Petersen's Hunting September 2017

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my favorite month

It’s the one month of the year I look forward to the most. Not only because so much is happening, but also because it is the harbinger of so much more to come. In July, fall seems too far away to even contemplate, and the doldrums of a sweltering August day don’t make thoughts of hunting appealing. But like old age slowly creeping up on youth, one day you wake up on a September morning, stroll outside to sip coffee, pee in the bushes alongside the garage and your bare feet will be met by something new on the grass—not quite frost, but more than summer dew. It’s not so much that it requires shoes, but it’s enough. Enough to know fall is coming. Breathe in the air, the coolness lingers just…

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holy buck, batman!

Bruce, Bruce, Bruce…have faith in us! We would never alter a photo to make a rack bigger. That muley on the cover is all natural! That’s why we published a feature on hunting Mexico: Mega-racked mule deer roam the deserts of northwestern Mexico, and they often sport racks that are wider than they are tall. Thanks for reading PH! —KP JOINING THE DEBATE I thought I would add my two cents to the debate over returning federal lands to state control. Here in Pennsylvania, we have a large amount of state game lands that are managed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Unfortunately, the state has not allowed the price of general hunting licenses to increase since 1999. To raise revenue, the Game Commission has created all sorts of new tags that must…

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a monumental fight

A bill to sell more than three million acres of federal land was withdrawn in February, but the battle over public land rages on. This time, national monuments are in the crosshairs. President Donald Trump ordered a review of 27 monuments created since 1996. They include about 11 million acres of land and thousands of square miles of ocean. Trump’s executive order directs Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to consider a number of items, including whether they were appropriate designations in the first place. There seems to be little consensus on Trump’s intentions. Does he want to eliminate those monuments, scale them back, or change the rules used to create them? One thing is certain: Even national monuments are not immune from political discourse and partisan division. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) told…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS Created by molecularly fusing a copper jacket around a perfectly swaged lead core, Fusion projectiles are perhaps the ultimate development of the traditional cup-and-core hunting bullet. Because the construction method basically bonds the jacket to the core, Fusions are tough and resist jacket/core separation. The construction method is also immaculately precise, resulting in a superbly consistent bullet that tends to shoot way out of its price league. TESTING GROUND An acquaintance shot a Utah muley with the bullet pictured. He took the buck at about 70 yards with a .270 Winchester. The estimated impact velocity was 2,900 fps. FIELD PERFORMANCE Impacting just behind the quartering-to shoulder, the 130-grain Fusion plowed through some 20 inches of bone, muscle, and vitals before coming to rest against the hide in the opposite flank. The deer bucked…

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rack• room

WHERE: Colorado WHEN: September 2016 BOW: Mathews Switchback XT SCORE: 348-4/8 HUNTER: Kevin Smithhart However, in a few cases hunting has been eliminated. The National Park Service administers dozens of monuments, even though the land was originally managed by the Bureau of Land Management or the U.S. Forest Service. “Superintendents with the Park Service have some discretionary authority to allow or prohibit hunting in monuments,” says Wild Sheep Foundation Senior Conservation Director Kevin Hurley. “They can ban it if they want to.” That’s exactly what happened in the Castle Mountains National Monument, a 30,000-acre swath of bighorn sheep and mule deer habitat bordering Mojave National Preserve in California. When it was established, there was nothing in the proclamation that either preserved or banned hunting. It wasn’t mentioned at all. Hunting is now prohibited in Castle Mountains. Hurley…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY Developed in the 1940s, the 7mm Weatherby is arguably the most practical, balanced cartridge with the legendary hot-rod name attached to it. Based on a standard-length belted case rather than the long, .375 H&H-length case, it is less overbored than its siblings, so, as a result, barrel life is better. But it’s no slouch. With a chamber pressure significantly higher than the 7mm Rem. Mag. and around four percent greater internal case capacity, the Weatherby version outperforms its more pedestrian cousin by 100 to 200 fps even though there’s little apparent size difference. APPLICATION When loaded with tough, controlled-expansion bullets designed for penetration, the 7mm Weatherby is adequate for all North American big game, although it’s marginal for the biggest bears. Loaded with a sleek, soft bullet pushed fast, it’s prime for…