Parents Latina December/January 2018-19

Parents Latina helps you raise healthy, happy multicultural kids who are rooted in your family's heritage even as they shape America's future.

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what will you stand for?

LIKE MANY of you, I often wonder how our moms did it: immigrants navigating a foreign country with small kids in tow and no one to champion their causes or even acknowledge their struggles. Humble, hardworking, and full of hustle, they did what they needed to do for their children without expecting so much as a pat on the back. Our mothers weren’t trying to change the world, but in their own way, they did just that by showing us what true grit looks like. That perseverance and resilience, combined with a strong connection to our culture, are powerful motivators for today’s Latina mamis, many of whom are making their communities—and the country—a better place for families. I’m proud to be raising the next generation of Latina girls. Parents Latina’s new “Uplifting Latinas”…

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Parents Latina and our parent company, Meredith Corporation, are teaming up with the #SeeHer initiative in an effort to accurately portray women and girls in media by 2020, the 100th anniversary of women’s winning the right to vote. Because this same mission propelled the creation of Parents Latina nearly four years ago and continues to fuel our content, we’ll never tire of saying it: Representation matters. For more information, visit or follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. EMAIL ME AT AND FOLLOW ME AT @brooklynwriter. GRACE: ANA GAMBUTO. STYLING BY LAURA PRITCHARD FOR SEE MANAGEMENT. HAIR AND MAKEUP BY KRISTY STRATE FOR ENNIS INC.ON GRACE: SHIRT, CLUB MONACO. MODEL: AUGUST IMAGES.…

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WHERE’S THE CRAZIEST PLACE YOU’VE HIDDEN YOUR KID’S CHRISTMAS PRESENTS? “The underwear drawer is my favorite spot. I’ve stashed games, headphones, a PlayStation, you name it! My kids—Karmelo, 9, and Adrien, 4—would never think (or want) to check there.” Briana Gallo Millsboro, DE “Once I hid gifts for my boys, Julian, 11, and Kingsley, 2, inside a suitcase and completely forgot about them!” Dileiny Rodriguez Jersey City, NJ “I hide presents for my son Diego, 2, in the car’s trunk. It’s such a mess in there that no one can spot any of them!” Lorena Garcia Scottsdale, AZ…

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mom horoscope

CAPRICORN Personality trait: Ambitious School bake sale? While others may roll their eyes at yet another fund-raiser, you know this is your time to shine. Five hundred conchas coming right up! AQUARIUS Personality trait: Adventurous Your free-spirited nature eschews routine, so bring on Pajama Day, breakfast for dinner, camping in the backyard … You’ve got a million ideas for raising little bohemians. PISCES Personality trait: Dreamer Pretend play is a lot more interesting in your house. You’ve even given your kid’s imaginary friends cool parents you’d actually want to hang out with. ARIES Personality trait: Individuality Don’t mess with Mami’s “me time.” Your kid, partner, and even the dog know it’s nonnegotiable. In fact, you’re a better mom thanks to it. TAURUS Personality trait: Stubborn Patience is key when getting a toddler to do just about anything, and you have it in spades thanks to your cabeza dura, er,…

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uplifting latinas

PAOLA MENDOZA As cofounder of the Resistance Revival Chorus, a collective of women who sing protest songs, Colombian filmmaker-turned-activist Paola Mendoza is using her voice for immigration reform and women’s rights while raising a 5-year-old boy. > On the power of storytelling: “I chose to make movies about unsung heroes: single moms, women and children living in poverty. That led me to working with undocumented communities and telling their stories in ways that were dignified, respectful, and full of love.” > On making herstory: “As the former co–artistic director of the Women’s March, I was so proud that we birthed a progressive movement led by women and, in particular, women of color.” > On fusing music and politics: “The Resistance Revival Chorus formed in 2017 and has over 60 women, who participate when they…

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ages + stages

1 in 4 The number of abuelos who didn’t know that infants should be put to sleep on their back (not on their stomach or side), according to a recent study by Northwell Health. THE TAKEAWAY: Review the updated sleep-safety guidelines with your parents or in-laws before their next babysitting session. PREGNANCY A Good Shot Third-tri mamas, roll up your sleeve for the Tdap booster, which delivers pertussis antibodies to your baby. This CDC-recommended vaccine is more than 91 percent effective at preventing whooping cough, which can be deadly to newborns. Speak up if your doctor hasn’t prescribed it, says Nicola P. Klein, M.D., Ph.D., director of Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Study Center. SCHOOL–AGE Brain Food for Breakfast Want to make “the most important meal of the day” even better? Add lutein! Kids whose diets are rich in…