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the archives

1942 Newsweek reported on Christmas-time advances in Allied war efforts, such as the American and Filipino victory at Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, which marked the “first significant defeat for the Japanese.” In North Africa, the British also made significant gains thanks to a “brilliant stratagem” by Eighth Army commander General Bernard Montgomery at El Alamein. This year, U.S. and U.K. leaders are bringing troops home from Afghanistan in hopes of ending the nearly 20-year-long war there. President Donald Trump has vowed to reduce troops in Afghanistan to 2,500 by January. 1982 “Often more revered than read, the Good Book retains a powerful grip on the American psyche and remains the subject of national controversy,” said Newsweek. Between 2011 and 2019, the percentage of Americans who had never read the Bible grew from…

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advice from a shark

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC HAS OBVIOUSLY HIT A lot of businesses hard. But arguably no one more so than the owners of small businesses. To get some thoughts—and some help—I turned to Robert Herjavec, author, entrepreneur and one of the stars of ABC’s Shark Tank, which is now in its 12th season. The recent interview with Herjavec is part of Better, Newsweek’s series on LinkedIn Live (Thursdays, 9 a.m. ET/noon PT), where I talk with authors, business leaders and other thinkers to help us learn how to become a little bit better at what we do. And there’s no one better than Herjavec, founder and CEO of Herjavec Group, a global cybersecurity firm, and writer of You Don’t Have to Be a Shark, to help us get through these troubled times—and beyond. Here…

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has trump altered the course of american conservatism?

IT’S LONG PAST TIME FOR AMERICAN conservatism to change course. We face a crisis of solidarity. Our political programs need to re-tie strands of society that have come undone. For conservatives, that means adopting a nationalist-populist platform. Nationalism does not mean nationalization. It is not an assault on our free market tradition. Instead, nationalism requires rebalancing policy priorities away from greater globalization and toward the restoration of an integral domestic economy. Economic growth should be more widely spread around the country, rather than clustered in super-wealthy cities on the coasts. Supply chains and key industries need to be brought back to America, not merely to ensure our security, but also to provide productive work for a wide range of Americans. Super-sized firms must be prevented from swallowing up Main Street retail and service firms. Capital…

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a defense of zombie conservatism

INSOFAR AS IT REPRESENTS ANYTHING more than a post hoc rationalization for President Donald Trump’s caprice, the postmortem for the pre-2015 Republican Party reads as follows. By the 1980s, a set of serious problems had arrived in the United States. Thankfully, President Ronald Reagan and his fellow travelers had good answers to these problems and, by and large, they managed to solve them. But, having done so, the Republican Party and its friends within the institutionalized conservative movement failed to move on. Instead, they decided that the platform of 1980 was applicable to all places and all times. And so, in 2015, the party rebelled and nominated a politician who saw things differently. That politician, Donald Trump, managed to win the nomination, ascend to the presidency and recast the movement…

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a quantum leap

BACK IN 1994, WHEN QUANTUM COMPUTERS existed only as so much chalk on a blackboard, mathematician Peter Shor invented what may soon prove to be their killer app. Shor trained his efforts on a calculation called “factoring,” which ordinarily nobody but a mathematician would care about, except it just happens to be an Achilles heel of the internet. If someone were to invent a computer that could perform this operation quickly, messages now hidden from hackers, terrorists, military adversaries, governments and competitors would be as easy to read as a Stephen King novel. Shor, of course, didn’t have such a computer. He was writing an algorithm, or program, for a hypothetical machine that might one day exploit the weird properties of atoms and subatomic particles, as described by the theory of quantum…

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wrap up a good read

HAVING TROUBLE PICKING OUT the perfect gift for everyone on your list? Did you wait till the last minute? Never fear, Newsweek has curated a list of book choices for you, with a selection of photo essays, biographies, novels, thrillers and more— all from 2020, each one proving that something good came out of this year after all. These great reads are available for pick up at nearby bookstores, or online for contactless purchases with shipping in time for the holiday—or even choose the e-book option. Select gift wrap at checkout and have them shipped directly to the lucky recipient. All that’s left is to set up a Zoom call to discuss what everyone is reading! —Juliana Pignataro For your fiction-devouring best friend: Cobble Hill By Cecily von ZiegesarATRIA BOOKS | $27.00 The author…