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The month of March, we salute you! It may not have been the easiest of starts to the year, but spring is finally upon us and (in theory) the weather is about to get a whole lot warmer — Sunday March 28 marks the official start of British summertime. Yay! While hot, sunny days might still be a way off, we can help in the meantime. Here at OM, we’ve received lots of amazing feedback on how we have been inspiring people during the long lockdown months of winter. We’re all so grateful to be able to reach people at this time and offer some love and light just when it’s needed most. If we’ve helped you through the last few months please let us know. We always love to hear…

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om in 30 seconds

Find freedom in your movement and live with intention. Making the right choices is all part of the yoga journey, from the commitment to a daily practice to the clothes we wear and the companies we choose to support. Ethical Yoga Wear, Page 52 The inspiring story of Kenyan yoga coach, Dickens Omondi Odhiambo, who grew up in the slums of Nairobi. An amazing man, driven by social change, who is now teaching others the gifts of yoga and helping to transform lives. Slumdog Warrior, Page 48 Pandemic-proof your yoga business: essential, need-to-know tips and advice from experts for those trying to make a living in the yoga world in the tough and fast-changing social and economic landscape of 2021. 7 Yoga Career Hacks, Page 64…

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Laura Staton Laura holds a master's degree of science in occupational therapy and is a yoga therapist specialising in injury rehabilitation. She operates a yoga studio out of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, works as a senior occupational therapist at a Northwell Health teaching hospital, and is the co-author of Baby Om: Yoga for Mothers & Babies. She’s passionate about yoga's effect on physical and emotional wellbeing and how this interacts with daily life. For many years, she was a dancer and choreographer in NYC and received her BFA from The Juilliard School. Her latest book ‘Yoga Bones: A Comprehensive Guide To Managing Pain And Orthopedic Injuries Through Yoga’ is out now. Visit: Patrick McCartney Patrick is a writer and film maker interested in documenting biographies of yoga and Sanskrit and, more recently, Mallakhamb.…

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my secret place

Yogi: Karen Brodie Photographer: Mark Dennis Location: Loch Shieldag, Scotland The photo shows Karen Brodie, who is a Yin and Vinyasa yoga teacher from Scotland (you can join her on the virtual mat, just type in ‘Yoga with Kaz’). Loch Shieldag is a precious place for her. She’s well-travelled but had never seen such breath-taking beauty until she and her partner (photographer, Mark Dennis) took the hairpin bend through the Applecross Peninsula and stumbled across this beautiful location, while stag spotting in the distance. “This part of the world is the perfect place to switch off, be present and remember what you’re grateful for. A place to add to your travel list and look forward to once it’s safe to do so,” she tells OM. But brace yourself for the weather. “You’ll get a…

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Time for a treat What a treat! After moving back from the UK to Austria in November 2020, I subscribed to OM's Gold Membership (Europe) and the February issue arrived perfectly on time in Tyrol on the day it started snowing heavily again. One happy yogini! Still in lockdown, my daily morning practice keeps me (most of the time!) positive and balanced. Now off to the sofa with a cuppa and the new OM. Thank you! Katharina, by email Father & son What a joy to see your feature on fathers practicing yoga with their sons (February 2021). I’m a proud dad to an amazing two-year-old boy and although we’ve tried to share a few yoga moments together at home, I must admit it’s all a little bit crazy! I often wonder about the…

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yoga changed my life

Name: Sheena Tanna-Shah, Age:37 Occupation: Wellbeing coach, optometrist, author, Yoga years: 5 Why did you start yoga? I was struggling with anxiety and I also had back issues. I wasn't confident enough to go to gyms because of my social anxiety. My husband then mentioned he had spoken to a lovely yoga instructor who runs classes locally and I decided to go for it to help my emotional and physical wellbeing. I've never looked back. How has yoga changed your life? Yoga has impacted my life and my children's lives in such a positive way. Personally, it's helped me find an inner peace and inner calm when I practice, and allowed me the space to release emotional and physical tension. It's been a huge part of my anxiety recovery. It's also been so great…