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PEARL August 2019

Pearl magazine delves into questions that agitate humanity. In these triubled times of ferment accumulating from all sides, when everything is at a boil at the same time, unparalleled in history, a quest runs through the people: many yearn for a cleansing of human foolish wilfulness and to see a better time; more and more people want to revert to the 'natural', to adapt to natural living conditions; people want to make life new, healthy, more beautiful and fairer. How many people would heave a huge sigh of relief if through their own sober, objective and unbiased scrutiny they could unerringly recognise comprehensive answers to burning human questions, and answers of such completeness and consistency as to enable them affirm their lives on the path of true upbuilding to only what is good!

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sovereignty of good

An Eternal Law operates in the Universe: That only in giving can one receive where lasting values are concerned! Like a sacred legacy of its Creator, this Law deeply permeates the whole of Creation. To give unselfishly, to help where help is needed, and to understand both the suffering and the weaknesses of your fellow men, means to receive, because it is the simple and true way to the Highest! And to will this seriously brings you immediate help and strength! By one single, honest and ardent wish to do good, the wall which your thoughts have hitherto erected as a barrier is cleaved as with a flaming sword from the other side that is now still invisible to you; for you are indeed one with the beyond which you so…

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In writing a letter to the magazine, please include the writer’s name, address, and daytime telephone number, and bear in mind that letters to the editor always reflect the writer’s personal opinion, which is not necessarily that of the editors. We may edit letters for length and clarity, and we ask for your understanding that only part of the texts submitted can be published. Send letters via e-mail to mail@pearl-magazine.com, or by post to: Correspondence, Pearl Magazine, PO Box 73999, London E5 5EH, United Kingdom. What you do for your neighbour you do in reality only for yourselves! Solely for yourselves, since according to the Eternal Laws everything returns to you without fail, good or evil, either already here or there. It will surely come!Grail Message…

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leadership in the service of mankind

Leadership has many faces. It runs the gamut from the street corner bully to the most exalted religious leader. From Genghis Khan to Washington, from the Apostle Paul to Hitler, from Lao-tse to Mao-tse Tung. These people were all leaders because they had developed within themselves those qualities and capacities that make humans take the lead in the circumstances in which they find themselves at any given time. Yet what a difference there was among them! We have the Apostle Paul who led a young religious community into a new age; Hitler who led a nation into a millennium of his own design, thereby unleashing a world catastrophe costing millions of lives; Lao-tse who patiently guided his people into a better understanding of the Laws of God; and Mao-tse Tung…

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a glimpse into the future birds of a feather flock together!

Let us imagine ourselves in the future. Once more the earth circles on a course that has brought it nearer to the invigorating radiations from the Luminous Regions. A different human race has arisen upon it, for which a new and better epoch has begun. Human beings have so changed inwardly that their spirit can absorb the new knowledge of Creation. Above all, they have recognised that they must without exception interweave with their life on earth the Laws of their God, the Laws of Creation, the Cosmic Laws, to which also belong the Laws of Nature, if they are to succeed in ascending. Decisive for this are the three principal Laws: the Law of Reciprocal Action (the Law of Cause and Effect, or the Law of Sowing and Reaping), the…

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michael kohlhaas part seven

Now it came to pass that towards evening when the wine and the enjoyment of a sumptuous dessert had dispelled the whole incident from the minds of the ladies and gentlemen, the high bailiff proposed that they once again lie in wait for a herd of deer that had been sighted. The whole company gladly seized on the suggestion and, armed with rifles, hurried off in pairs over ditches and hedges into the nearby forest, so that the elector and Lady Heloise, who not wanting to miss the spectacle clung to his arm, were led by a messenger who had been assigned to them directly, to their astonishment, through the courtyard of the house in which Kohlhaas was staying with the Brandenburg troopers escorting him. The lady, when she heard this,…