OM Yoga & Lifestyle May 2021

OM Yoga Magazine is your guide for daily yoga practice, from yoga poses to meditations, articles and videos. OM magazine caters for all levels of ability from beginners to intermediate, teachers and professionals. Regular features include: Yoga at Home, yoga changed my file, Yoga & Aromatherapy, amazing spaces, yoga anatomy, plant based food recipes, my yoga business plus lots more to inspire a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Welcome, wonderful people! This is our May issue and we want to get you ready for a happy, fun-filled month full of sunshine, warmth and all lovely things. There’s lots to get excited about. We’ve got practical yoga tips, sequences, anatomy, meditations, and some great life hacks to keep you going both on and off the mat. That includes a special report on 7 Trending Yoga Styles To Try This Summer. Whatever you’re after, you’ll find it in here, from dynamic yoga to something more gentle and relaxing. Maybe it’s time to dip your toes into SUP Yoga, where you can balance on your board on the water and fine tune those leg muscles — it’s literally perfect for the summer months; or perhaps you need to chill with a more restorative…

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om in 30 seconds

Get on your mat as much as you can, breathe, persist and things that feel impossible will start happening for you. You will steadily feel your body and mind changing in lots of ways and it will feel good. OM Meets Laura Dodd, Page 34 Yoga doesn’t tell you what to do. How you take your environmentalism into your yoga is your choice and journey. Yoga is not there to judge you and let’s remember Ahimsa to the self is central to our development. A Yogi’s Guide To Saving The Planet, Page 66 Soften into the body with Restorative Yoga, discover the more mystical sides of the ancient practice with Kundalini Yoga, or try some SUP Yoga out on the water…there really is something for everyone in yoga. 7 Trending Yoga Styles To Try This…

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Belle Roberts Belle is a seasonal yoga teacher and practitioner based in Brighton and Hove. She specialises in building seasonal balance through movement, the breath and the mind. As well as teaching classes, workshops and retreats focused on seasonality, she also provides insights into seasonal living through her consultancy work and social media channels. Find her over on Instagram @belle.roberts_ Jo Benn Jo is a yoga teacher and also specialises in campaigning on international environmental issues. Having lived and worked in six countries, she considers herself a ‘global citizen’. Jo began her career as a broadcast journalist and has worked for various non-governmental organisations, think-tanks, the UN and for international news networks, foundations and print outlets. She is exploring how yoga and mindful action can benefit people and the planet. Find her at:…

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my secret place

Location: Torrevieja’s Salt Mine, Alicante, Spain In this photo, Vinyasa yoga teacher Esther Bobadilla is getting her feet wet in the waters of Torrevieja’s salt mine in Alicante, Spain. She tells OM that in times where the world is moving fast and we receive so much information in the space of just one day, it is necessary to go out and merge with nature, to be there, sit in silence, to pay attention to what surrounds you and, more importantly, what’s inside you. “I love enjoying the beauty of sunsets right here and just stare at it,” she says. “Sometimes we are required to just stop and do something simple, feeling in tune with nature and also within ourselves. It’s true when they say ‘less is more’… sometimes by being in…

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A wonderful year of yoga Well done in going a whole year without mentioning the two 'C' words (one ends in '19’) but still being absolutely pitch perfect for these times. Yoga has helped me get through the year. I've followed two of my existing teachers as they've moved to online classes. Plus my employer now gets a yoga teacher to give us a live-streamed class each week, so whilst other areas of life have been curtailed I feel my yoga practice has grown richer. As a small token of thanks to my local yoga studio for continuing to provide classes, after I have finished with my copy of OM I drop it off to the studio to share the love. Alistair, by email Gratitude time I just wanted to write in and say…

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yoga changed my life

Name: Carla Williams (aka Yoga with Curvaceous Carla), Age: 44 Occupation: Yoga and dance teacher Yoga years: 25 Why did you start yoga? I started yoga at 19, originally just to run alongside my professional dance training at The Laban Centre, London. I used to take part in sessions at the local David Lloyd Gym. I loved how my body felt in the poses, especially after intensive dance training, while Savasana brought quiet to my then very busy mind, even if it was just for 10 minutes at the end of class. During my professional dance career, yoga was always the go-to-place where I felt centred; the dance industry was so fiercely competitive, and yoga the complete opposite (non competitive, non judgemental). I found myself feeling safe — mentally, physically and emotionally — on…