 2020, Scandinavia excelled itself in the World Happiness Report, with five of its cities (Helsinki, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Bergen, Oslo and Stockholm) found to be among the 10 happiest. The conclusion? Clean air, exercise and time spent in nature matter. Perhaps it’s easy in landscapes…