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September - October 2020

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editorial director’s statement

MAKING A SEPTEMBER issue in the fashion industry is a heady task filled with endless photoshoots and, if you believe The Devil Wears Prada, a lot of backstabbing bitches. We found a way of rising to the challenge by tasking a guest editor to do it for us! First, we brought on photographer Alex La Cruz to shoot supermodel Valentina Sampaio, Victoria’s Secret’s first transgender model (page 46). We’ve long wanted to give her a fashion issue cover but because she was quarantined in Brazil with her family, and flying wasn’t an option, we commissioned our first Zoom photoshoot. Shipping cases of designer clothes to Valentina to model wasn’t possible and she chose to model sans clothing. I’m not saying it’s the first nude shoot we’ve done in Out’s history but…

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8 things i recommend

MASCULINE PROPORTIONS Givenchy’s Antigona Soft is the designer’s new men’s bag, which moves easily from weekender to everyday use as a tote or over the shoulder. Lots of practical features, zippered compartments, and turn-lock hardware. @givenchy MISSING CALI A small-batch Vardagen T-shirt comes from the Venice-based brand that created a pandemic collection to send money to its out of work creatives. @VDGN SKATER CHIC Fendi’s men’s activewear line comes with an FF logo skateboard, which simulates surfing — but on the road! @fendi SPRING FLINGS Lots of fun stuff at Fall’s virtual fashion weeks, but I got the biggest smiles from Casablanca’s SS21 Collection “After The Rain Comes The Rainbow,” conceptualized by Charaf Tajer and Steve Grimes. @casablancabrand SOCKS THAT SPEAK Who doesn’t love Gumball Poodle’s statement socks (like Filthy Divine)? The Tom of Finland store amps up my new faves by modeling…

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guest editor / in residence

In late August, I was told that Out magazine — a publication I once soaked up as a closeted teen, fantasizing about my one-day authentic gay life — not only wanted me to guest edit their fashion issue, but creative direct the cover shoot with me on the cover! Ricky Martin was on last month’s. How did I even get here? Well, for one, I never gave up. No matter how many times the world came for me. In 2018-2019 I went through breakups with both my business partner and fiancé. Baja East was in severe debt, I was broke, and through it all, I publicly pretended that I was still “thriving.” Fashion is all about image, and image was all I thought I had left — leaving me empty, depressed, and…

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freeto roam

When you decide to (or have to) travel again, why not inject some color into the experience with some seriously chic personalized luggage? ROAM lets you be the designer with its line of fully customizable premium luggage — you choose the colors of the panels, handles, wheels, even the stitching. There are over a million possible color combinations. Seriously. The company also has a heart, which it showed this past June when Roam helped sponsor Gay Travel’s Virtual Pride event that ended up reaching over 14 million people. Plus, each piece of Roam luggage is handcrafted to order in the U.S., so your purchase will do its part to give our suffering economy a little boost.…

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the team

JOSE ARROYO “I have always seen myself as an artist or illusionist rather than just a photographer, since an image is an illusion of reality,” says Arroyo, a Los Angeles-based photographer who curated a special photo series this issue inspired by Tom of Finland (page 76). This particular shoot saw him experimenting with water, LED lights, and of course, corsets. Currently, the photographer is working on a new series focusing on men’s relationship with their genitalia. He’s also looking to experiment outside of the studio. “I’m constantly challenging myself,” he says. “I want to get out of the studio and create a series shot at Joshua Tree and the Mojave Desert.” (@JoseArroyoPhotos) DESIRÉE GUERRERO Desirée Guerrero is a Los Angeles-based writer and associate editor at Out whose writing focuses on the arts, feminism,…

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sneak preview