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the archives

1994 “Woodstock is now an episode in the national myth, like the first Thanksgiving or the Boston Tea Party,” Newsweek wrote in anticipation of the 25th anniversary of the Woodstock Music & Art Fair. Rooted within its chaos and mud was the younger generation’s dedication to peace and love through the joy of music in a time of civil unrest and the controversy of the Vietnam War. Often referred to as a modern-day Woodstock, but with a price tag, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will return next spring, aiming to create a festival culture that is a safe haven for inclusivity and diversity. 1964 “Can the gulf which separates the world of Harlem and hopelessness from the world of ‘Whitey’ be bridged?” Newsweek asked after a white police officer killed a…

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‘going against trump is the death knell’

THE 10 REPUBLICAN MEMBERS OF CONGRESS who voted to impeach President Donald Trump for his role in instigating the mob that marauded through the Capitol on January 6 knew the riot would be a historic turning point for the country. What they didn’t realize: The events of that day might also mark the beginning of the end of their own political careers, and that their actions would give Trump and politicians loyal to him a rallying cry to help them retain control of the Republican Party. Six months after the riot, the impeachers are the GOP’s most endangered incumbents. Nine of the 10 already face credible primary challengers ahead of next year’s midterm elections, and all have been the targets of relentless attacks from Trump and his supporters, as well as…

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talking points

“Am I supposed to be impressed that a billionaire went to space while he’s paid zero in federal income taxes some years and the workers at his company struggle to afford their medical bills, rent, and food for their kids?” —SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS ON JEFF BEZOS “YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.” —DR. ANTHONY FAUCI TO SENATOR RAND PAUL DURING TESTIMONY ON VIRUS RESEARCH The Guaedian “We know that there are big fishes out there that wanted the death and are part of the plot to kill the president…There are more powerful people behind this.” —HAITI’S ELECTIONS MINISTER MATHIAS PIERRE ON INVESTIGATING THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT JOVENEL MOïSE “Just like we’ve been saying, please take COVID seriously. I can’t say it enough. Enough people have died. We don’t need any more death.... I believe…

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the ‘i quit’ revolution

WITH NEARLY HALF OF AMERICANS fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the economy recovering and pandemic lockdown rules easing across the U.S. and other countries despite the Delta variant, restless workers are changing jobs, or planning to. The quit rate in April 2021 was the highest in 20 years—and May’s was even higher than that. Indeed, between 25 to 40 percent of people currently employed are actively job searching, consulting firm Korn Ferry reports. No wonder labor economist Betsey Stevenson at the University of Michigan has called the present moment the “take this job and shove it” economy. There’s an inherent risk to job changes that can cause both the individual and team’s performances to falter, as our research at the Harvard Business School has shown for nearly 20 years. In addition, job changers…

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why we still live in reagan’s america

RONALD REAGAN LIKED TO TELL STORIES. As president he told one to a convention of Protestant ministers, about a preacher and a politician who died on the same day and were greeted by St. Peter at the gates of heaven. Peter explained heaven’s rules and escorted the newcomers to the homes they would occupy for all eternity. The preacher’s proved to be a single room with a bed, table and chair. The politician’s was a huge mansion with handsome furnishings. The politician was grateful but puzzled. “How do I deserve this grand place while that good man of the cloth has to live in a single room?” he asked. Peter replied, “Here in heaven we have plenty of preachers. You’re the first politician to get in.” The humor was vintage Reagan,…

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“no one played the role better”

→ GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA—RONALD Reagan and Jane Wyman have just entered Hollywood’s Cocoanut Grove circa 1940. The director is shouting “action” and the extras at the famous nightclub begin to chat amongst themselves and sip their cocktails. Too tame, so the director shouts again. Action!” Not good enough. “Action!” Each time the directive comes with more urgency, suggesting that the scene lacks the requisite enthusiasm. No, this isn’t a decades-old movie starring the famous actors, it is the set of the September 2020 shooting of a movie titled Reagan, and it stars Dennis Quaid as the title character and Mena Suvari as his first wife. Subbing for the Cocoanut Grove is a Masonic temple that sits on 10 acres in Guthrie, Oklahoma, a site that also doubles for the Oval Office and…