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Newsweek International 7/24/2020

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1986 As the American lifestyle continued to encroach on and dominate nature, Newsweek reported on the need “to re-think the role that national parks and wilderness play in the American psyche, to decide once and for all whether a given natural feature is worth any more than people are willing to spend for postcards of it.” With the 25.5 million acres of national park in the lower 48 United States “inadequate to guarantee the preservation of a pristine ecosystem,” Newsweek asked a pressing and still-relevant question: “Do the parks exist to conserve nature or to put it on display?” 1971 In a “masterstroke,” reported Newsweek, President Richard Nixon announced that he would visit China—marking the end of 25 years of isolation between the two nations. Last year, in a similarly historic move, President…

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pockets of opportunity

IMAGINE YOU JUST WOKE UP FROM A SIX-month coma. You’re informed that while you were out for the count a new virus spread across the world, claiming more than 500,000 lives and infecting nearly 12 million people worldwide. That, in turn, caused a nasty recession and the highest unemployment rates in the U.S. since the Great Depression. As if that weren’t enough, the killing of a Black man by a Minneapolis police officer, captured on video, sparked global protests in more than 60 countries, with demonstrators demanding racial justice and an end to police violence. After a moment to collect your breath, you’re then told that the U.S. stock market has soared by about 20 percent over the past three months, retail sales surged a record 17.7 percent in May and…

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blame it all on john locke?

LIBERALISM HAS FAILED by Patrick J. Deneen MOST PEOPLE AGREE THAT A DEFINING feature of America is that it is a liberal nation. In a way, that is not true of any other country—most of which have known different forms of political governance and political self-understanding. From its political inception, America has oftentimes been defined by its adherence to liberal philosophy. Conservatives such as George Will and Jonah Goldberg, and liberals such as Yascha Mounk and Barack Obama—for all their differences—believe that America is liberal, and that the way out of our current political brokenness is to restore its liberal foundations. While people differ about how to define American liberalism, there is a broad consensus to begin with the Declaration of Independence. Human beings are endowed with rights—or certain spheres of liberty that…

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trump could lose —and still win

It is clear Trump will do anything to avoid the moniker he hates more than any other: “loser.” IT IS INCREASINGLY LOOKING AS IF Joe Biden can beat President Donald Trump. The president seems more and more out of step with the national mood, from his handling of the pandemic to his response to racially biased policing, not to mention a wide array of other issues. Even in key swing states, Trump is losing ground. For Trump, there are two broad pathways to maintaining power. First, we can already see a strategy designed to suppress voter turnout with the purging of registration rolls of large numbers of mostly urban voters; efforts to suppress mail-in ballots, which are more necessary than ever, given COVID-19; a re-election apparatus that is training 50,000 poll watchers…

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the next chapter for aderans: becoming a global wellness company

Aderans Company Limited is a global provider of total hair solutions. Founded in Japan in 1968, it operates 69 group companies in 19 countries and regions worldwide. In celebration of its 50th anniversary—and looking to its 100th—it recently embarked on a new course as a global wellness company. Aderans began as a provider of custom-made wigs for men in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Its founder, Nobuo Nemoto, resolved to bring a smile to the many people worldwide who struggle with hair issues. As that philosophy was passed down to group employees, Aderans grew into a world leader in the hair industry. Aderans went on to produce many innovations beyond wigs. It expanded into an array of segments centered on hair: hair growth, hair volumizing, and hair care. In North America, it acquired the Bosley…

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“we didn’t know what we know now”

THE FIRST TWO COVID-19 PATIENTS TO reach the emergency room at Banner University Medical Center Phoenix were a young mother and her adolescent son. They had been airlifted from a settlement in the sprawling Fort Apache Indian Reservation 180 miles east of Phoenix. By the time they finally arrived, the mother was in severe respiratory distress and the son was dead. This was mid-March and though the staff suspected they had COVID-19, it was still so new they weren’t quite sure how to treat it. “The mother was sick for a week, then went to a local clinic and within about two hours, she deteriorated and required a respirator,” recalls Dr. Marilyn Glassberg, division chief of Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, for the 800-bed hospital. “Because we didn’t know what…