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fare and balanced

YUM Darden Restaurants, owner of the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and LongHorn Steakhouse, has overhauled its kids' menus. Every meal now comes with a serving of fruit or veggies or both. Choco-Moo Makeover The chocolate milk served in schools is now healthier, says the Milk Processor Education Board. It has 38 percent less added sugar and fewer than 150 calories per serving. Mayor McCheese Defeats Mom Well, duh! Kids who watch commercials for junk food are more likely to choose it afterward, despite their parents' wishes, says a study in The Journal of Pediatrics. You Got Creamed Cold Stone Creamery's PB&C Shake grabbed top dishonors at the 2011 Xtreme Eating Awards. The 16-ounce size clocks in at 1,280 calories, close to a full day's worth for a toddler. YUCK…

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6:45a.m. iPhone alarm goes off. 6:47 Give my 5-year-old a piggyback ride to breakfast. 7:00 Wake his two older siblings. 7:42 Look frantically for the 5-year-old's shoes. 7:44 Go out onto our front porch in my tank top and underwear, retrieve the shoes, and wave at elderly neighbor power-walking past my house. 8:30 Drop kids off at school. 8:37 Place toddler-size dummy into my son's car seat and merge into the carpool lane on the 405. 9:20 I arrive at work. Chelsea Handler makes fun of my Shape-Ups. I tell her it's the only exercise I get. 10:17 The writers and I decide to do a bit for the show about a pregnant stripper. I get cast as the pregnant stripper. Afternoon 3:51p.m. Take photo with Chuy Bravo and post it on my Twitter @HeatherMcDonald. 6:06 Start car. 6:31 Still not on the freeway,…

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genius, defined

“Simple can be harder than complex… but once you get there, you can move mountains.” —Steve Jobs From Mozart in the womb to Chinese lessons in preschool, there are many parents eager to give their kids a jump-start on the sort of smarts our modern-day lifestyle equates with success. Sure, we talk about too much pressure, overscheduling, test stress, why can't kids just be kids anymore, dang it. But few of us are immune to the competitiveness that seems to have gripped every playground and preschool birthday party in America. Foreign languages are the new ABC's, kindergarten is the new second grade, 90 is the new 80. “I remember sitting in a play area with another mom when my son was a toddler. The other mom was crowing: ‘My child knows…

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albert einstein

Developed the theory of relativity; the father of modern physicsHe hated school. Oprah Winfrey Media magnate; philanthropistHer grandma taught her to read at age 3, which started her famous love of books. Mark Zuckerberg Internet entrepreneur; Facebook founderHis dad taught him Atari BASIC programming in junior high. Jay-Z Rap mogul; marketerUnable to keep him from banging on the kitchen table, his mom got him a boom box. Gloria Steinem Journalist and social and political activistShe attended school only sporadically until the age of 11. Alexander Graham Bell Scientist; innovatorAfter he built a wheat de-husker out of brushes and paddles at age 12, his friend's father gave him a small workshop. Toni Morrison Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winnerHer dad told her folktales of the black community, which inspired her writings.…

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1 word smart

Your child's smarts may not be in reading or math, the two skills traditionally measured. And that's more than OK. “Every child is smart in at least one way,” says Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D., an educational consultant and author of You're Smarter Than You Think: A Kid's Guide to Multiple Intelligences. Figure out which area of intelligence your child has in spades. Then you'll know how to help him succeed. Recognize it: She may talk lots (and early), have a good memory, and be a talented storyteller. She uses language cleverly and has a great sense of humor. Encourage it: Read, ideally twice as long as she spends with screens. Introduce writing early. Use it: As soon as your child is old enough, have her create her own book and try to read it…

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“are you going to die?”

So this is what it feels like to be seated across from Barbara Walters. Your child just asked you a doozy of a question, and you have no idea how to answer…without scarring him for life. He's staring at you, waiting. This little guy is relentless! Where are my three lifelines? Kids wouldn't be kids unless they routinely unleashed a real stumper. “At this age, a preschooler's natural curiosity about the world is skyrocketing,” says Neil McNerney, a licensed child and family counselor in Reston, VA. “They're entering that ‘Wow, there's a whole new world out there’ phase, and as a result, their to-the-point questions about weighty issues can catch adults off-guard.” When this happens, it's important to remember that they're still just preschoolers. “We hear a question and assume that…