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hunters not welcome

AS SOON AS the snow starts to melt, I start dreaming about spring turkey season, packing gear, and loading my truck. No other species in the world lends itself as well to a classic hunting road trip. In many states tags are available over-the-counter, and a nonresident tag is darn reasonable. For this reason, multiple buddies and I bounce from state to state, moving across a state line and starting over when a tag is filled. It’s a great way to see parts of our great country and get in some fantastic hunting along the way. Every couple of days we grab a hotel, shower, repack gear, and hit the road. Yes, spring turkey hunting represents the quintessential and possibly most doable of all hunting road trips. But in our current…

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give it to the states!

I see Petersen’s Hunting is banging the drum (“Modern-Day Robber Barons,” November 2016) to not turn over federal lands to the states. I completely disagree. The feds never run anything right, and locals could probably do a better job of managing the land. GREG FELDERMAN Via email Thanks, Greg. I appreciate you reading PH as well as taking the time to comment. As much as I like localized small government, history doesn’t support the idea that states can do a better job of managing public lands. Not to mention hunters have the mistaken view that when people say “state” or “local” ownership they think of management through their state game department. This is not the case. When politicians talk about turning federal land over to the states, they generally don’t see the…

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states ramping up land sales

At first glance, the numbers didn’t add up. A Wyoming rancher wanted to swap 295 acres of his own land for 1,040 acres of state-owned land. It wasn’t an unusual request. Land swaps occur regularly. What caught Jeff Muratore’s attention more than anything, though, was its location in the game-rich Laramie Mountains, a popular destination for resident and non-resident hunters alike. An avid elk hunter and self-proclaimed public lands advocate, Muratore almost lost access to a large tract of public land seven years ago under a similar proposed land swap. He rallied a group of sportsmen who succeeded in stopping the deal. Had it gone through, it would have blocked him and other hunters from thousands of acres of previously accessible land. “Since then, I look through the state website that lists…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS Arguably the most advanced development of the classic Barnes X bullet, the LRX (Long Range X) combines weight-retaining, deep-penetrating all-copper construction with a boattail and a long, sleek, aerodynamic profile. A deep nose cavity is inside-skived to ensure classic“X”shape expansion and topped with a polymer tip. TESTING GROUND The bullet pictured was fired into a red hartebeest. Impacting just inside the shoulder knuckle of the quartering-to 300-pound animal, it passed lengthwise through at an angle and came to rest against the hide on the far-side haunch. FIELD PERFORMANCE Exiting the muzzle of a handloaded 28 Nosler at 3,290 fps, the bullet impacted at a shocking 3,250 fps. Even though it lost all four of the X-shaped petals, the shank penetrated an estimated 38-plus inches of muscle, bone, and vitals. STATS After the loss of the…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY Created by necking the .222 Remington Magnum down to accept .204-diameter projectiles and introduced in 2004, the .204 Ruger was both the fastest factory cartridge in existence and the only .20-caliber factory round. While no bullet actually shoots as flat as a laser, Hornady’s original 32-grain loading at 4,225 fps comes pretty close. Because the factory powder is proprietary and unavailable as a component, handloaders can’t quite match the factory speeds. However, Hornady’s manual provides data that produces velocities just shy of 4,200 fps—still shockingly fast. APPLICATION Although a few hunters have taken deer with the .204 Ruger, it’s really a very poor choice for anything much bigger than a stout coyote because the light, speedy bullets break up on impact and provide very little penetration. However, as a low-recoil varmint and…

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kids & clays foundation: giving back, one broken clay at a time

Golf just wasn’t his thing, so Glenn Lubeznik, a northwest Indiana McDonald’s owner-operator, thought he had a better idea for raising money for Chicago’s Ronald McDonald Houses than the traditional golf outing. He ditched the clubs and balls for shotguns and shells, and a sporting clays charity event was born. That was 17 years ago. Since that time, that small event has grown into a national nonprofit known as the Kids & Clays Foundation (K&CF). Now benefitting Ronald McDonald Houses across the country, the K&CF has grown from the $16,000 raised the first year to a total of $15 million raised since its inception. WHAT ARE RONALD MCDONALD HOUSES? When a child is ill, families are often forced to travel great distances and spend several weeks away from their homes. Families needed an…