Parents Latina February - March 2018

Parents Latina helps you raise healthy, happy multicultural kids who are rooted in your family's heritage even as they shape America's future.

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proud-mama moment

I was three months pregnant with my little one, Stella, when I was hired to launch Parents Latina in 2014. At that point, I had been a mom for just over a year and was starting to figure out how I wanted to raise my older daughter, Eva, and the baby on the way. The realization that I could create my own parenting blueprint by combining the best parts of my Latino heritage with my American culture gave me freedom to not conform to just one way of doing things. That same feeling of flexibility guided the new energy you’ll notice throughout Parents Latina, starting with the issue you’re holding. As soon as my team and I began talking about a refresh, we knew each page had to reflect the spirit…

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robin’s egg? tiffany blue? whatever you call this color, we’re lovin’ it!

ON POINT Our creative director, Agnethe Glatved, and our art director, Andrea Amadio, are vying for that honorary Latina title! They really nailed our readers’ style with this sophisticated color palette and our new versatile font, Trenda, which, funnily enough, was created in Chile! SUPERMOM GOALS “My children taught me how to survive on very little sleep,” says Puerto Rican mama (and my new idol) Keila Leist, who is pursuing a graduate degree in urban studies and does most of her schoolwork at night when her kids (ages 5, 3, and 22 months) are in bed. EMAIL ME AT OR FOR MORE, FOLLOW ME AT @brooklynwriter. ANA GAMBUTO. WARDROBE STYLING BY LAURA PRITCHARD FOR SEE MANAGEMENT. HAIR AND MAKEUP BY KRISTY STRATE FOR ENNIS INC. ON GRACE: JACKET, TOP, AND SHOES, J.CREW. PANTS, J.CREW…

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brie bella’s perfect match

Aside from your 9-month-old daughter, Birdie, you have a reality show, Total Divas, and a new apparel line, Birdiebee . How do you make it work? When I was a pro wrestler, we were on the road 250 days a year, so I was used to a chaotic schedule. Motherhood is a little harder . I’m tired all the time. But when you have the drive, the energy is there. How did you feel about your postbaby body? Before my pregnancy, I worked out for at least an hour every day, plus I was wrestling five nights a week. I’m trying not to be hard on myself. Birdie is 9 months old, and I need to let myself heal. During the first three months of motherhood I was just trying to survive. Now…

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tan sweet

(@Lin_Manuel) For Lin-Manuel Miranda, only one critic counts: his son, Sebastian. After attending a Hamilton performance, the 3-year-old gave the Broadway hit a decent review, which Miranda shared with his 2 million followers on Twitter: “In summary, he liked it. His favorite part? ‘The scary parts.’ But also, ‘the kissing and fighting and singing.’ Thank you.” (@willevy) All the ladies love William Levy, but, on Instagram, the Cuban actor and heartthrob only has eyes for one little lady, his 8-year-old daughter, Kailey Alexandra: “Amo my girl!! ¡Gracias por ser la mejor hija del mundo!” (@teamvic) Puerto Rican and African-American football star Victor Cruz likes to post selfies on Instagram twinning “accidentally on purpose” with his 6-year-old daughter, Kennedy, whom he pledged to care for “until there isn’t any air left in my lungs.” Awww! MIRANDA: TAYLOR…

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purchase with purpose

1 / LULA MENA Designer Lula Mena was on a mission to preserve the traditional artisan techniques of her home country, El Salvador, when she founded her eponymous line of eco-friendly home and fashion accessories in 2011. She did even better: The women she employs to make the bold earrings, patterned cover-ups, and colorful pillows in her collections are now the main providers in their families. 2 / KORIMI KIDS Designers and friends Annia Ezquerro and Monserrat Dominguez launched their fashion line, Korimi Kids, in 2015 as a way to connect their kids to Mexico’s indigenous roots. Handmade by women in Chiapas and Estado de México, many of the pieces (embroidered vests, sweet garlands , decorative pillows) are inspired by legends and stories in Mexican folklore. 3 / SOLES FOR CHANGE When…

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prep your pet

BUY A DOLL Treat it like your real baby whenever your dog is nearby to help him adjust, suggests Pia Silvani, of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. CHANGE SEATS If your dog rides in the car regularly, get him used to either a seat belt or a crate. A loose dog jumping around with a baby in the car is not a safe situation. TWEAK SLEEP If you plan to have your baby room-share with you, you may want to start having your pup sleep in another room to minimize nighttime disturbances, says Silvani. 17% The drop in asthma flare-ups in kids in 20 cities since those areas instituted smoking bans in public places, finds new research from the University of Chicago Medicine…