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QUESTING FOR FITNESS Whether you’re in the best shape of your life or could use a dose of motivation, our brand-new Fitness Quests are for you! Each 30-day plan has a specific goal to keep you engaged, such as hiking Mount Everest, building to a five-minute plank or executing 100 continuous squats. Amaze yourself — and others — by completing a Quest! Mix-and-Match Workouts Adaptability is key with any workout regimen — perhaps the equipment you want to use is occupied, you’re traveling or you’re just trying to get in a quickie at lunchtime. This Mix-and-Match Workout series offers a bevy of plans that can be mixed into any programming and matched with whatever equipment you’ve got handy. A(MASS) RESULTS You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to build lean muscle — at…

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the aarp open?

Yesterday, I received a letter from the AARP inviting me to become a member. I wasn’t sure whether I should be off ended that they thought I was 65 or flattered that someone believed I was successful enough to have already retired. I went with option No. 2 because even though I am 52, I rarely feel old. In fact, I am often surprised when I look in the mirror because the reflection I expect to see (of myself 20, 30 years ago) is different from reality … but that’s a discussion for another day. There are some benefits to being my age, however, not the least of which is competitive sports. The aging process is not kind to the corporeal body, and athletics often get sidelined as collateral damage to…

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my obsessed-with list

VINCI EXPRESS COLD BREW ‣ Patience is not one of my strong suits, and waiting 24 hours for cold brew is impossible. This machine delivers smooth, rich coffee in less than 25 minutes, and the carafe fits easily in the fridge door. $80, vincihousewares.com or amazon.com MISTOBOX COFFEE ‣ Now that you’ve got a cold-brew machine, you’ll need some coffee. MistoBox delivers quality java right to your door and personalizes your order according to your preferences. For me: high-octane dark roast all the way! $60 (3-month subscription), mistobox.com FLEO TRUE HIGH CONTOUR SHORTS ‣ When shooting our workouts, it is important that clothing fits the model well and stays put — this is where Fleo shines. With super-soft fabric and contoured seams, Fleo is designed for an athletic shape and always fits perfectly. This particular high-rise short…

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Claire P. Thomas ISSA-CPT Model for “Built on the Beach” (Page 28) Claire P. Thomas grew up playing soccer and basketball and competing in track, and she went on to compete as a hurdler and heptathlete for the University of Oregon. “Now that I no longer participate in sports, I do a little bit of everything,” she says. “I try to make my workouts as fun and functional as possible.” Thomas and her beau, Jared, have been living in a converted Sprinter van for a little more than a year, and they are now spending time on Maui. “It has been such a fun adventure being able to showcase how I stay fit and healthy while traveling,” she says. “And I love that I get to take my home with me wherever I go!” Her…

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move the latest

Femme (fat)ale Girls rule when it comes to fat burning, according to research published in Experimental Physiology. Women who are fit and healthy tend to burn more fat than men, giving us the metabolic advantage when it comes to insulin sensitivity and endurance. Muscle biopsies taken from participants who took part in a cycling test revealed that certain proteins in muscle cells that break down stored fat for fuel, and others that are involved in transporting that fuel into the cells’ mitochondria for energy production, correlated with a greater ability to burn fat. Take that, fat! MOVE MORE, MOVE DIFFERENTLY The more you move your body, the healthier you probably are, mentally and physically. But new research published in BMC Psychiatry found that the degree of impact that exercise has on your mental…

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desperately seeking stability

Balance is a component of all movement, and combining it with your mobility training preworkout reinforces equilibrium in your kinetic chain and improves stability, alignment, strength and flexibility. It also can help prevent injury, hone focus, boost body awareness and train patience. Do these moves in order as part of your warm-up routine. Numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5 train mobility/balance, and numbers 3 and 6 are grounded recovery moves to give you a little break. ‣ NO. 1 HIPS AND BACKBEND Complete five to eight reps per side. ‣ Kneel on the floor and then bring one leg in front of you, placing your foot flat on the floor with your knee at a 90-degree angle. Turn the toes of your rear leg under and reach both arms straight up toward the sky, elbows…