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Welcome to the September issue of OM Yoga & Lifestyle magazine. Inside, we’ve got everything you need to keep your practice fresh, alive and awesome this month. Inspirational people with amazing stories to tell, plus plenty of practical anatomy, meditation tips and yoga instruction to feed both body and mind. Every issue of OM also comes with good vibes and spiritual enlightenment as standard! As well as all the other goodies, we’ve got a special report this month on yoga for pregnancy and children. It’s an incredible journey for all those involved, and yoga can play an essential role every step of the way — from nurturing wellbeing before the birth (and even before conception) and afterwards during recovery, as well as for babies and children as they grow. And it’s timely too:…

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om in 30 seconds

Having a daily stretching routine will ease aches and pains, improve your range of motion, and leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. Taking just a few minutes a day can be all your muscles need to loosen up. Flexibility Challenge, Page 26 Yoga is the ultimate practice for navigating all the physical and emotional highs and lows of the pregnancy journey and motherhood — and for the youngsters too! Read our special report this month to find out more. Yoga For Pregnancy & Children, Page 44 You deserve to feel freedom and balanced health within your entire being. Give yourself permission to accept this truth and watch how permission to heal becomes possible. It’s right there inside you waiting for you to agree and move into that space. Heal Yourself Whole, Page 86…

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Julia Clarke Julia has been teaching yoga since 2008 and specialises in lunar yoga practices and Ayurveda. She is the author of the book Restorative Yoga for Beginners and a lecturer in graduate studies in Ayurveda for Maharishi International University. She recently returned to her hometown of Glasgow to focus on her writing and family after spending 20 years living in the USA where she worked as a radio presenter before opening a boutique yoga studio in Vail, Colorado. Visit: or find her on Instagram @juliaclarkeyoga Emily A. Francis Emily is a highly sought-after speaker, wellness expert and the best-selling author of Healing Ourselves Whole: An Interactive Guide to Release Pain and Trauma by Utilising the Wisdom of the Body. She’s a qualified yoga teacher and also holds a gold medal in the…

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my secret place

Yogi: Mans Ek (aka Songs Of Eden) Photographer: Lena Nilsson (LenaVision Photoart) Location: Ingarö, east of Stockholm, Sweden The photo shows Swedish composer and music producer Mans Ek, aka Songs Of Eden, enjoying the stillness and peace of Ingarö, east of Stockholm, in the beautiful Swedish archipelago. As a creator of some of the best yoga music around, it’s also a place of inspiration and reflection for him; like a creative pool to dip into. “It’s a place where I find inspiration for new music and melodies,” he tells OM. “Far from the noisy city, yet still close to the urban pulse, where inspiration never seems to fade, where inspiration is constantly present, it’s where most of the first drafts and ideas for my yoga music are born.” It’s also an idyllic location…

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Jess please Brilliant to see Jessamyn Stanley grace your front cover in August. She most definitely is a yoga pioneer, as you rightly state. A wonderful ambassador for yoga and for opening it up to more groups of people. More please. Mo, by email Happy now I enjoyed reading your happiness report in last month’s issue. Some of it made me chuckle and also reflect more deeply, but overall it strikes me that happiness is really about simplicity. As one of your authors summarises: “All we have to do is remember how to pause and just be.” If we can learn to do that, then we can ‘find happy’ now and in every single moment. David, by email Summer of love What a summer it’s been, getting out and about and practicing with other yogis again in…

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yoga changed my life

Name: Karen James Age: 52 Occupation: Group compliance manager; part-time yoga facilitator Yoga Years: 7 Why did you start yoga? If I’m honest, I’m not quite sure (I always admire people who can remember the exact reason!). I do know it was more out of curiosity than anything else. Perhaps wanting to try something different than I was used to. I started out practicing hot yoga and was much more interested at the time in the physical aspect, going to classes around five or six times a week. How has yoga changed your life? Wellness and self-awareness have always appealed and taken me down several avenues in the pursuit of happiness. With yoga, once I stopped being in competition with myself on the mat things changed. It felt like coming home to the essence of who I…