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Parents Latina helps you raise healthy, happy multicultural kids who are rooted in your family's heritage even as they shape America's future.

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the meaning of beauty

I FIRST DID my own nails when I was 5 years old, using a little bottle of sparkly pink polish my mom had given me. Ever since I can remember, she has gotten her nails done at the salon once a week. So what if in the early days she was a stay-at-home mom with a couple of unglamorous side hustles (running her own home day care and cooking meals for single immigrants)? She taught me that looking put-together isn’t simply about vanity—it’s a matter of pride. It was a lesson she learned from her own mother. Before my abuelita passed away, I served as her manicurist. I was 12 when she left Colombia to live with us after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Although her memory was fading, she was…

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fun finds

• Dream Weaver Traditional ojos de dios—just like the Huichol Indians of Mexico used to make—get a modern makeover. Craft-tastic Ojo de Dios Kit, $13; • Heritage Trip A boy is transported to the Land of the Dead after playing his dead idol’s guitar in Pixar’s Coco. Opens November 22 • Holy Guacamole Pretend-play is much tastier with this Yucatán-style taco-truck playhouse. Oto Taco Truck, $69; • Jungly Jigsaw Kids learn about monkeys, toucans, and other rain-forest animals with this 64-piece puzzle. Rainforest Search & Find Puzzle, $17; ANA GAMBUTO. WARDROBE STYLING BY LAURA PRITCHARD. HAIR AND MAKEUP BY KRISTY STRATE FOR ENNIS INC. ON GRACE: DRESS, ANTHROPOLOGIE. JACKET, ZARA. SHOES, SUPERGA. DIAMOND NECKLACE AND EARRINGS, FERVOR MONTREAL. DIAMOND RING (RIGHT HAND), IRINI DESIGN. RING (RIGHT HAND), CATBIRD. STILLS: PETER ARDITO.…

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how do you teach your kids gratitude?

My 9-year-old son, Emilio, keeps a gratitude journal and every week jots down three to five things for which he’s grateful. I’m always awestruck because he lists everyday things like his slippers for keeping his feet warm or his bed for allowing him to enjoy a good night’s sleep. I’m so proud of him for being grateful for the small things. —HELENA OSORIO; CHICAGO, IL I’ve been exposed to a lot of social problems working as a police officer. This year, I started Inspire Society, a nonprofit that connects law enforcement to the community. We recently coordinated a gathering to aid homeless women. My children—Ryo, 10, and Canela, 5—helped make care packages. While interacting with homeless women at the event, they saw that they were regular people—some were moms with kids…

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natural instincts

At 18, I was already a single mom juggling college and a job I hated, but I needed to support my son, Ousmane. After taking watercolor classes, I discovered my knack for patterns. I bought lots of paints and started experimenting with textiles and silkscreening. In 2013, I launched my textile company, Linea Germania. I took a chance and followed my passion. I want to pass on that mentality to my kids, including my 20-month-old daughter, Ebba. Cultural Blend My husband is Swedish, and we got together while he was visiting the U.S. Our cultures are so different. He loves the energy and food of Dominican culture, and we spend time in Sweden during summer. From my culture, I want Ebba to see that we’re very open people, and we’re outwardly happy. Work…

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ages + stages

PRESCHOOLER 174, 000 preschoolers were affected by vision problems in 2015, with Latino kids making up 38 percent of these cases, finds a recent study in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology. BIG KID Help an Introverted Child Make Friends For many kids, the start of another school year means facing new classes and assignments without the support of last year’s good buddies. But you can help even a shy child make new ones by suggesting the following: 1 Behave in friendly ways. Smile. Say “hi.” Stand or sit near others. Let them see in your face, voice, and body that you’d like to be friends. 2 Ask questions that start with “what” or “how” instead of “why.” Asking “Why do you like that game?” can put a potential friend on the defensive. Instead, ask, “How was your…

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does your child need an antibiotic?

AT FIRST, Ronan Mendez’s mother, Glenda, thought that her son had sprained his foot while playing. The then 11-year-old was walking with a limp and complaining of pain. But Glenda, a nursing student in San Diego, knew something was seriously wrong when Ronan stopped being able to walk. She rushed him to the hospital, but his X-rays came back normal, and he was sent home. Six hours later, however, Ronan was back in the E.R. after his fever spiked to almost 104°F. This time, doctors ran blood tests and found that Ronan was infected with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus—or MRSA—a bacterium that’s resistant to some common antibiotics. The infection had spread to his lungs, blood, and the bones in his leg. “The first week, I was waiting for a doctor or nurse…