Petersen's Hunting November 2017

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dream jobs

More years ago than I care to count, Mike Schoby and I sat around a campfire, sharing a bottle of cheap whiskey while a fresh backstrap roasted over the coals. We were a couple of years out of college, starting our careers cranking out copy for Cabela’s. Dream jobs for a couple of young guys who wanted nothing more than to hunt and fish. Mike soon left for greener pastures, but I toiled for another decade or so, until the cubicle walls of the corporate world started closing in. In 2010, with the simple goal of making enough money to feed myself and a voracious black Lab, I quit to become a freelance writer. By then, Schoby was running this magazine, and when he heard I’d left, he tried to hire me…

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in access we trust?

Roll out a Land Status map of any state in the West and you’ll be greeted by a rainbow of colors arranged in geometric patterns. From vast blocks of green and red to a mishmash of yellow to isolated blue squares, the West consists of a conglomeration of state, federal, and private lands. The yellow and green? That’s Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service land respectively. It’s your land, and it is open to hunting, fishing, and other uses. Those blue squares? That’s state trust lands. Whether or not it belongs to you depends entirely on whom you ask. Although it is owned by the state, it is not considered public in most western states. What’s more, the agencies that oversee trust lands aren’t a typical government agency. Step…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS Designed to dominate today’s competitive long-range hunting market, Federal’s new Edge TLR (terminal long range) projectile is a streamlined, high-BC version of the outstandingTrophy Bonded Tip bullet. It features a heat-resistant hollow-core composite tip, a generous boattail, and a specially grooved shank to aid aerodynamics, along with a computer-engineered sleek profile that flows easily through the atmosphere. The advantage it offers over popular long-range hunting bullets is reliable low-velocity expansion coupled with unequaled toughness by virtue of its solid copper rear half and bonded-core front. TESTING GROUND A mature blue wildebeest was shot at 80 yards with the bullet pictured. Fired from a .300 Win. Mag., the 200-grain Edge TLR impacted the quartering-away animal at an estimated 2,700 fps. FIELD PERFORMANCE Blue wildebeest are known as the “poor man’s buffalo” due to their…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY Driven primarily by GA Precision and the PRS (Precision Rifle Series) competition crowd, the 6mm Creedmoor is nothing more than a necked-down 6.5 Creedmoor. The very popular 6mm version has just been legitimized as a factory cartridge and will be offered by Hornady. While it’s based on the 6.5 Creedmoor, its ancestry harks back through the .30 T/C to the .300 Savage, which provided the original parent case that eventually became the most popular precision cartridge available today (6.5 Creedmoor). APPLICATION Particularly efficient courtesy of its powder chamber shape, the 6mm Creedmoor has a short case that enables long, sleek bullets to be seated well out so they don’t intrude on powder capacity. Extremely low recoil enables shooters to spot their own impacts through their riflescope, particularly when paired with an aggressive…

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When the tines of a Booner buck appear through the fall leaves, we all get a little shaky. Trembling fingers can make it hard to pick up an accurate rangefinder reading. Nikon’s new MONARCH 7i VR features groundbreaking technology to help with buck fever by reducing shake by 80 percent to align the image with the activated laser beam. The results make for clear, crisp images and precise readouts. The 7i ranges from 8 to 1,000 yards, features incline/decline technology, and two different ranging modes: First Target Priority and Distant Target Priority depending on your hunt situation. $400; Sitka has upped the ante by creating entire systems dedicated to female big game hunters. The Fanatic jacket and bibs are just two pieces of the system made for whitetail hunters, and…

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start-up scopes

From ride-sharing services to retail shopping hacks, the way the world does business is being disrupted by small, savvy start-ups. Once dominated by a few big names, the optics industry also is entering a brave new world as companies pop up on the market each year. Here are four new riflescopesall with friendly price tags—from optics makers you may not have heard of. TRACT TURION T-PLEX 3-9X40 Founded by a couple of optics-industry vets, Tract turns the traditional business model on its head with a direct-to-consumer website. By eliminating all the middlemen, the company can build feature-laden, high-quality optics at value-driven prices. The Turion features Schott HT glass that transmits maximum amounts of light through the optical system for clean, clear, bright imaging. Its aluminum 1-inch tube is argon purged and O-ring…