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Welcome to the October issue of OM. Inside, we’ve got some amazing things for you to enjoy which will, I hope, inspire your practice and bring a little sunshine to your day. That includes some great practical yoga for you to try out, including an aerial yoga sun salutation series, plus our regular Yoga at Home column, brought to you in association with Omstars (don’t forget to try the video sequence on our website too). If you’re after a new yoga mat then you might want to check out our special report this month. As well as showcasing the best and brightest new mats out there, we’ve included some wonderful yoga mat love stories with yogis explaining what their mat truly means to them. Yoga can have such a powerful effect on mind,…

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om in 30 seconds

Life’s better upside down! Energise and elevate your day with a bit of aerial yoga this month. Celebrate down under with this aerial yoga classical sun salutation sequence — guaranteed to turn your world upside down! Aerial Yoga Sequence, Page 38 Where would we be without our yoga mats? Our mats are an integral part of our yoga practice and, like all of us, they are all so different. There are cork mats, rubber mats, even spiky mats! Find your yoga mat in our special report this month. Yoga Mats Special Report, Page 46 Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, is a complete health system that has been popular in India for thousands of years. Discover your Dosha and learn all about this wonderful world of wellness inside our Ayurveda special report. Ayurveda Special Report, Page 70 Don’t…

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Louisa Mallejacq-Flynn Louisa is a wellbeing writer and trainee yoga teacher registered with the British Wheel of Yoga. Louisa’s personal practice has evolved over the last ten years from a weekly meditation to a moment-by-moment component of living a life with more acceptance. Louisa’s writing has been published both in print and across various online platforms, such as Womankind Mag, Sanctuary Magazine and Motherdom Mag. To find out more about Louisa, please visit: and find her on Instagram: @breatheandbeme Heather Mason Heather is a yoga therapist, campaigner and the founder of The Minded Institute, a world leader in yoga therapy and mindfulness training for yoga and health professionals. In her professional work, Heather aims to bridge the worlds of yoga and healthcare, and she has helped to establish both an All Party…

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my secret place

Yogi: Sarah Highfield Photographer: Note Swaisaenyakorn Location: Sierra Nevada, Spain The photo shows yoga teacher Sarah Highfield enjoying some quiet time and open space in the gorgeous Sierra Nevada mountains. One of southern Spain’s natural highlights, it’s a region that attracts lots of tourists — although there’s always plenty of solitude to be found for those seeking a spot of calm contemplation. The London-based yogini, the face behind Yogagise Yoga (, also loves running retreats in the area. “The stunning Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain feel like home to me,” she tells OM. “Whenever I’m in the area, I stay at Cortijo Casería del Mercado, an organic farm with its own yoga shala overlooking the valley, where I’ll be hosting a retreat in July 2022.” It’s a truly special place.…

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Just get jabbed I love yoga and all things related to natural health. I know a lot of yoga friends and teachers who have embraced the Covid-19 vaccinations, which I think is great, but sometimes I wonder if it’s just me that isn’t in a rush to do so. I’m lucky enough to be young(ish) and healthy, and my immune system is strong, so I’m perhaps one of the fortunate ones. I also feel there’s no harm in being a little cautious sometimes. I just wondered how other readers felt about this? Andrew, by email Editor’s note: Let us know what you think. Email: Back to school Hi OM! I am returning to university this month and cannot tell you how important yoga — and your magazine — is to me. It was my first…

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yoga changed my life

Name: Karen Ruimy Age: 55 Occupation: Author, dancer, speaker, singer, divine channel for spiritual healing Yoga years: 25+ Why did you start yoga? It came naturally to me. The body wellness is so important to me as I am a dancer, and the spiritual energy as I am a spiritual healer. And for me there is no wellness if not integrated. I met yoga 30 years ago when I was on a lovely island, Mauritius, where an old master from India was teaching and it all made sense. He taught sun salutations and how important it was to start the day with this ritual. I have never stopped honouring the day with my salutations. Favourite yoga haunts? Power places that I visit sometimes: Sedona in Arizona is a such an incredible spot and islands that carry…