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PEARL December 2019

Pearl magazine delves into questions that agitate humanity. In these triubled times of ferment accumulating from all sides, when everything is at a boil at the same time, unparalleled in history, a quest runs through the people: many yearn for a cleansing of human foolish wilfulness and to see a better time; more and more people want to revert to the 'natural', to adapt to natural living conditions; people want to make life new, healthy, more beautiful and fairer. How many people would heave a huge sigh of relief if through their own sober, objective and unbiased scrutiny they could unerringly recognise comprehensive answers to burning human questions, and answers of such completeness and consistency as to enable them affirm their lives on the path of true upbuilding to only what is good!

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An understanding of the Grail Message, as well as of the previous Message of the Son of God, will only become possible when a human spirit casts aside everything that it has built up with its imagined understanding, and starts from the very beginning! In this they must first become like children! A leading across from the present errors is impossible. From the ground up there must be a complete newness, which grows and becomes strong out of simplicity and humility. If mankind were helped in the way they ask in the hour of danger and need, then everything would once more be quickly forgotten as soon as their terror was removed. With their lack of understanding they would again unscrupulously begin to criticise instead of to reflect. Such a waste of…

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noble art of life

21 Genuine faith lies only in conviction, and conviction comes solely through an inflexible weighing and examining! See that you are truly alive in the wonderful Creation of your God!Grail Message It is Christmas, with the associated build-up of festivities, the exchange and distribution of gifts meant to evoke joy all round. However, the greatest gift of all will not be lying underneath the glitteringly decorated Christmas trees, but is already beautifully wrapped within ourselves. And it will take a lifetime to fully unwrap all the priceless and wonderful blessings proffered by these precious gifts, giving unending exalted joy as they are revealed, one by one, over time. These gifts are not only meant for the transience of this brief earth-life, but, out of the greatest Love, have been graciously given…

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In writing a letter to the magazine, please include the writer’s name, address, and daytime telephone number, and bear in mind that letters to the editor always reflect the writer’s personal opinion, which is not necessarily that of the editors. We may edit letters for length and clarity, and we ask for your understanding that only part of the texts submitted can be published. Send letters via e-mail to mail@pearl-magazine.com, or by post to: Correspondence, Pearl Magazine, PO Box 73999, London E5 5EH, United Kingdom. What, after all, is knowledge? Knowledge is what the brain can conceive. Yet how very limited is the perceptive capacity of the brain, which remains firmly bound to space and time. Even eternity and the meaning of infinity cannot be grasped by a human brain. Just…

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true prayer

Only a few people know of the wonderful help of a true prayer. Most do not know. Be it that it is buried in them. Perhaps with one or the other it requires only an impulse, and it rises dimly in his memories. It is linked mostly with childhood or any danger or mishap that spurred people to pray. As a child he learned it from what the parents taught him, without recognising the deep meaning that lies within. Or in later years, when he himself or someone dear to him, a loved one, was in danger. Then suddenly the thought was to ask for help from above through prayer. This, however, shows that the one praying is aware that earthly help cannot suffice in this case and that his…

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clarified spirit calmed heart!

God is Life! He alone! All else is but a consequence of the motion which as such only comes into being through the pressure of the radiation of Life! ‘The man who in a really fervent prayer seeks help for something, obtains connection through his attitude with that sphere from which help can be proffered. This I have mentioned once before in my explanations about the effect of prayer. Do not think of prayer as pleading, but as worship – worship and veneration! Every plunge into such deep meditation by the human spirit, however, is nothing but an effort to establish a connection, a seeking for connection with the Light, with Purity and with Life! The desire and longing of the human spirit expand in such cases. In its spiritual seeking…

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the black spider

Tremulous with curiosity, the womenfolk crept after their men to the spot where one could exchange a word of confidence in privacy. There each man had to tell his wife what the men heard in the castle, to which the women listened fuming with rage and curses; the men recounted whom they met and what offer he had made to them. A nameless fear gripped the women, a mournful lament piercing mountains and valley, every one of them behaving as though the wicked one coveted her own child. One woman alone did not wail like the others. She was a cruelly capable woman who was said to hail from Lindau on Lake Constance and lived right here on the farm. She had fierce, black eyes and was not much afraid…