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Parents Latina helps you raise healthy, happy multicultural kids who are rooted in your family's heritage even as they shape America's future.

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reclaiming quality time

EVERY FEW WEEKS my 4-year-old daughter, Eva, will say out of the blue, “Mami, remember when the man climbed up the tree and knocked down a coconut?” As if I could ever forget. We were on vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic—just the two of us—while Daddy and my 2-year-old, Stella, hung back in NYC. It was our version of a girls’ getaway: For three days in May, we relaxed at the beach, coordinated outfits for dinner, and chatted in bed until we both passed out at night—usually around 8, as preschoolers tend to do! And while I really missed the rest of our squad, it did get me thinking about the importance of spending “alone time” with each of my children. After all, I make it a point to have…

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what latin food signals the arrival of the holidays in your home?

Tamales making them with my mom and aunts and then unwrapping the steaming bundles of meat, masa, and New Mexican chile on Christmas Eve are a never-skip Sandoval tradition. Kate Sandoval Box, Beauty Director In my native Argentina, Christmas isn’t complete without vitel tonŽ, an Italian dish made with cold veal and a cream sauce. My youngest daughter doesn’t like it, but I keep serving it in the hope that she’ll eat it one day. Julia Tortoriello, Deputy Editor My family organizes parrandas in December, and every few days we celebrate at a different relative’s house. There’s always asopao on the stove at these parties the smell alone warms me up! Leslie Corona, Assistant Editor…

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what’s your christmas day tradition?

We gather around our Nativity scene to place Baby Jesus in the manger. My 12-year-old son, Cesar, rocks the Baby Jesus and sings to him, welcoming him into the world. — PATRICIA PEÑA; CHICAGO, IL My kids Melanie, 14; Emma, 7; and Marco Jr., 5 play games like lotería and pirinola. Then my extended family comes over and we eat leftovers for breakfast: pozole, tamales, lechón, the works! — CLARA GARCIA; CICERO, IL We wait until Christmas morning to exchange presents. My mother is the only living grandparent and the matriarch of our family. So Grandma, her four daughters and husbands, and their combined children open presents in between reheating tamales on the comal . — CARMEN VILLANUEVA; LOS ANGELES, CA We all sleep in! My 2-year-old daughter, Maya, is usually tired after opening gifts at…

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mom bosses

The Travel Buddies Friends Gabriela Mekler and Maribel Moreno, both from Mexico, were fed up with feeling disorganized when they traveled with their four kids. To make life easier, they developed Mumi, a collection of color-coded storage bags that reduce the chaos of unpacking. Bonus: You can also use them to store seasonal clothing and keep sports equipment organized. $15 and up; The Tummy- Trouble Tamer Peruvian-American Priska Diaz understood the breastfeeding struggle new moms face when she had trouble nursing her own babies and had to supplement with formula in traditional bottles, which can trigger gas-inducing air bubbles. So the former packaging designer invented the Bare Air-Free baby bottle, featuring a syringe-like plug that delivers liquids without the air and keeps milk fresh longer. $15 and up; T he Maternity Fashionista A fter failing to…

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confidence boost from denise bidot

Q How do you juggle traveling around the world for work as a single parent? Sometimes I do fine by myself; other weeks I need a village to help . I want to be home in L.A., but I also have to be out there. That’s how I pay the bills. Q Does Joselyn get a chance to join you on some trips? She’s traveled the globe with me. She is so well-rounded. Now , I can’t always take her out of school. Education has to come first. Q What other aspects of her development are important to you? Her Latin culture. Joselyn spends summers in Miami with my mom and in Puerto Rico with my grandmother. I did the same when I was a kid. They kept me grounded in my roots. Q You’re a proponent…

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ages + stages

TODDLER Vocabulary Lessons “Are we having pisketti for dinner?” your son asks. As cute as that might be, it’s important to help him develop language skills. “The single best predictor of academic success for children throughout the school years is their vocabulary when they start kindergarten,” Catherine Snow, Ph.D., professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, says. Providing lots of language interaction now will benefit him once he’s in the classroom. These tips keep it fun: • Make a point of introducing your child to new words while you go about your day-to-day life. At the grocery store, explain that the chicken breast is poultry. Kids often pick up the meaning of new words like these based on context, but it helps to take a moment to teach what the…