Parents Latina August - September 2018

Parents Latina helps you raise healthy, happy multicultural kids who are rooted in your family's heritage even as they shape America's future.

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a new beginning

I CAN STILL remember my first day of kindergarten. After watching my older sister board a big yellow school bus for two years, I was ready. So when it was my turn, I embraced it, saying goodbye to my dad on that first day without tears or hesitation. Now that my 5-year-old daughter, Eva, is starting elementary school, I suspect she’ll be as cool as her mami was back in the day. She’s already incredibly independent, having attended pre-K. The thought that she’ll be making new friends, developing different interests, and forging her own way without me by her side is enough to bring a lump to my throat. In September, she’ll enter a dual-language program and begin formally learning in both English and Spanish. I couldn’t be prouder of her,…

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a+ eats

TREE TOP MANGO APPLE SAUCE Your budget and your kids will thank you for this affordable yet fun twist on standard applesauce. LANTANA BLACK BEAN HUMMUS Pack this savory fiber-filled snack with whole-grain tortilla chips for a match made in lunch-box heaven. LARABAR FRUITS + GREENS BARS You’ll love that there’s no added sugar and some veg in every bar. Kids will just dig the fruity taste. PLANT SNACKS CASSAVA ROOT CHIPS Free of the major allergens, these crunchy chips are ideal for allergy-aware schools. GRACE: ANA GAMBUTO. WARDROBE STYLING BY LAURA PRITCHARD FOR SEE MANAGEMENT. HAIR AND MAKEUP BY KRISTY STRATE FOR ENNIS INC. ON GRACE: JACKET, ZARA. SHIRT, J.CREW. JEANS, J BRAND. SHOES, ZARA. ON EVA: SHIRT, H&M. TANK TOP, CREWCUTS.PANTS, ZARA. SOCKS, CREWCUTS. SNEAKERS, ZARA. ON STELLA: SHIRT AND PANTS, ZARA. SHOES, ZARA. FOODS: PETER…

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dania ramirez’s real-life fairy tale

How did you feel when you learned you were pregnant with twins? Shocked! I had just started Devious Maids . I was excited to find out it was a boy and a girl, because it meant we didn’t have to do this again. Multiples runs in my family. My grandmother had triplets. Have you taken them to the Dominican Republic to meet your relatives? The twins, who are 4, have already been twice to visit my grandmother. She’s the one who raised me while my parents worked in the United States, and I wanted her to enjoy my kids. What’s the best advice she’s given you that you want to pass on to your kids? When I was growing up, Abuela always said, “God is always with you, so there isn’t any sense in crying…

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life with twins

> I gave them unique names with meaning. I enlisted my husband to find the perfect names for our twins! Gaia means the “Greek goddess of Earth,” and Aether means the “Greek god of the upper air that only gods could breathe.” > I’m raising polar opposites! The twins started karate, and their personalities come through on the mat. Gaia takes it seriously, like she wants to be a real ninja. Aether lives in the moment and wants to have a blast. > I don’t try to dress them the same. Occasionally, Gaia wants to wear Aether’s clothes, so sometimes they’ll wear similar shirts. She’ll say, “I want to be a boy today!” because his outfits look more comfy. I’m okay with her dressing how she wants. I want them to feel…

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what makes your ride-or-die comadre special?

“My sister, Adelina, is my go-to gal. I often work late as an accountant, and if my mom is unable to care for my son Aiden, 4, she is always ready to jump in and watch him. It’s hard to do it all as a working mom, but my sister has made my life so much easier.” Jennifer Perez; Brooklyn, NY “When I was struggling about going back to work after having my second child, Kristen saw all the character traits that I didn’t see in myself and encouraged me to start my own business. She even helped me find the perfect babysitter to watch my kids, Eli, 1, and Luke, 6.” Lilly Cortés-Wyatt; Sacramento, CA “My best friend, Beatriz, took 12 years to finish college because she had three children, but she did…

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frozen treats

THE PERFECT PINT Less messy than the dessert it mimics, CoolHaus Street Cart Churro Dough has yummy cinnamon sugar, brown-butter ice cream, and a chocolate-chip swirl. A STELLAR SANDWICH Compact yet indulgent, Häagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche Cookie Squares deliver a dark-chocolate cookie and ice cream with caramel. PALETA POWER Made with just five organic ingredients, Solero Fresh Mango Fruit Bars are packed with tropical flavor. WOMEN: THAYER ALLYSON GOWDY. WARDROBE STYLING BY ASHLEY ZOHAR FOR THE WALL GROUP.HAIR AND MAKEUP BY ERIKA PARSONS FOR ART DEPARTMENT. ICE CREAMS: PETER ARDITO.…