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1973 “With his survival now plainly in the balance, President Nixon stated his case in the Watergate scandals,” said Newsweek, “and still failed to stem the tide of accusation battering at his government.” Just months later, the House of Representatives began the formal impeachment process against Nixon, who was still under immense public scrutiny as more and more abuses of power came to light. Less than a year after that, he resigned. To this day, he is the only United States president who has resigned from office, and one of only four to face official impeachment proceedings—including Donald Trump. 1986 According to Newsweek, “dire statistics contained in a new demographic study confirms what everybody has suspected all along: many women who seem to have it all will never have husbands.” Since then, the…

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at war

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system (left) intercepts rockets (right) fired by Hamas from Gaza City toward Israel early on May 16. After a series of clashes in Jerusalem during the month of Ramadan, Hamas fired a barrage of rockets at southern and central Israel beginning on May 10. Israel responded with extensive air strikes on the Gaza Strip—including on a building housing international media outlets—and Hamas military assets, according to the Israel Defense Forces in a public statement and in classified documents which it provided to the Pentagon. After 11 days of almost nonstop rockets from both sides, a negotiated cease-fire began early on May 21.…

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As the world’s ninth-largest economy and Latin America’s economic powerhouse, Brazil is set to witness one of the strongest post-pandemic rebounds in the region. Although businesses are struggling with successive waves of Covid-19 infections, the country’s growth potential remains significant, following two decades of robust macroeconomic growth. Investors have flocked to the country since the turn of the century, with FDI inflows soaring from $15.1 billion in 2005 to hit $50 billion in 2015 and $72 billion in 2019. Kearney reports Brazil was among the world’s top 25 investment destinations in 2020. A major producer of oil and gas, agricultural products, and manufactured goods, Brazil and its large domestic consumer market are appealing for many reason. Efforts to reform the country’s economy, spearheaded by President Jair Bolsonaro, are also playing a…

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porto seguro

One of the biggest economies in the world, and Latin America’s largest market, Brazil has long been on the global investment map. The country was identified as one of the world’s leading emerging markets by Goldman Sachs, when it coined the acronym “BRICS”. And the country is moving towards fulfilling its potential; in its overview of Brazil updated in November 2020, the World Bank noted progress on structural reforms to boost productivity growth, opening markets to foreign investment, and boosting infrastructure. Economic development and liberalisation is driving the growth of the Brazilian insurance sector, which has seen 8.3% compound annual growth in gross written premiums between 2013 and 2018, according to a 2020 report by Deloitte. Life insurance premiums grew particularly strongly, at 8.7%. Total written premiums reached $73bn in 2018, but…

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caixa econômica federal investing in people

As Latin America’s largest economy and most-populous country, Brazil benefits from favorable macroeconomic factors including a sizeable domestic consumer base, rising urbanization, and steady recent expansion in the agriculture, commerce and industrial sectors. Although it has been battered by successive waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, the country is expecting to bounce back soon, with GDP growth forecast to hit 3.6% in 2021. A government push to liberalize the economy saw Brazil exit its worst recession in recent history just before the pandemic, and the fundamentals haven’t changed: Brazil’s growth outlook remains positive. This is especially evident in the banking sector, which has already witnessed considerable growth in recent years. The industry’s net income surged by 44% between 2016 and 2018 to end the year at $16.4 billion, supported by rapid recent…

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multiplan scaling new heights

Brazil’s economic success story has seen personal incomes and consumer purchasing power surge in recent years, with GDP per capita rising by 15% over the previous decade to end 2019 at $15,300. Rising personal incomes in a 211-million-strong domestic market have supported soaring retail growth, with the country’s consumer market more than doubling in value over the same period to hit $90bn. Retail sales growth is forecast to hit 4% in 2021, supporting a strong rebound that will set the country’s leading retail real estate developer, Multiplan, on a robust long-term growth trajectory. Founded in 1974, Multiplan owns and manages one of the largest shopping center portfolios in Brazil, with 19 separate developments currently in operation across Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, the Federal…