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Issue 83

New Zealand’s premier hunting and outdoor magazine . For everything hunting - adventures, tips, how-tos, and reviews of the latest products. A great read with something for everyone.

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venison or pock blood sausage

This will be the most polarising recipe to date….. I think. What I mean by this is that you will either love it, you will hate it, or you will think, ‘I haven’t tried it and will give it a go and make my own decision from there’ and then you will fall into one of those other camps. What I am talking about is, of course, offal. Offal is the word given to the organs of an animal and the pieces we generally leave behind. Hopefully, we can change your thinking on that. Cooking with offal offers a lot of benefits and options, apart from the nutritional aspect, and this shouldn’t be overlooked. Some of the items we now eat and love without really thinking about it, such as goose liver…

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willie's tips - smartphones

From a filming perspective, smartphones are becoming increasingly useful pieces of kit. With every upgrade and new model, camera resolutions, frame rates, sensor sizes, and lenses are vastly increasing in quality. Image stabilization in phones has really developed in recent years, but the same technology has been applied to the action cameras and compacts as well. As mentioned, their typical lack of zoom and short focal length means they’re useful for two main video scenarios: filming close and spontaneous clips and selfies, or connecting it to film through your spotting scope in the likes of a Phoneskope case. The added magnification of the spotting scope (which you’re carrying anyway) suddenly turns your cellphone into a high-quality super zoom machine and allows you to capture great animal footage which can be…

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griffin creek hut rocky creek biv scottys biv

The oldest of the three, Scottys Biv, is located at 1000m on the Tara Tama Range high above the Taipo valley. It is one of three remaining first batch B49 bivs built by the NZFS in Westland in 1958. The late Alan Farmer from Rotorua was one of those who put it together with materials dropped from a Dominie aircraft with wing racks. He later wrote about it in his book of high-country exploits called, "The Best Job Ever." Scottys is an old dog box classic with flat-iron walls and roof and a single perspex window down at the end. It is perched on a tussock bench overlooking the impressive rock buttresses of Tara Tama and is only accessible from the tops. In 2006 Scottys became Permolat’s first maintain-by-community project. This…

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part xi is it safe to eat? zoonotic diseases

They are defined as an infection that is naturally transmitted between animals and humans. Because of the risk to their health, it’s good for people handling live and dead animals to be aware of the risks and how to avoid or minimalise the risk of infection. Meat handlers, farmers and hunters are most at risk from catching a zoonotic disease. There are over 150 known zoonotic diseases worldwide, but luckily less than 30 of these are found in New Zealand. Of these, relatively few are directly transmissible to us. New Zealand’s animal populations are relatively disease free and, compared to most other countries around the world, our chances of catching a potential dangerous disease is pretty low. However, there is always a risk, and hopefully being aware of it will help you…

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my south island adventure

It was now mid-April and the start of the school holidays. It was my first time in the South Island and I was so excited! I had always wanted to hunt chamois and a Red stag. I live on a sheep and beef farm on the North Island, and I have only seen a few wild deer. The biggest animal I have shot is a wild goat After weeks of fine weather, the day we flew to the South Island was wet, and as we landed in Christchurch it was wet and foggy. We drove two hours north to my uncle’s farm and sat tight for the next day because of the weather. I was starting to wonder if this hunt would actually happen! That night we checked the weather. The next…

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my nz hunter rifle build

Firstly, we finished off the assembly. Fluting and sandblasting the barrel, fitting the stock and the bipod and then moving on to tuning a load. ASSEMBLY BARREL FLUTING Ian graciously performed the fluting while we were all out in the hills chasing stags around! It’s a precise milling operation, especially a button rifled barrel that may still have residual stress. As we’ve said previously in this series, removing metal from a steel component with residual stress from an earlier manufacturing process stress relieves it, which will allow that steel to move and grow somewhat. With a tube like a rifle barrel, it means the diameter both externally and internally may increase. If you remove more metal from one flute than the others during the fluting process, then the bore will grow unevenly and…