Petersen's Hunting November 2018

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measuring madness

NOSE TO the ground, the buck trotted down the long ridge, caring about nothing other than scent laid down by the doe that had come by earlier that morning. It was about 10:30 a.m., on my third day of a hunt in then-famed Pike County, Illinois. If the buck followed the course, he’d come within 30 yards of my stand, hopefully giving me a chance to tag my very first bow-killed white-tailed buck. Before I could get too excited, some advanced calculations were required. As a writer and an editor, I’m a words guy. I excelled in English classes, but math was never my strongest subject. So, as the buck approached at a steady gait, I started figuring inches. The farm I was hunting had a strict 135-inch minimum, and this…

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lighten your load

I enjoyed Mike Schoby’s article on hunting mountain goats (“Goat Country for Old Men,” September). I was wondering if he could itemize the items that made up his 18.5-pound pack. He has motivated me to reorganize my guns and buy a Kimber Ascent. DOUG KNEE Via email Over the years I have refined my pack to the bare essentials, and the older I get, I find I carry less and less. That said, here is what I use on my mountain hunts. I start with a KUIU Icon frame and bag (you can change the bag size to fit the hunt/ duration of stay, and they are all super-light). Then I will put in a Big Agnes Prima-Loft quilt (one pound) and an ultralight triangle-shaped rainfly with cordage to make a lean-to…

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going after game cams

Where does technology cross the line and eliminate ethical fair-chase hunting? For a growing number of states, the latest answer is cellular-linked trail cameras that send images to phones and computers soon after they are taken. The Arizona Game and Fish Commission voted unanimously in June to ban the use of “live-action” cameras. Nevada also banned the use of all trail cameras on public land during certain times of the year. Nearly 90 percent of Nevada is public. The new regulations address a number of issues, said Nevada Division of Wildlife Chief Game Warden Tyler Turnipseed. They prevent hunters from disturbing wildlife around limited water sources, and they remove any question of fair chase. “A person can literally capture photos of every single big animal in an entire hunt unit here in…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS Arguably the best of all the value-priced big-game bullets, the Core-Lokt is a flat-based design with a simple lead“protected”tip, which means the tip is fairly flat without much lead exposed. This prevents excessive tip damage when heavy recoil slams cartridges against the front of the magazine box. Its jacket is thin at the nose to enable immediate and dramatic expansion yet thick at the rear to prevent too much expansion. A ring swedged into the jacket mechanically locks the core inside the jacket, resulting in above-par integrity and consistent penetration. The design’s one downside is that it is not aerodynamic. This is not a bullet for extended-range hunting. TESTING GROUND A friend shot a mature mule deer buck from 200 yards using the bullet shown. Exiting the muzzle of his .270…

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rack • room

WHERE: Idaho WHEN: November 2017 RIFLE: Browning Bar 270 HUNTER: Melissa Spaulding that these cameras were preventing their cows from drinking. It was just becoming a big problem.” Turnipseed said he knew of one individual who was using upwards of 300 cameras scattered across several hunt units, and he’s seen a photo of 32 cameras around a single water hole. “It was getting out of hand,” said Turnipseed. “Just about every water source in the drier parts of the state had multiple cameras on it. We felt like we had to do something. Banning them on public land a little before and during hunting season just covered all the bases.” What’s the harm? In places like Arizona, Nevada, and other places with limited water, Moretti said the answer is simple. “When you have a…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY One of several short-action magnum cartridges originally wildcatted by Rick Jamison and later introduced by Winchester, the .300 WSM utilizes a short, fat 2.1-inch case with a rebated rim. Performance approximates the classic, popular .300Win. Mag. cartridge but fits into short-action rifles, making for a lighter, more compact, faster-functioning gun. Its also a bit more efficient than its older brother courtesy of the broader diameter and shorter powder chamber and achieves its velocity with less propellant. However, the .300WSM has a couple of significant disadvantages: Handloaders usually can’t match factory-ammo velocities, and because it pushes case-diameter boundaries, is short, and has a steep 35-degree shoulder, it o ten presents feeding reliability issues. As a result, it has been unable to displace the legendary .300 Win. Mag. as Americas most popular…