Petersen's Hunting March 2018

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cold calling

I’LL NEVER FORGET the first coyote I ever called in. It was the middle of winter and cold as hell. Just summoning the will to get out of the truck took a bit of courage, but I stepped into the freezing air and hiked a few ridges over to a spot I’d found during deer season the previous fall. The rocky point overlooked three coulees, each falling into one deep draw. I’d tried this game a few times before. My friend Joe loved hunting coyotes and claimed calling in the cagey predator was a rush like no other. After a couple of trips out with him without so much as seeing a coyote, I wasn’t so sure. Trying to coax in a wily canine that makes a point of not being…

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skin that critter quickly!

I am in the middle of my 56 hunting season. In the article on wild game butchering (“Prime Cuts,” November 2017), I feel the writer neglected to mention the two most important aspects: 1. Skin that critter as soon as possible and let it cool out—elk especially; 2. Always trim all fat/tallow/ bones off wild game before wrapping and freezing. This fat will turn rancid soon and impart a terrible taste to the meat. Thank you for a great magazine—keep up the good work. STEPHEN PETRO Kamiah, Idaho Thank you for reaching out to Petersen’s Hunting regarding our recent DIY Butchering article. We always appreciate hearing from our readers, particularly those as experienced in the field as you. And, yes, you are correct, getting the skin off a big-game animal is incredibly important,…

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a win for wildlife?

Thirteen million pheasants. More than two million ducks. Countless quail, deer, turkeys, and grouse. When it comes to the impact of federal conservation programs, there’s no doubt how important those programs are to hunters. The numbers are as plain as a covey rise. That’s why conservation groups are rallying their constituents to support the conservation provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill. Although details still need to be hammered out, it could prove to be a windfall to hunters, anglers, and rural economies. Proposals include an increase in the amount of acreage in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) from the current cap of 24 million acres to as many as 32 million acres. “There is more demand for the various conservation programs than there was in the last bill,” said Steve Kline, Theodore Roosevelt…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS One of the very modern crop of lead-free homogeneous hunting bullets, the Advanced Technologies E-Tip is at its core a Nosler E-Tip, but it has an added black coating that is naturally lubricious and corrosion resistant. Nosler produces it for Winchester Ammunition. Although deep penetration is its forte, a polymer tip and skiving inside the hollow nose cavity facilitate fast expansion. Because it rarely fragments and doesn’t create the massive initial wound cavity of a traditional lead-core bullet, it kills with less lightning-like effect but actually enables the shooter to capably take bigger game with a given cartridge because it can be relied on to drive deep. TESTING GROUND My friend Polo Reyes shot a good California blacktail buck with the bullet shown. The 150-grain E-Tip was fired from a 7mm…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY The latest cartridge introduced by Hornady, the 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge, was co-pioneered by contributing custom rifle companies GA Precision and Gunwerks. Simply a .300 RCM cartridge case necked down to 6.5mm and with the shoulder moved forward 0.0015 to prevent it from chambering in .300 RCM rifles, the 6.5 PRC duplicates .264 Win. Mag. ballistics in short magnum format. It offers more efficiency, with the pleasant side effects of lesser recoil; better barrel life; and the lighter, faster function of a short action. APPLICATION While at its best for long, challenging shots on deer-size game, the 6.5 PRC is entirely at home in elk habitat as long as the hunter chooses a tough, expanding bullet designed for penetration. It could be argued that it’s the best possible all-around choice for recoil-sensitive…

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antis target trophy hunting

We don’t need to tell you that 2017 turned out to be a tough year for sportsmen and the hunting industry. The fight to keep public lands from being sold out from under us sparked arguments throughout the year, while gun control debates raged in Congress, and the Hearing Protection Act was pulled off the House floor. Additionally, hunting as a method of conservation was questioned, despite sound scientific evidence in support of that idea, and anti-hunters celebrated their success in the hunting bans that were passed in the final months of 2017. BRITISH COLUMBIA GRIZZLY BAN In an act of pure emotion-driven legislation, the New Democrat Party government of British Columbia banned grizzly bear hunting effective immediately. The ban includes all trophy hunting for grizzlies. Only First Nations will be allowed sustenance hunting,…