Parents Latina February/March 2019

Parents Latina helps you raise healthy, happy multicultural kids who are rooted in your family's heritage even as they shape America's future.

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in praise of mami’s night out

I RECENTLY stayed up way past my bedtime. A handful of moms in my daughter Eva’s kindergarten class and I decided to go out to dinner after months of getting to know one another during morning drop-off. The day of, I applied a face mask, did my nails, and must have tried on three different outfits before finally settling on the perfect one. If not for my husband and two kids demanding my attention in the background, you might have thought I was getting ready for a first date. And you wouldn’t have been entirely wrong. Mom-friending is not unlike dating. There’s a lot of sizing up before digits are even exchanged. If you’re lucky enough to sense a connection and decide to take it to the next level and hang…

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our first disney trip

When Iain and I took our girls to Disney World last summer, I never imagined that we would still be reminiscing about this trip eight months later. It was the first visit for all of us, including the grown-ups, and it was just, well, magical! My most memorable moments: As we watched the big parade down Main Street, Eva kept yelling out all of the character names (“Elsa! Over here!”) while chomping on her Mickey ice-cream bar. I loved all the rides, but the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was Stella’s first coaster. Such a brave girl! And what fun to squeal “whee” all together. We took a painting class reserved for Disney Vacation Club members and created four different versions of the Up house that now hang in our home! CREATE YOUR OWN DISNEY…

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celebrity chef marcela valladolid has a full house and heart

Your partner, Philip, is also your manager. What’s it like working together? We dated 20 years ago and then broke up. During that time, I’d call him for work advice because he was at a talent agency. He would always guide me in the right direction. Eventually, after we got back together six years ago, he took over as my manager, and it’s been great. You’ve been engaged since 2015. Do you plan to get married? We’re in no rush—it’s not going to add or take away anything from our relationship. We have three kids [Fausto, 14, David, 3, and Anna, 2], a dog, and two homes. And we work together. We’re married. How do you sneak in date night? We try at least once or twice a week. If we can’t leave the house,…

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how do you keep the romance alive?

“Hold hands, which we can do anywhere, including in front of our boys, Tristan, 5, and Julien, 6. It still drums up those butterflies from when we were dating!” Luddy Figueroa; Pawtucket, RI“We make sure our daughter Alexandra, 1, is in bed by 8 P.M. This is so important for us to connect and be just us without any distractions.”Jesenia Pena; Santa Clarita, CA“I buy my partner hot sauce—to let him know that I still find him hot after having our 8-month-old daughter, Leila. It keeps things spicy. Literally!” Maria L. Vazquez-Ziaie; Brooklyn, NY“We have date night on the 13th of each month, because we were married on the 13th. My sister even has it scheduled on her calendar, so we always have a sitter for our son, Nicolas, 3.”…

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uplifting latinas

SOPHY MEDINA As a New York City firefighter, this Colombian-Dominican mom of two is used to holding her own in a male-dominated field where the priority is saving lives. > On working with mostly men: I am aware of the differences. But you live with these people, and they become like family. The culture has changed since I started a decade ago. The FDNY has taken a lot of measures to recruit diversity. Fifteen women—the most ever—recently graduated from the fire academy. > On femininity and masculinity at work: There’s a misconception that female firefighters act like men. You can be girly and still like this job and then go home and wear heels and hoop earrings. > On succeeding: You have to take yourself seriously and roll with the punches. You’re doing this…

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a better teether

When Claire Ginn wanted a safe teether for her baby, she found that many were too big or awkward for her daughter to hold. With help from her 3-D printer, she made a prototype of her dream teether—and eventually started selling Moonjax. It’s free of chemicals, toxins, and dyes, and is made from 100 percent medical-grade silicone; it has no holes or gaps that could trap bacteria. You can also chill or warm it to soothe your baby’s gums. Newborn+, $15; 19% the amount that consumption of sugary drinks has dropped since 2014…