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1. carpet or rug

If you had a germ detector in your home, where would it lead you? Straight to your baby's nursery or Junior's playroom. Since this is where your kid spends a good chunk of time, you need to zero in on these nasty germs—E. coli, rotavirus, cold, and flu—before they make him sick. Charles Gerba, Ph.D. (aka “Dr. Germ”), professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, Tucson, identifies the hot spots and how to treat them. Carpeting is like a sponge for germs—holding on to everything from diaper leakage to dirt tracked in on shoes. Vacuum three to four times per week and aim for a deep steam-clean every three months to kill germs below the surface. 2. Toys There's no stopping it—these will go from mouth to floor and back again. Wipe down…

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1. baker's special

Introduce young children to baking by throwing a cupcake-decorating party. 2. Fabulous favors In a mason jar, layer a cup-cake with frosting, and repeat. ( 3. It's how we roll Print out an invitation, wrap around a mini—rolling pin ($5 for eight;, and secure with a sticker. ( 4. Top this Offer an assortment of frosting colors, sprinkles, and candies, and let guests pile on the sweetness. ( 5. Just sippin' Dip the rim of a glass into pink melted candy coating. Then place the rim in a bowl of sprinkles. Shake off excess. Once dry, fill with strawberry milk and marshmallows. ( 6. Make a wish As an alternative to a cake, stick candles on top of a stack of gorgeous cookies. (…

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“wakey, wakey”

She bounces out of bed? You caught a break! But sooner or later, you'll need to invest in a kid-friendly alarm clock. Set it a few minutes early, and show her how to use the snooze button. Not so easy? Turn on a TV she can hear a half hour early, and every five minutes, whisper to her to get up. Kids often rise more easily when it doesn't seem like they were “woken up.” “Breakfast Is Ready” Yay, they're at the table! Get a convo flowing with the OJ. Ask what's on tap at daycare or preschool to avoid forgotten sneakers or show-and-tell items. Yeah, right! Nix the scrambling with a set menu: waffles on Monday, cereal on Tuesday, yogurt and fruit on Wednesday, etc. Change it up every few months. “C'mon, Get Dressed!” Easy…

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overheard on facebook

Remember “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage”? That's so last millennium. Now roughly one in five women will have her first child while living with a male partner, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (That figure was one in ten in 2002.) In an informal poll of unmarried Parenting readers on Facebook, money—or lack thereof—was cited as a main reason for not tying the knot. (“We chose a mortgage over a reception,” says Jennifer G.) Others feel it's unnecessary. “We have an eleven-month-old son, and we are so happy it should be illegal,” says Tiffany B. “And I'm a wedding planner!” Is this situation good for the kids? Two thirds of children will see their cohabiting parents break up by age 12,…

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1 darlin' dixie garland

Cut apart a Dixie cup so it lies flat to create a template. Trace it onto decorative paper, adding an extra 1/2 inch on one end, and cut out 7 shapes (adults should handle this part). Place a strip of double-sided tape on one end of each paper. Wrap paper around each of 7 cups and attach with tape. Now cut out letters that spell “Welcome.” Glue a letter to the front of each cup. Using a utility knife, cut an X in the center of each cup bottom. Push 1 light into the bottom of each cup and hang in an entryway to welcome your holiday guests. *LED lights are safe for small children and won't get hot. 2 Cup on the Cob Cut an oval corncob shape slightly larger than the paper cup…

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cook around the sales

You know the old-school strategies for cutting food costs—plan weekly menus, scour circulars, clip coupons, build stockpiles of sale items. And, yes, we know that's easier said than done (we're busy parents, too). Thankfully, there are genius new tools that take the sweat—and scissors—out of saving. Two words: free money! Modern Upgrade With the Food on the Table app, punch in your fam's food preferences (no fish, crazy about Italian) and your fave stores, and, using your phone's GPS, it'll comb through the circulars for you and suggest recipes built around that week's bargains. Already have a menu? Type in any ingredients you don't have home at to find the lowest prices at local stores. It'll even look for coupons and add them right to your grocery-store loyalty card. Make a List…