Parents Latina April - May 2018

Parents Latina helps you raise healthy, happy multicultural kids who are rooted in your family's heritage even as they shape America's future.

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my first love, my mom

A FEW DAYS ago, I replayed a birthday message my mom left on my cell phone this past September. “Hola, mí amorcito lindo” (hello, my pretty little love), she starts out by saying. “I wish you all the beautiful things you could ever dream of. May God bless you with a long, healthy life so that you can see your girls grow up. Call me when you can.” My phone was probably on mute when it rang—an old habit left over from when my kids were babies—but I’m sure I called her back right away. If I ever skipped a day, she would quickly say, “Te olvidaste de mi” (you forgot about me) in her best telenovela voice. As if I could ever forget about her. My mom passed away in January,…

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pl editors share

Cooking for others has always been Mami’s way of showing affection. Growing up, I’d roll my eyes at her obsession with feeding us, but now I find myself making costillitas al horno to demonstrate just how much I care. Dorkys Ramos Senior Editor My mom is such a mom: She bakes excellent chocolate-chip cookies, listens to me vent when I’m stressed, tells me which meds to take if I’m sick. I hope I can be as comforting to my children as she is to me. Kate Sandoval Box Beauty Director As a kid, I watched my mom work two jobs, run religious programs in our church, take care of her home, and raise a family. She brought that strong work ethic from the Dominican Republic to the U.S., and her sacrifices inspire me every…

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la la anthony’s parent playbook

How is raising Kiyan in the public eye? He lives a normal life, but there are things we watch closely, because of who his parents are. [La La is rumored to be separated from Kiyan’s dad, NBA star Carmelo Anthony.] For example, he doesn’t go to the corner store by himself, because people often recognize him. And we keep his social-media accounts very private. What kind of kid is he? He’s an incredible basketball player, so his day is very full and structured. He’s on such a tight schedule with school and his games, and he’s learning to be disciplined, so there’s not a lot of free time to just mouth off and do whatever he wants. What values do you want to instill in him? I just want him to be humble and grateful.…

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latino time

1 She waits until you’re pulling out of the driveway to decide she needs to use the bathroom. And of course, that’s the day she dressed herself, so she’s wearing everything in her closet —including her First Communion outfit. 2 She’s such a slow eater that breakfast easily turns into lunch. 3 She has timed her fluid intake so well that the second you slide your key in to lock the door, she needs a glass of water—and a snack while you’re at it! 4 Her love of loud windup toys means she is oblivious to the alarm during school days. Weekends, on the other hand … 5 She loves playing hide-and-seek —with your car keys! It takes only two hours, and help from Abuela and your building’s landlord, to find them in the…

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prize packages

COLOMBIAN CLASSICS Jet chocolate, Supercoco candies, and Pony Malta are among the 20-plus goodies included in MyColombianBoxsure to hold you over till your next trip back. $20 for one month; ¡VIVA MÉXICO! Wait until the kids are asleep to indulge in mini obleas, Duvalín cream candies, and the other temptations from Mexitreat. $20 for one month; HAVANA OOH-NA-NA Like a care package from Grandma herself, Abuela Mami includes flan mixes, a cafetera, and other Cuban staples that will make you long for the Caribbean island. $20 for one month; GIRL: THAYER ALLYSON GOWDY. BABY: ALEXANDRA GRABLEWSKI/GETTY IMAGES. CHANCLAS AND SUBSCRIPTION BOX: PETER ARDITO.…

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we asked. you answered.

I always say conchale. It’s a holdover from not cursing in front my parents. I have to work on English curse words, though —my 2-year-old daughter, Lucia, has already started repeating some of those! Jaletza Bayley; New York, NY I don’t censor myself much, but occasionally my mom does. She affectionately calls my 2-year-old son, Santino, cabon. As you can see, she’s left out the r. Cynthia Avalos; Darien, IL There’s a lot of substituting around my 8-year-old daughter, Nihaiyla! There’s one word I mix up with tons of sugar and holy water. I switched the vowels around, so instead I say chacho. Johnaliss Garcia; Chicago, IL EPOXYDUDE/GETTYIMAGES. TOP RIGHT: SCOTT EMILE SIMON, TRESBIENPHOTOVIDEO.COM.…