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Greetings earthlings. August is a great time to really appreciate our amazing little planet and all that it offers (for me, it’s forest walks, but beaches are pretty fine too) — and yoga really is the best way to help you make the most of your time on it. Spending time on a yoga mat — whether that’s for two minutes a day or a couple of hours — can literally transform your life experience. In fact, it can help foster a greater sense of calm and happiness to all who practice it. Millions of people around the world do yoga just for these reasons (and many other reasons too). That’s why we’re featuring ways to tap into these incredible human feelings in our two special reports this month. If you’re a…

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Lydia Kimmerling Lydia is the founder and chief executive of The Happiness Explorer. She’s also a master life and business coach, motivational speaker and educator. Her accredited 12-month, life coach training and business mentorship course next runs in September 2021 — to register your interest visit her website: For daily inspiration follow her on instagram @lydiakimmerling Richard Horwell Richard is the owner of Brand Relations, a specialist food and drink marketing and branding company based in London. Over the last 13 years, it has been behind the launch and development of over 100 brands in the UK. Richard has also built up and sold companies of his own in the food and beverage sector, and has over 30 years’ experience in marketing brands around the world, having lived and worked in the…

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om in 30 seconds

Yoga offers me a way to be patient and compassionate with myself, and to show love to the world around me, and to really experience the love that is always flowing around all of us all the time. OM Meets Jessamyn Stanley, Page 36 There are many simple ways in which we can achieve more calm and balance in our day-to-day lives, from yoga to meditation, to clean eating and positive self-talk and enjoying nature more, among others. Calm Clinic, Page 44 You can live a life where you are happy all of the time, but to get there takes work, effort and energy. And what you gain when you invest in yourself this way, is that whatever life throws at you, becomes a gift. The Art Of Happiness, Page 70…

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my secret place

Yogi: Vanessa McDonald Photographer: John Chamberlain Location: Creswick Street Reserve, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia This spot feels like a little pocket of paradise in the middle of busy Melbourne, one of Australia’s biggest cities, says yogini Vanessa McDonald. It’s also great for a quick outdoor yoga practice. As a yoga teacher with Omflow (, a real-time online yoga studio that delivers interactive, personalised feedback and corrections in the moment, standing mermaid is one of her favourite poses because she loves the shape it creates in her body, and imagines herself as being a bit of a mermaid. “It’s so wonderful being here when the sun sets as you can see how the entire sky slowly changes colour and the city lights begin to turn on,” she says. “It’s an incredibly special moment to watch…

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Go wild Thanks for the inspiring ideas in your Great Outdoors report in the July issue. For me, doing yoga outside really is a breath of fresh air. I’m lucky enough to live near the coast so I often take my mat down to the beach when it’s quiet or go up on the cliffs for the amazing views. I love practicing with friends in the studio as well, but getting outside is a great way to keep your practice fresh and get some air in your lungs — it feels like a real treat! Mel, by email Joys of summer I’m so happy it’s summer! Yes, I’ve enjoyed practicing yoga at home and discovering lots of online classes during the months of winter and lockdown (no more, please!) but finally waking up in the…

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om competition

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