National Geographic Traveller (UK) June 2021

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National Geographic Traveller (UK)
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Oliver Smith I spent my childhood summers visiting my grandparents in Anglesey: crabbing on the piers, crawling into Neolithic burial chambers and building sandcastles on the beach. Time has passed since then, but the island is as beautiful as ever. ANGLESEY P.46 Jean Teng Hawke’s Bay is New Zealand’s prime food and wine country, and it’s most evident in Napier. Walk along the seafront aftWalk along the seafronter a meal at an oceanside restaurant or drive just 20 minutes and hit one of the area’s wine producers instead. HAWKE’S BAY P.50 Jamie Lafferty Before this visit, I knew almost nothing about the Atacama Desert. It may well be the driest non-polar place on the planet, but the Atacama isn’t totally devoid of life, nor water, nor, it turns out, a very particular type of alien…

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editor’s letter

This is the month we’ve all been waiting for — when international travel is finally scheduled to return. Of course, as is the way of things, at the time of going to press, there were still a vast number of variables, caveats and uncertainty. Will we or won’t we need vaccination certificates? What travel corridors will open? What will the quarantine situation be? But one thing is certain: we all share an intense desire to travel again. Our cover story focuses on Spain. Many of us are familiar with the Costas, the Canaries and the Balearics… but what of the less-visited Iberian interior? Perhaps you’ve made it to Madrid or one of Spain’s numerous other inland cities, but that’s only the start of the story. We’ll show you how to explore the…

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photography competition 2021

THE CATEGORIES Evocative visuals are key to powerful storytelling. Whether you shoot on your mobile or with a DSLR, abroad or in the UK, we look forward to seeing how you interpret the criteria to create stunning travel shots Food & travel This new category calls for images that tell a story from any stage of the journey from field to fork. Think dynamic scenes of fishing, farming or harvest, rich shots of street food markets and chefs in steamy kitchens. People Some of the world’s most iconic photos are portraits, and it’s no wonder — the encounters we have with people are what make our travels unforgettable. You’ll need a compelling subject and an interesting backdrop against which to frame them. Urban environments Your composition should capture something of the spirit of a city or town,…

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coast with the most

It’s all change in one of Canada’s east-coast provinces. The city of Halifax, with its Atlantic setting and maritime museums, loomed large on the travel map during the centenary of the Titanic’s sinking in 2012 and the docks that once sent out rescue parties to the doomed ocean liner have sailed towards the future, with a modern eco-makeover. Get your bearings at the QUEEN’S MARQUE district, which has revamped the city’s waterfront with a combination of residential, leisure and business venues powered by seawater and topped with innovative ‘green’ roofing, designed to reduce carbon output. You’ll find a sweet spot in PEACE BY CHOCOLATE, the grand new boutique by Nova Scotia-settled Syrian chocolatiers. And, befitting a queen, the district is home to the province’s first five-star hotel, THE MUIR, which opens this…

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bright sparks

From postcards and magazine covers to Hollywood blockbusters and video games, Hong Kong’s neon lights are intrinsic to the city’s identity. But over the past decade it’s estimated around 90% of Hong Kong’s large neon lights have been snuffed out. Appalled by the threat of the lights’ annihilation, groups of passionate Hongkongers have rallied together to try to save, or at least catalogue, the fading lights. “These are pieces of art,” says Cardin Chan, spokesperson for the Tetra Neon Exchange, one of a number of neon heritage groups in Hong Kong. “The people who make the signs are artisans. Our work isn’t just to save the physical signs, but to educate people about what neon means to us.” While she doesn’t mention the ongoing political tension between the city and China,…

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a taste of poland

I was born in Poland and raised on the cuisine of my mother and grandmother. As I learned to cook for myself, I discovered other cuisines, which are exciting and delicious, but they don’t have the one thing I sometimes miss: nostalgia. For many, Poland is associated with pork schnitzel (known as schabowy) and kielbasa sausage, often served with cold vodka. It’s true that in Polish cuisine there are stunning meat-based dishes, but our valleys are also rich in wonderful vegetables and fruits. The culture of dairy products and fermented foods is incredibly advanced, and the number of grain-based dishes is countless. Kasza (buckwheat) is a signature of Polish cooking; the dark brown, nutty groats are roasted, but you can also find an unroasted version, which is milder and more delicate…