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Issue 1924

People is the only mag for readers who like to see ALL of their favourite celebrities. It’s got jokes, puzzles, raunchy celebrity photos and big prize giveaways.

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IN THE new ABC TV political drama Total Control, actrining ledge Rachel Griffiths plays an Australian Prime Minister who’s only in it for herself. Just like EVERY other bloody pollie, then. However, there’s one difference between the 50-year-old stunna’s character and the current head honcho – Rach’s PM gets STARK NAKED! Which makes her 100% BEAUTER than ScoMo! Ever since we saw Griffo in Muriel’s Wedding back in 1994, we knew she was SPECIAL… and SPUNKY. But little did we think she would still be giving us the gift of her SWINGING VOTERS 25 years later. Hey, Ms PM…wanna check out our HUNG PARLIAMENT?…

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WHILE cleaning up our desks this week we stumbled across this you-beaut UNUSED, never-before-seen pictorial of stunning Pommy pin-up Rachel Williams. Remember her? A couple of years back she WRECKED THE INTERWEBS courtesy of her short eye-poppin’ video on YouTube. Millions of horny punters blew up their computers and BLEW THEIR COLLECTIVE LOADS perving on the spunk’s bikini-clad baps bouncing in SLO-MO. “It was just a BIT OF FUN playing around with the camera during a shoot,” Rachel laughed, “then it went CRAZY and everyone loved it! Someone even made a 10-hour version!” Of course, the only thing better than Rachel wearing a bikini top is Rachel NOT wearing a bikini top. That’s why we HEART this shoot so much. ‘THE BEST THING ABOUT HAVING BIG TITS? FREE DRINKS!’ The 20-something spunk was a fan of…

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full frontal

MODERN MAM-ILY AREOLA WINTER IF SCIENCE has taught us anything it’s that you can’t keep boobs as BIG as Ariel Winter’s hidden for long. The 21-year-old Modern Family actrine’s right NORBERT popped out to say “BOO!” while she was visiting a HAUNTED HOUSE at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. She’s scary sexy! BOOK BABE ’AVE MARIA HAILING from Moscow, Russki Maria Demina is a cute-as 28-year-old model who self-publishes her own starkers photobooks. Tragically, we haven’t been able to get our hands on a copy, so when some of her nudes appeared in Lions magazine, it felt like Christmas had come early. We CAME EARLY, too. SMASHING! ARGY BARGIES NETFLIX’S new drama Monzón: A Knockout Blow tells the story of Argentinian boxing legend Carlos Monzón. We don’t wanna give away too much of the plot’s HEAVY HITS, but…

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best breasts (by request)

THIS mag has been around for 69 years and it should come as no surprise when we say we’ve published TENS OF THOUSANDS of pictures of luscious ladies in various STATES OF UNDRESS during that time. Big boozzies, medium-sized melons and petite plums…we’ve featured ’em all. But we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that – like many of youse – we have a THING for LARGE LUNGS. We thought we’d celebrate SEVEN DECADES of GREAT GAZONGAS with this special article on some of the more memorable mammaries to grace the pages of People. These are the chicks you loved so much YOU WROTE TO US about them, demanding we run these babes again and again and again (you get the idea). Wrap yer peepers around these busty beauties and try not to make a…

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UTE FOR THE SKY EVER since Aussies INVENTED UTES back in 1932, we’ve been EATING, SLEEPING and ROOTING in them. And then the Seppos came along and fucked it all up by calling them “pick-up trucks”. Pfffffft. There is, however, one Seppo UTE innovation we can TRULY get behind and that’s LAUNCHING ’EM into the AIR. Here is Arizona’s Bryce Menzies breaking the truck-jumping WORLD RECORD by flying over a ghost town in New Mexico. Bryce hurled his 900HP UTE more than 115 METRES, breaking the previous world record by a HEFTY 15 metres.…

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chik’y babe!

IT’S been five years between drinks for cheeky Czech Chikita, 33, who came back Down Under last month for a second bite at the Aussie CHERRY. Speaking of biting, we’d love to nibble on her awesome 34DD APPLES. We’re sure she wouldn’t say no, because she loves the local COCK (and SMOO)! HEYA, Chikita! What have you been up to in Europe all this time? “Modelling, watching the UK make a BOTCH of Brexit and counting the days till I could come back to Australia! I’ve missed you HUNKY MEN!” We’ve missed your boobs, too. They look more massive than ever. “Haha! Thanks! They get lots of attention from so many guys…and GALS. Yes, I’m now BISEXUAL and loving all the different sexual possibilities on offer.” Yummo! Are you getting much since your return? “I’ve had…