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score one for the gig economy

IN A RESOUNDING VOTE IN FAVOR OF THE GIG economy, with broad implications beyond the Golden State, Californians this Election Day passed Proposition 22, a measure that advocates claim put the future of Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and other appbased work companies on the line, along with the livelihoods of their drivers. The new law, which passed with nearly 60 percent of the vote after the companies spent a record-setting $205 million to help secure a win, maintains the status of these workers as independent contractors, rather than employees, while providing them with a few new benefits. The net result, labor experts say: The companies will save billions of dollars a year in operating costs, helping to ensure their survival and the availability of this type of gig work for the hundreds…

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facebook is a ‘super-spreader’ of election misinformation

LESS THAN A WEEK AHEAD OF THE U.S. presidential election, misinformation relating to voting and election security was still flourishing on Facebook, despite the platform’s pledge to curb such content, a News-Guard investigation found. NewsGuard identified 40 Face-book pages that are “super-spreaders” of election-related misinformation, meaning that they have shared false content about voting or the electoral process to their audiences of at least 100,000 follow ers. Only three of the 53 posts we identified on these pages—which together reach approximately 22.9 million followers—were flagged by Facebook as false. Four of the pages have managers based outside the U.S.—in Mexico, Vietnam, Australia and Israel—despite the pages’ focus on American politics. The myths identified by News-Guard include false claims of mail-in ballots getting thrown away, narratives that dead people’s cast ballots count as…

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japanese technologies at the core of smart cities

New technologies such as IoT, the latest sensor systems, Big Data, cloud computing, robotics and 5G/6G internet will pave the way for the Smart City concept to become a reality over the coming years. In our data-powered world, Smart Cities will gather and make sense of an almost endless stream of digital information collected from physical objects connected to the internet. Insights gained from that data will be used to manage resources and services more efficiently. Tokyo has long been seen as a ‘City of the Future’ and is a natural center-point of Japan’s – and indeed the world’s – Smart City revolution. As a global authority in high technology, Japan has even taken the Smart City concept one step forward with Society 5.0, the idea of a super-smart society brought forward…

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ncn: the global reference in luxury wooden housing development

With trends towards sustainability in construction, the demand for high-quality wooden housing continues to grow, particularly in the US, Europe and Japan. Japan has always had a predilection for wooden housing. However, the nation’s proneness to earthquakes has traditionally been a major issue for these types of structures. In 1996, after having witnessed the catastrophic damage caused to wooden buildings by the Great Hanshin Earthquake, NCN founder Ikuo Takusari set about establishing a company aimed at providing safe and secure wooden structures using the most advanced structural calculation methods. Since then, NCN has become the developer of reference in wooden housing, employing its proprietary SE-structure method to build earthquake-resistant, luxury, wooden homes that maintain asset value, using the highest-quality wood sourced from its Nordic suppliers. “Structural calculations are crucial when building wooden buildings.…

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strong, stable, smart: how japanese real estate is attracting a new wave of foreign investors

“Opening our office in Singapore is a first step to capturing more international attention, and to allow foreigners to discover what Japan has to offer” Japanese manufacturing is renowned for offering strength, reliability, high-quality and sound returns on investment, with a big focus on sustainability, high-technology and long-term value. And the same can very much be said of Japan’s real estate sector, particularly in the urban centers of Tokyo and Osaka. While Japan’s aging population is generally shrinking, that is not the case in the nation’s capital, where the number of residents continues to grow. Buoyed by demand from this expanding population, increasing tourism numbers, strong economic fundamentals, rising land prices, and an infrastructure boom driven by the Olympics (now rescheduled for 2021), Tokyo’s real estate sector continues to witness strong and…

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axs: creating unique projects through the fusion of art & science

“We always find it important and fundamental to unite the ability of individuals and organizations to tackle various problems related to architecture, cities and environment” “Architecture is for all people.” These were the words and guiding philosophy of Takeo Satow, the late founder of AXS, who firmly believed that architecture’s main purpose is to respond to the ever-changing needs of society. Having established his company in 1945, Satow set out to make his contribution to society by creating beautiful, inspiring and functional spaces – architectural breeding grounds for innovation, creativity, learning and dialogue, built primarily for the citizens who use them. The visionary architect sadly passed away in 1972, but his philosophy and vision have continued to live on at AXS. One of Japan’s most reputed and valued architecture firms, AXS has been…