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PEARL May 2019

Pearl magazine delves into questions that agitate humanity. In these triubled times of ferment accumulating from all sides, when everything is at a boil at the same time, unparalleled in history, a quest runs through the people: many yearn for a cleansing of human foolish wilfulness and to see a better time; more and more people want to revert to the 'natural', to adapt to natural living conditions; people want to make life new, healthy, more beautiful and fairer. How many people would heave a huge sigh of relief if through their own sober, objective and unbiased scrutiny they could unerringly recognise comprehensive answers to burning human questions, and answers of such completeness and consistency as to enable them affirm their lives on the path of true upbuilding to only what is good!

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piercing the veil of ignorance

Time stands still. It remains the same, today, yesterday and a thousand years hence! Only the forms change. We plunge into time, to cull from her records for the purpose of enriching our knowledge from what has been collected there! For time has lost nothing, it has recorded all things. It has not changed, because it is eternal. You too, O man, are always just the same, whether you appear young or old! You remain what you are! Have you not already sensed this yourself ? Do you not clearly notice a difference between the form and your ‘ego’? Between the body that is subject to change and yourself, the spirit, which is eternal? You seek the Truth! What is Truth? What you still feel to be truth today you will recognise…

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In writing a letter to the magazine, please include the writer’s name, address, and daytime telephone number, and bear in mind that letters to the editor always reflect the writer’s personal opinion, which is not necessarily that of the editors. We may edit letters for length and clarity, and we ask for your understanding that only part of the texts submitted can be published. Send letters via e-mail to mail@pearl-magazine.com, or by post to: Correspondence, Pearl Magazine, PO Box 73999, London E5 5EH, United Kingdom. The man who remains inwardly bound will always be a slave, even if he were a king.You bind yourselves with all that you aspire to learn. Reflect: In acquiring knowledge you force yourselves into alien forms thought out by others; you willingly adopt an alien conviction,…

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Intuition is the immediate perception that we have of truth. It crops up spontaneously, unbidden, within us without us having to think to obtain it. All of a sudden, we know something, which a second before we were unaware of. With an intuition we obtain immediate solution to a problem, gain clarity in a complex situation or a good idea of the value of a person. The speed with which an intuition comes excludes that it is the result of reflections. It appears in us with a striking suddenness that it elicits remarks such as: ‘It came like lightning!’ or ‘It was like a flash!’ or ‘In a fraction of a second I had the solution to the problem!’ Another characteristic of intuition is a feeling of obviousness it gives to the…

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for all we know!

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.Carl Jung A plethora of questions inundates us when we feel the longing for truth inside us. We do believe that we know many things or many a thing or something about many things, and yet, if we are honest, we realise that we do not know much at all, practically nothing. Sure, we have accumulated a lot of data, which we call ‘knowledge’, some of which is very useful in certain fields, but most of it only feeds our vanity, enabling us to ‘shine’ in quiz shows and the like, impress our surroundings with our ‘brilliance’ and ‘wit’, or be considered an ‘authority’ on something or other. However, the vast majority of people do not…

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michael kohlhaas part four

The following morning Luther dispatched a missive to the elector of Saxony. He started off by bitterly castigating the prince’s close advisers, the knights Hinz and Kunz von Tronka, chamberlain and cupbearer, who, as was common knowledge, had suppressed Kohlhaas’ suit. He then laid it out for the sovereign, with his characteristic candour, that, things being as vexatious as they were, there was nothing left to do but accept the proposal of the horse dealer and, in light of what had occurred, to grant him amnesty so that he can renew his lawsuit. Public opinion, Luther remarked, had turned highly dangerously in this man’s favour, so much so that even in Wittenberg, which he had burned down to ashes three times, there were voices raised in his favour. If his…