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PEARL January 2020

Pearl magazine delves into questions that agitate humanity. In these triubled times of ferment accumulating from all sides, when everything is at a boil at the same time, unparalleled in history, a quest runs through the people: many yearn for a cleansing of human foolish wilfulness and to see a better time; more and more people want to revert to the 'natural', to adapt to natural living conditions; people want to make life new, healthy, more beautiful and fairer. How many people would heave a huge sigh of relief if through their own sober, objective and unbiased scrutiny they could unerringly recognise comprehensive answers to burning human questions, and answers of such completeness and consistency as to enable them affirm their lives on the path of true upbuilding to only what is good!

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And supreme over all the Will of our Creator inexorably manifested and manifests in the irrevocable march of events. On passing into the beyond every human being is divested of earthly power and its protection. Name, position, everything is left behind. Only a poor human soul passes over, there to receive and experience what it sowed. Not a single exception is possible! On its path it is led through all the wheels of the relentless reciprocal action of Divine Justice. There is no church, no state, but only individual human souls who must personally account for every error they have made! He who acts against God's Will, and thus commits a sin in Creation, is subject to the consequences of this transgression. It matters not who he may be and on…

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a new world

Through the wise ordering of Creation man has been given the power to shape conditions for himself with the Power of the Creator. Happy is he who uses it only for good! But woe unto him who succumbs to the temptation to use it for evil!Grail Message The old has passed away, the unnatural mastery accorded the limited perceptive capacity of the earthly intellect over the intuitive perception of the spirit is being swept off by the accelerating pace of far-reaching world events which continue to increase in intensity, effecting transformations and heightened personal experiences for individuals throughout the spectrum of humanity and is evident in large-scale natural and man-made disasters claiming untold casualties. Materialism is past its climax as the intellect is restored to its natural place in the human…

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In writing a letter to the magazine, please include the writer’s name, address, and daytime telephone number, and bear in mind that letters to the editor always reflect the writer’s personal opinion, which is not necessarily that of the editors. We may edit letters for length and clarity, and we ask for your understanding that only part of the texts submitted can be published. Send letters via e-mail to mail@pearl-magazine.com, or by post to: Correspondence, Pearl Magazine, PO Box 73999, London E5 5EH, United Kingdom. According to the Divine Laws of Creation every person in authority, every judge, no matter what office he holds here on earth, should never stand in his actions under some protection of his office, but like any other person he must alone and purely personally, unprotected,…

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good vibrations

Just as eternity lives in every moment and every heart craves to love, so is the human soul predisposed to look gratefully upwards in ardent devotion, in childlike wonder and jubilantly enjoy the gift of life in all its overwhelming abundance. The New Year ushers us in with all its wonder and promise which can illuminate and bring out the true beauty of our innermost being in all its radiant rapture. But in order to find the real treasure of life, and liberate the inner self, one has to dig deep; this can often be a difficult and burdensome task as it involves surmounting the over-developed intellect, in which we encounter many almost immovable blockages and entanglements that we once knowingly and unknowingly allowed to develop within ourselves. Man is a sun; and…

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clarified spirit calmed heart!

Develop a personal prayer culture Praying is a pathway that is to be well-kept! Several aspects will have a positive effect on the development of a personal prayer culture, namely the trust that we place in prayer, the necessary preparation and the individual shaping of the prayer in accordance with our own personality. Pray with heartfelt confidence Many people find it difficult to pray because of adopted errors that act as stumbling blocks on the path thereto. One of these is the idea of an arbitrarily punitive or helpful God. It is rightly perceived that this conception of God, which was transmitted in former times, described in many facets in the Old Testament or depicted in art, can never correspond to what God really must be: HE, the Creator of the whole Universe,…

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the black spider

Ever more clearly the belief emerged in her soul that if a priest in the service of the Lord were present at the birth, bearing the sacred sacrament, the sacred love of the Redeemer, and armed with strong spells of exorcism, no evil spirit would be granted to approach, and the priest could straightaway administer the sacrament of baptism to the newborn child, which custom allowed in those days; then the poor child would be forever wrested from the danger which the fathers’ indiscretion had brought upon it. This belief also crept up on the others, and the young woman’s grief touched their hearts, but they were loth to admit to the priest the pact they had made with Satan, and no one had gone to confession ever since, nor…