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the archives

1998 Newsweek wrote, “Bill Gates says he wants to make computers better and easier to use.” Yet, the company was accused of antitrust violations for “monopolistic impulses [to] unfairly crush competition.” Gates argued that penalties for these charges would hamper Microsoft’s progress, and he said, “We are going to succeed in maintaining our right to innovate.” In a parallel case more than 20 years later, last July, four CEOs—from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google—were called before Congress to answer questions about whether their companies used illegal methods to obtain power online. 1971 “To the modern American cavalryman of the air, the plunge into Laos has been something like an old-time charge on horseback,” said Newsweek. The Army lost 10 helicopters in a single week to North Vietnamese ground fire and a total of…

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the arrow’s path

PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING WASHINGTON POST national security reporter Joby Warrick’s new book Red Line: The Unraveling of Syria and America’s Race to Destroy the Most Dangerous Arsenal in the World tells the story of America’s mission to try to find and destroy chemical weapons in Syria and defeat ISIS. In this excerpt, Warrick tells the incredible story of the U.N. team of investigators who were already on the ground in Damascus to investigate other alleged abuses when on August 21, 2013, a new series of attacks was waged in villages around the capital—killing at least 1,400 in what would become known as the deadliest chemical weapons atrocity in a generation. Warrick’s account also identifies one reason President Barack Obama did not intervene after Syria crossed his infamous “red line”—the presence of…

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q&a: joby warrick

Syria has witnessed nearly a decade of atrocities linked to this conflict. What prompted you to investigate this subject specifically? I was drawn to exploring the one aspect of the Syrian crisis that compelled the United States and other powers to directly intervene. The poisoning of Syrian women and children with deadly sarin changed the nature of the conflict, and it also awakened the world to a grave threat—the possibility that Syria’s nerve agents could be used more widely against Syrians or stolen by terrorists and let loose on a global stage. The international response was flawed, and it failed to remove all of Syria’s weapons. But it did accomplish something remarkable: Some 1,300 tons of the world’s deadliest chemicals were extracted and destroyed, in the middle of a war. As a…

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a diet of hoaxes

Despite its name, is run from Kumanovo, a city in North Macedonia. NEWS LINKS SHARED ON THE social media app Parler around the time of the January 6th Capitol insurrection came overwhelmingly from misinformation websites, including dozens of sites flagged by NewsGuard for publishing election and voting falsehoods. Parler recently relaunched after being removed from Apple and Google’s mobile app stores and Amazon’s web hosting service for its role in the breach of the U.S. Capitol by armed protestors. NewsGuard and PeakMetrics’ analysis, which covered more than 17,000 public Parler posts from the first week of January 2021 that included links, showed 87 percent of the news links shared during that time period came from websites with red “unreliable” ratings from NewsGuard, meaning that they fail to adhere to basic journalistic standards. PeakMetrics,…

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bringing biopharmaceuticals to the world

“We forecast that our purification platform, based on our continuous chromatography technology, to soon be recognized as the global standard technology for the most cost-effective production of biopharmaceuticals”Ryuji Yamamura, President of YMC In the world of chromatography – a technology for the separation of molecules critical to the pharmaceutical industry – few companies can offer a one-stop-shop; from lab-scale analytical columns to high-volume purification packing materials, from consumables to large-scale chromatography equipment. Fewer still can offer optimized methodologies that enable customers to understand how to employ their products more efficiently. YMC Co., Ltd. specializes in this one-stop-shop business model for the world’s pharmaceutical organizations, having expanded its presence globally to geographies where many of the world’s top firms operate. “Whereas most manufacturers can only offer a single chromatography product, such as separation media…

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nemoto: perfecting image technology for better medical diagnosis

“Our long-term goal is to continuously drive towards creating the perfect image”Shigeru Nemoto, President, Nemoto Kyorindo Co., Ltd. Monozukuri – the Japanese manufacturing philosophy centered around craftsmanship, innovation and pursuit of the highest quality – lends itself greatly to the creation of high-precision equipment for the medical device industry. For this reason, many medical professionals depend on the expertise and technological know-how of Japanese medical device manufacturers like Nemoto, whose high-precision contrast injectors for CT, MRI and Angiography are used in medical facilities in Japan, the US, Europe and throughout the world. Having introduced the first cerebral angiography contrast injector in Japan, Nemoto continues to pursue pioneering innovation, working in collaboration with both physicians and leading global medical organizations to develop, improve and find new uses for its products. “As the birthplace of monozukuri,…