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step 1: give lids color

Dark, dramatic eye makeup may work for celebs walking the red carpet, but for Mommy's date night? It's been a tricky look to get right…until now. “For a more modern and wearable take, try using lighter eye-shadow colors—like taupe and brown rather than the deep grays and blacks seen on the runway,” says New York City makeup artist Joy Fennell. CoverGirl's new Smoky ShadowBlast Eye Color (available in six dual-shade sticks, $7.49 each) makes it goof-proof. Check out what to do: Start by applying the lighter shade labeled “Step 1” (we told you it was easy!) to lids, from lash lines to creases. Step 2:Line and Smudge Next, use the soft, deeper liner on the opposite end of the stick to line upper and lower lids. Try to stay close to lashes. Then,…

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earth's best tendercare

We asked moms on the front lines of poop to give their regular diapers a break and go green. Here's the lowdown on four earth-friendly options: CHLORINE FREE DISPOSABLE $12.33 for 40; RAVE: “They are super absorbent, even overnight. And the fact that they're processed without chlorine is important to me.” —Amanda, mom of James, 11 months AND KEEP IN MIND… Moms loved the secure fit, the easy-to-fasten tabs, and the thinness; others noted that they were “papery” and made an annoying crinkly sound. Kushies Ultra-Lite ALL-IN-ONE WASHABLE CLOTH $12.49 each; RAVE: “These stay on well and fit snugly around the waist and legs. They're also great on the go—they wrap up nicely for storage in my diaper bag.” —Alexandra, mom of Morgan, 6 months AND KEEP IN MIND… You've gotta be on top of your laundry with cloth,…

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kid-movie caveat

You'd think a movie with a G rating could be counted on to set a good example, right? Not so fast. In a new study of films marketed to children (rated G and PG), at least half the scenes showed unsafe behaviors. For example, only 56 percent of motor-vehicle passengers wore their seatbelts, and only 25 percent of bikers wore bike helmets. The researchers recommend that parents point out these no-no's to their kids. Surfing for Online Advice You Can Trust? The American Academy of Pediatrics has launched a new parent-friendly website,, which features its exclusive pediatrician referral service, a Q&A with noted physician Jennifer Shu, M.D., and all the latest health and development news, as well as everyday advice. Bookmark it today! Medicine Maneuvers When is just a spoonful of medicine a…

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bathtime basics

It starts out wrinkled, mottled, and most likely dotted with infant acne. Then, as those hazy first weeks pass, your newborn's skin evolves into the stuff of poetry—rosy, plump, and soft, enviably elastic, and infinitely kissable. But that buttery exterior comes with a price: A baby's skin is way more delicate than that of bigger kids and adults. “Infant skin needs to be protected and cared for,” says Patricia Witman, M.D., chief of pediatric dermatology at Nationwide Children's Hospital, in Columbus, OH. In other words, we can't take that kissability for granted. Here's how to ensure your child's skin stays “baby soft,” even long after she's a baby. Daily tubtime is perfectly fine. Even though babies don't get that dirty beyond their bums, it's fun and a nice way to wind…

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what's the best way to hard-boil eggs?

Eggs are everywhere this season, but are they safe for your tot to chow down on? Not hard-boiled ones that have been outside the fridge for more than two hours, says Sarah Krieger, R.D., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. An eggu-cation: To cook eggs thoroughly and eliminate bacteria (salmonella is the biggest concern), cover them with at least an inch of water and bring to a gentle, rolling boil. Then turn off the heat and let the eggs stand, covered, for 15 minutes. Run cold water over them and refrigerate until you're ready to dye them. Are Cracked Eggs Safe to Eat? Throw out any raw eggs that are cracked in the carton, but eggs that crack during hard-boiling are safe to eat (don't hide them during an egg hunt, though,…

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touch it

The Passover Seder By Emily Sper Get your hands on a copy of this book: There's a lift-the-flap search for the hidden matzo, Astroturf “parsley,” and plenty of other ways to get a grip on the meaning of this Jewish holiday. $9.99, Cartwheel Books 4 AND UP App It Mr. Men and Little Miss Read books from the Mr. Men and Little Miss series right on your iPhone or iPod Touch with this app. You can even record yourself as the narrator.$3.99; $1.99 each for two titles 3 AND UP Flick It How to Train Your Dragon Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third comes from a long line of dragon fighters, but he gets all fired up when he discovers it's better to befriend them instead. Thrilling, 3-D fun. 4 AND UP (not yet rated)…