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too little, too slow, too late is not an option

ON APRIL 22, WE CELEBRATED EARTH DAY. Once more we honored the Earth, talked about our environmental challenges, felt good for having done so, felt depressed about climate change and moved ahead to another year of doing...well, we’re not quite sure yet. But we better do something, and we better do it fast. According to climate scientists (although they vary in their appraisal of how long this could take), there’s no doubt that the trajectory we’re on could lead to social upheaval the likes of which we’ve never seen in the modern era. Entire swaths of nations, even continents, could become uninhabitable due to heat. Such a predicament would create massive food shortages and the implosion of entire economic systems. That in turn would create hundreds of millions of climate refugees, a…

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the winter of discontent

AS INDIA DESCENDED INTO A COVID-19 tragedy that dwarfed anything the country had experienced in the pandemic so far, with hospitals inundated, oxygen supplies short and vaccines reportedly being stolen from warehouses, American politicians seven thousand miles away were clamoring to end pandemic restrictions. Representative Jim Jordan railed at Dr. Anthony Fauci in the House chambers, “You don’t think Americans’ liberties have been threatened the last year, Dr. Fauci? They’ve been assaulted!” Alabama Governor Kay Ivey told Fox News, “We have been at this for more than a year now, and we have simply got to move forward. Endless government mandates are not the answer.” Many Americans are looking forward to a summer of quasi-normal human interactions, where it’s okay to invite your friends for a barbeque, belly up to a crowded…

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a vaccine for all occasions

IT TOOK BARNEY GRAHAM, JASON MCLELLAN AND THEIR collaborators just a weekend in January 2020 to design a novel vaccine they believed would be capable of protecting people against COVID-19. Their design formed the basis for the vaccines that Moderna, Pfizer and others would eventually use to inoculate millions of Americans a little more than a year later, a pace of development unprecedented in the annals of modern medicine. By then, however, the two pioneering virologists were already thinking about future pandemics— and how they might get ahead of them. Graham and McLellan are part of a corps of researchers hoping to take the technology they used on COVID-19 vaccines and apply them to an even more futuristic creation: an arsenal of off-the-shelf premade vaccines that could be easily modified to attack…

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the best credit cards of 2021

THE PANDEMIC HAS DRAMATICALLY RESHAPED AMERIcans’ relationship with credit cards—surprisingly, for the better. Instead of the increased delinquencies, ballooning balances and falling credit scores that might have been expected as the economy struggled and unemployment spiked, the opposite has happened: Balances are down, credit scores are up and credit card issuers are rolling out a red carpet of enhanced rewards to keep consumers spending. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, balances dropped an average of 10 percent from March to June of last year, and the trend continued through 2020, proving true even for people who had been struggling financially before the pandemic. New delinquencies on loans and credit card accounts also fell, after being flat or increasing gradually in 2019. Experts attribute the improvement to a combination of stimulus payments,…

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the top cards

BEST BIG BANK CARD Cards from banks with at least $10 billion in assets dominate the market, and their greater financial clout typically allows them to offer the most generous payouts. Our winner makes it especially easy to accrue and redeem rewards, plus offers a longer-than-usual period when you won’t be charged interest on balance transfers. Citi Double Cash INTEREST RATE: 13.99%-23.99% BALANCE TRANSFERS: 0% interest for 18 months REWARDS: 1% cash back when you buy, 1% when you pay BEST SMALL BANK CARD Smaller banks with less than $10 billion in assets typically can’t compete with the big boys on rewards but make up for it with better rates and introductory features. Our winner excels on both those fronts, and also gives more generous rewards than commonly found in this category. Rewards Credit Card from Dollar Bank INTEREST…

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business cards

BEST FOR SMALL BUSINESSES (OVERALL WINNER) Lucrative rewards on all spending, a generous sign-up bonus, plus tools to help business owners keep their operations running smoothly make this Capital One card a standout. Free employee cards, integration with bookkeeping software and the ability to purchase above your credit limit with no fees, when needed, are appealing extras. Capital One Spark Cash for Business INTEREST RATE: 20.99% SIGN-UP BONUS: $500, if $4,500 is spent in first three months REWARDS: 2% cash back on all purchases, including by employees; spending of, say, $25,000 per month earns about $6,000 in annual rewards BEST FOR START-UPS Small business entrepreneurs often need access to low-cost borrowing to help cover start-up costs and benefit from generous rewards in the business categories where they initially spend the most. The winner excels on both counts,…