OM Yoga & Lifestyle February 2021

OM Yoga Magazine is your guide for daily yoga practice, from yoga poses to meditations, articles and videos. OM magazine caters for all levels of ability from beginners to intermediate, teachers and professionals. Regular features include: Yoga at Home, yoga changed my file, Yoga & Aromatherapy, amazing spaces, yoga anatomy, plant based food recipes, my yoga business plus lots more to inspire a healthy and active lifestyle.

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It’s time for feel-good February! Not the warmest of months weather-wise for folks living in the northern hemisphere, but a great month for love — which, of course, generates its own warmth! Yes, it’s Valentine’s month, so in this issue we’re looking to spread a little love at a time when the world probably needs it most. No, that doesn’t mean you have to get coupled up — maybe it’s just a bit of self-love you need right now. The more love and kindness we generate for ourselves and for others, the better for all. So, let’s embrace the month and make it ours. As well as the awesome partner yoga cover on this issue, we’ve got a great photo feature in OMFM showing four dads practicing yoga with their sons. It’s a…

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Kat Farrants Kat is the founder of Movement for Modern Life. A former solicitor, she’s been moved by the practice of yoga for 26 years, and is now a qualified teacher. However’s she’s best known as the creator of one of the top online yoga platforms, created long before the days of lockdowns and pandemics. The site now features many of the greatest teachers from all over the world, where you can expect high-qualify content whatever style you’re after. Kat’s mission is to enable her community to move freely into a happy, healthy and sustainable life. Visit: Sara Bains Sara is a qualified NLP practitioner and advanced pranic healing therapist. Since 2009 she has been helping people with a range of ailments from physical challenges to emotional and psychological issues, including addictions and…

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om in 30 seconds

Introducing 10 great online yoga teachers that you may not have discovered yet. Explore all the amazing options online with these inspiring and motivational teachers, covering all styles. Beaming the yoga light directly into your home. 10 Great Online Teachers, Page 44 Make yourself at home. If we’re going to be in a lockdown, then you may as well get comfortable. Create a home yoga space that’s real and inviting for you, one that’s built to last the messiness of everyday life. We’ll show you how. Home Yoga Space, Page 66 Tantra Yoga is a doorway to experiencing a greater union with the cosmos, not just with a partner — and the person with the key to open it, is you. Everyday Tantra tips to lead a fuller, richer, happier, more authentic life. Tantra Demystified,…

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my secret place

Yogi: Amy Bench Photographer: Sadie Aldridge Location: Lac de Joux Plane, Morzine, French Alps The photo shows yogini Amy Bench enjoying the beautiful French Alps, where she now lives. “This place is where I’m lucky enough to call home,” she tells OM. “I’m so in awe of the natural beauty here that I couldn’t bring myself to leave!” Through her teaching yoga online, she can also share this beautiful location and its natural, sedate pace of life, with the rest of the world. “Yoga shows us how we can slow down our lives and show gratitude towards the wonderful world we live in. My aim with yoga is to help people but also help the planet and through outdoor yoga classes I hope to inspire people to live a more eco-sustainable life.”…

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Lockdown friends It was great to receive my January issue through the door recently. A wonderful present to begin the new year with. OM has become a trusted friend during these lockdown times, something that is real and tangible, not just virtual. I also wanted to say that I am enjoying your new-look website. It’s great discovering new stories between issues of the magazine each month. Thanks for being there for me. Joseph, by email Yoga love Okay, I’m hooked! I’ve only just got into yoga fairly recently but I absolutely can’t do a day without it now! The feeling it gives me during and afterwards is so powerful! A friend handed me a copy of your magazine last year and it’s already become a part of my new commitment to leading a healthier…

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yoga changed my life

Name: Kristina Rihanoff, Age:43 Occupation: Director & co-owner of Sooyoga wellbeing centre (, Yoga years: 20 Why did you start yoga? In 2001, I moved to the States from Russia. I was 23 and my dance partner, a huge fan of Bikram Yoga invited me along to a class. I thought it was a crazy environment, a studio at 40 degrees! I didn’t think that I would enjoy it, but I was blown away by how my body responded. I had never felt so open and expanded. I was hooked… my yoga journey had begun. How has yoga changed your life? Yoga has changed my life completely. I found something that was so good for my body and mind. Initially, I didn’t pay as much attention to the mind aspect as I was more consumed by…