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the ob/gyn

Shamsah Amersi, M.D., of Santa Monica, CA, can count up to ten patients who have attributed recent pregnancies to the steamy book series by E.L. James: “They tell me that the book reinvigorated their sex life, leading them to have more passionate and spontaneous sex more often.” The Sex Therapist The latest prescription isn't over-the-counter, but on-the-shelf. Eric Garrison, a New York City—based sex counselor, makes Fifty Shades required reading for his clients who are trying to conceive. “For couples who want to experiment but aren't ready for the hard-core stuff, this series is their entrée into something kinky.” The Baby-Naming Expert Isabella and Jacob topped baby-name lists in 2011, but does that mean next year you'll hear calls for Anastasia and Christian at the playground? Probably not, says Jennifer Moss, founder of the…

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for babies and toddlers

A dog comes with a surprising perk: A Finnish study found that toddlers with dogs at home had stronger immune systems and fewer respiratory illnesses and ear infections than kids without them. Try a rescue agency or shelter (skip pet shops and web stores). For a purebred, visit the breeder's home. A clean home and calm, friendly dogs are good signs. Go to for a directory of recommended breeders. “Remember that each breed comes with its own behavior traits and odds for disease,” says Steven May, author of What About Wally? Co-Parenting a Pet With Your Ex. Consider: Stay away from herding breeds such as Border collies and corgis, as they tend to be overprotective or view young ones as in need of herding. Consider easygoing toy breeds like King Charles…

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yes 55%

To call circumcision a hot-button issue is an understatement. The new AAP policy generated days of passion-fueled comments by our Facebook fans, many of which were unprintable! Here are some of the more measured responses to “Should you circumcise your baby?” “It's up to each parent. I felt it best to have my son circumcised. I very, very rarely hear anyone pushing circumcision, yet I do see people putting down others for having their son circumcised. It's no one's place to say ‘don't do it.’” —S.N. “Everyone says they'll teach their boys to clean it, but I have a hard enough time getting my 11-year-old to wear deodorant.” —L.L.K. “I wish my parents had me circumcised. The foreskin is like a really uncomfortable piece of clothing you can't take off. It's redundant extra…

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thumbs up

Ask your mom—or even your BFF with big kids—about introducing solids and you'll likely hear a list of commandments thou shalt not deviate from no matter what. Don't listen to them. You've got a lot of flexibility with first bites—and your child will be a more adventurous eater because of it. Real food, baby! Skip the white rice cereal. Start with an avocado, a banana, or a sweet potato (cooked until soft). Let your baby see, handle, and smell the food first. Mash some up. Add some breast milk or formula to thin your baby's portion. Or start with whole-grain porridges, such as oatmeal or brown rice cereal. Even meat or egg yolk mixed with the cereal or pureed veggies. Start when your baby is clearly asking for some of your…

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ages 0–5

For Brainy Babes: Little PNuts Three to five eco-friendly toys each month—many from European brands like Calafant and Djeco—target specific phases of development. For the infant set, for example, expect items that promote grasping and reaching or balance. ($25 per month; For Fashionistas: Wittlebee No time to shop? No problem. Create a kid style profile and get a custom box filled with $100 worth of clothing from brands like Tea Collection and Babylulu. A stylist will call to discuss your preferences before shipping. ($40 per month; Ages 3–5 For Nature Lovers: Green Kid Crafts Each month's earth-friendly Discovery Box is designed around a theme, like Feathered Friends, and contains at least three related activity projects. Think: decorating a snap-together wooden birdhouse with eco-paints and twine. ($20 per month; For Creative Kiddos: Kiwi Crate Crates have…

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famous trouble-makers

So you have a child who can be counted on to drop the f-bomb in front of Grandma (ouch). The good news: “A healthy amount of rule-breaking, safety aside, will actually help him develop a sense of identity and confidence,” says John Duffy, Psy.D., author of The Available Parent. Some house rules you can (almost!) toss: the rulewhy break it?try thisNO SWEARING!Testing out new words means your child feels secure enough in his environment to explore.Put the soap away! Rather, appeal to his empathy, says Duffy: “Honey, you don't understand what that word means, but I can tell you that it is a word that might hurt people's feelings.” Then give him a substitute word for when he's feeling potty-mouthed (“oh, snap!”).SHARE YOUR TOYS!Kids need to know that they can exert…