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the archives

1969 At a time when the NBA was gaining popularity nationwide, Newsweek said that the New York Knicks “may be the greatest pro basketball team of all time,” regularly filling Madison Square Garden with “19,500 screaming, frenzied fans.” The emergence of the Knicks, “with their fluid, devastating offense and imaginative defense,” coincided with a rise in popularity for the National Basketball Association, which had 14 teams at the time. Today, the NBA has 30 teams, and in the 2018–2019 season, the Knicks were the team with the highest annual revenue at $472 million. 1973 When Bette Midler performed as the Divine Miss M, Newsweek wrote, “What galvanized the audience’s tumultuous cheers and laughter was Bette’s ability to reveal an unmistakable vulnerability.” Throughout her career, Midler has won four Golden Globes, three…

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your best year-end money moves

TRADITIONALLY, THE END OF THE YEAR IS A time to take stock of your finances and make a few last-minute moves that can save you money and set you up well for the 12 months to come. That’s still true in 2020 but with a darker twist: The looming expiration of critical financial-relief programs under the CARES Act means that, for many Americans hit hard by the pandemic economy, their year-end money to-do list will include moves to ensure they’ll still be able to pay their basic bills and keep the roof over their heads as 2021 begins. In fact, over half of Americans say that their finances have been impacted by the pandemic and more than three in four are worried about their ability to pay their bills, according to…

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talking points

“It’s going to be a very dark couple of weeks.” —JOSH MICHAUD, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF GLOBAL HEALTH POLICY AT THE KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION, ON THE RISING COVID DEATHS “I THINK WE HAVE A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO BRING THE COUNTRY BACK TOGETHER.” —DEMOCRATIVE CONGRESSMAN JOE MANCHIN OF WEST VIRGINIA “Do you want to actually get something done, or do you want to feel good among the people you already agree with?” —BARACK OBAMA CRITIQUING THE SLOGAN “DEFUND THE POLICE” “The moment you become a father, everything really does change because then you start to realize, well, what is the point in bringing a new person into this world when they get to your age and it's on fire?” —prince harry “IT FELT GREAT TO BE A PART OF THOSE CELEBRATORY MOMENTS—AND IT TOTALLY TOOK ME BY SURPRISE” —Mariah Carey on…

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false starts

Dr. Eric Reiman can’t reveal the identity of the 73-year-old woman from a rugged mountain town outside Medellin, Colombia, who arrived at Boston’s Logan Airport a couple of years ago for tests at Harvard Medical School. But he will say this: Finding her may well be among the most surprising developments to emerge from a nearly three-decade-long study of Colombians cursed with a gene that usually dooms its victims to full-blown Alzheimer’s disease by the age of 50. What made the woman special was not just what doctors discovered when they first scanned her brain to measure the buildup of amyloid-beta, the sticky plaques long suspected of playing a key role in the devastating cognitive decline seen in advanced Alzheimer’s disease. She had the highest levels they’d ever recorded. What made…

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how the courts thwarted donald trump

WITH THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN SCORING JUST one victory so far out of the more than 30 lawsuits it has filed in six states, it wasn’t exactly a surprise when a Philadelphia appeals court at the end of November became the latest to reject a challenge by the president to the results of the election. What was noteworthy was the scathing nature of the decision written by a Trump-appointed judge, who dismissed the case as having “no merit.” Also significant but largely unnoticed as electoral drama consumed the nation: The string of legal losses and dismissals suffered by the campaign is just one of several major defeats the courts have handed Donald Trump this fall on a wide variety of issues—and that, despite the large number of judges the president has…

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unique places to spend the night

01 Dog Bark Park Inn Cottonwood, Idaho The United States is filled with quirky roadside attractions, but this hotel might take the cake. Opened over two decades ago, a husband-and-wife duo run this bed-and-breakfast built in the shape of a giant beagle. And of course, your own furry friend is welcome to accompany you. 02 Boeing 727 Fuselage Suite, Hotel Costa Verde Quepos, Costa Rica This coastal hotel nestled along the Costa Rican rainforest provides several unique accommodations from which to choose, the most unique being a completely refurbished Boeing airplane which can be rented in its entirety as a two-bedroom suite. 03 Hôtel de Glace Quebec City, Canada This hotel is truly made out of ice; it melts away annually and is recreated in a new theme. Each ice-sculpted room or suite is maintained at a “balmy”…